Samsung Illusion Specs Outed in Verizon’s Infocenter


Wondering just what the Samsung Illusion has in store? A recently uncovered Infocenter page through Verizon has all the vital details. The phone sports Android 2.3, a 1GHz Hummingbird CPU, and 512MB of RAM. A 3.5-inch TFT LCD display gets a resolution of 480×320. Perhaps most interestingly, the Illusion features a “curved design” not unlike that of the Nexus S and upcoming Galaxy Nexus (though from the image, the curve doesn’t look as extreme). No release date is mentioned, but going off recent rumors November 17th could be the date.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. does anyone honestly care about these sub par phones that are being released in between the top of the line android phones? I dont

    1. What is so bad about this phone besides the resolution? The incredible 2 has been praised and that has similar specs besides the resolution….

  2. it’s phones like these that give android a bad reputation. people buy these crap phones thinking they’re close to the other android phones, the phone sucks terribly, is slow, freezes up, then people say “im never buying another one of these crap android phones again im getting an iphone”

  3. So a 1GHZ processor and half a gig of RAM now are crap. Wow. You just defined most Android phones as crap.

    These phones are given away on contract or, increasingly, for 200 bucks on prepaid. That’s a very good deal.

    1. And, the Samsung Hummingbird is still one of the best single-core SoCs on the market for phones.  The thing is a multimedia powerhouse even though the SGX540 is showing it’s age (still a great GPU though).  The only issue is the ram, but maybe there’s a technical limitation for the SoC that only allows 512mb of ram?

      The biggest issue with Samsung phones is RFS and Touchwiz which slow things down – doesn’t seem to be a problem with the SGSII, but some of the lower-end and older phones can be a little slow sometimes.

  4. I care about high androids. The curve design is cool but it is still a mid range device.

  5. my 1 ghz hummingbird screams with a ACS custom rom on my Galaxy S phone.  Its faster than my dual core cpu on my galaxy tab running stock rom. 

  6. They didnt mention if it was 4g or not… the two problems i have with my nexus 1 is not enough internal memory for installing apps and its not LTE fast! if this has that then it solves all my problems.

  7. Jeff, thats not a perception of android, its a perception of the junk Samsung sells, prime example, Samsung galaxy prevail. JUNK

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