Any.DO Now Available For Android – Collaborate With Friends/Family To Get Tasks Done


There are a handful of “to-do” apps in the Market and while I normally write out my to-do activities on my forearm, Any.DO seemed to grab my attention with its slick interface and full feature set. Any.DO, which was just released today in the Android Market, allows you to capture, organize and sync all your life’s to-do’s in a clean simple to use app.

The part I found most interesting was the share feature which allows you to team-up on tasks with friends, family or loved ones. For instance, you can collaborate an errand list with your spouse and tag-team to “git-r-done.” You can even be updated once a shared task gets completed.

For now, syncing is done through Any.Do’s service with support for Todo list, Todo, Remember the milk, gTasks, Springpad, Catch, ColorNote Notepad Notes, Google Calendar, Astrid, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and more coming in the near future.

For those of Android users that like to read permissions first, the developer did state the reason the app needs to access your personal information and read contacts is for the “collaborate with your friends” feature.

You can find Any.DO for free right now in the Android Market. Once you try it out, leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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  1. Wow, you guys are quick.  I was just about to tip this.

  2. WOW beautiful interface!
    Got,”something went wrong” when I tried to sync

  3. This looks like a very promising ap. I can’t wait for the syncing issues to be corrected so I can use it with Google tasks. I really appreciate the clean UI of this ap and it looks like it will go well with ICS in terms of design. Its a real shame that something as seemingly simple as tasks has not seen much refinement from Google. I think they could draw in a lot more users if it were polished up a bit.

  4. I just synced with Google Tasks… did I download a newer version?

  5. I noticed there was an update this morning and now everything sync’s properly. This ap is highly recommended! 

  6. Let’s be clear: Syncing with all those services is incredibly unlikely to happen. In fact, this looks suspiciously like Taskos’s market listing, which has listed Producteev syncing as an upcoming feature for over a year. It’s just a way to have Any.Do and Taskos show up in the Market when you search for “Producteev” or “Astrid”.

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