Samsung Exec Shows off Galaxy Nexus During Fox Interview, Points to Verizon for Pricing and Release Date


Samsung VP Nick DiCarlo was on-air for an interview with the talking heads at Fox Business Network and he brought the Galaxy Nexus along for the show. After demonstrating the phone’s facial unlock and voice-recongition for typing — both of which impressed the hosts of the show — he was queried as to the availability and pricing. Without providing any real answer, DiCarlo responded, “hopefully Verizon will let us know very soon. It’s their phone.”

The clearest answer we have is sometime most likely on or alter than the 17th of November with pricing looking like $299.99 on a two-year contract. Of course, none of that info sticks until we get official work from Verizon. They have been known to slip that sort of announcement in late in the week, and with the RAZR launching tomorrow is it too much to hope for word from Verizon by the closing bells on Friday?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Where’s the beef? A lot of chatter without any substance. VZW is killing me

    1. They have to give the RAZR and Rezound (Enough “Zs”, anyone?) a chance to sell
      before the Nexus launches.  So it’s not surprising that they’re still
      tight-lipped about it.

      1. You mean the Nexzus.  =)

      2. There’s 3 “R’s” and only two “Z’s”. At least the RAZR actually makes sense being based off of the word “raZor”. Anywho… I’m cool with renaming it the Galaxy NexuZ just for gigglez. ;-)

        1. Japanese and Korean aren’t races, they’re nationalities.

        2. Yes you can consider it as a Race. They have their own culture and ethnic homogeneity..

          And using their accent for a sick joke and because their different than yours, you should go to hell..

  2. that’s an odd response from an OEM – “their phone.” VZW is a carrier obviously. Is VZW dictating more of the Samsung decisions than we think? Also curious considering the recent “Verizon exclusive” rumors….

    1. I think by “their phone” Samsung was referring to the fact that it’s VZW’s phone to manage, launch, sell, etc. Just like the Driod brand is “their brand”. It seemed more like corporate double-speak and buck passing than anything else.

    2. I think its like if panasonic came out with a new tv and best buys puts in an order for 1,000 of them. Panasonic can’t dictate that best buys will start selling them next week. Best buys decides that and puts out advertising for it and price etc. If panasonic had their own store, it would be a different story. But panasonic is really selling to best buys and not you and I. So they can’t dictate anything to best buys. I’m sure this is what is happening at verizon. They will sell it when they want and not when samsung or google wants.

      1. I would also venture to say that Verizon had this deal locked up well in advance….implying they bought “a million devices” at 800 a pop. Samsung has/is already making the money while VZW is holding us hostage.

        side note….Moto is really bliztin up the RAZR campaign on twitter. too many damn questions with all the answers being 11? we get it!!! 11.11.11 at 11.11a

    3. I think it’s his way of saying that Samsung has agreed to let Verizon own announcements regarding the phone and Verizon is being a-holes and keeping it a secret.

  3. I just got mine… in a dream… but we made love & it was awesome

    1. I hope that micro USB port wasn’t too dry. 

      (emphasis on the “micro” part)

      1. haha your name is funny.

        (emphasis on the “funny” part)

        1. I’m offended, but not because of your comment, but because it’s one of the most stupid comments in the history of ever… If you’re gonna poke fun at someone’s name, then be prepared to show yours for analysis. And just WTF is “inguatu”? 

          1. you sir are a legend

      2. Wait… so you’re female? This. Changes. Everything!

        1. again?

    2. It certainly looks like that Samsung rep is about to get intimate with the phone in that thumbnail on the main page.

  4. No, dude, it’s not Verizon’s phone…it’s my phone.  I’d like to know when my phone is coming out so I can buy my phone for me.
    Verizon can eat my man-taint for refusing to publish a release date.

    1. And you’re also verizons bitch which is why you are waiting for “your” phone.

  5. Another typo: “on or alter than the 17th”

  6. He said it’s coming out “later this year”….OMFG.  Maybe Verizon will do like they did with the Nexus One.  Drag it on then change their mind and never release it! 

  7. If I recall correctly there are two versions – a 16GB and a 32GB. Any clues as to what the $299 pricing is pointing to? I hope it’s the same as the iPhone –  $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for the 32GB model.

    1. I’d guess $299 for 16GB, $349 for 32GB.

      1. No.  Verizon is only getting the 32 GB version and it will be $300 on contract.  Just the same as the 32 GB iPhone 4S.

        This has been all but confirmed on most news sites.

        1. Nice, that’s good to know.

        2. I concur…  You’re the smartest guy I know! You’re like Bo Jackson!

        3. There’s a key word in that last sentence…BUT.  When I was in first grade, the rumors were all but confirmed that Santa was real.  I hope you’re right but the problem with most news sites is that as soon as one reports something, they all start reporting the same thing and use other stories as their facts.

          1. Well that’s a nice story and all, BUT unless you find anything that suggests differently, I don’t think your kiddie story relates well in this case. The sources are credible and there’s nothing to refute it yet. I don’t believe Verizon will be carrying 2 different SKUs for this phone and charging more or less than $300 for any version of it. The iPhone will be the only phone with that option.

        4. “Just the same as the 32 GB iPhone 4S.”

          – If you were correct, then you were right at comparing prices, but do not compare the phone, their in a whole far different level.. “IOS1 to IOS5” and “Donut to ICS.” you go ahead and check..

          1. Check what..? I wasn’t comparing the phones to each other. Not sure what you’re taking about..

    2. If I recall there was a “leaked” Verizon document showing the GNex with 32GB for $299.  That would align with what you propose and would make a lot of sense.

  8. I Officially hate Verizon Now !

    1. This is what it took?!

      1. No I always Hated it but it wasn’t official ever, I thought I might give it a chance, but it just disappointed me … AGAIN!!!

  9. Stupid idiot. Talk about real useful features more instead of starting with face unlock. 

    1. With a face like that guy’s, I don’t think any phone would mistake him for anyone else… Ok, that was mean…. :P

      1. lols thats the first thing i noticed. im like DAMN. you mofos really couldn’t get an UGLIER sob to talk about your phone. holy crap. That fucker could scare a woman into labor by saying hi.

        1. He’s obviously doing something right though, hes the VP of a global corporation. Looks aren’t everything

  10. This is an old video.

  11. God damnit T-mobile. 

  12. Dude.  You’re on television.  Shave, button your shirt and put on a tie.  You look like you crawled out of the bar right before appearing.

    1. You don’t know marketing people well do you?  He most likely did just crawl out of the bar.

  13. Wow really what about tmobile and sprint… This is horrible really its like they judt fprgot about Tmobile. To sell there phone mainstream…. Im not feeling the nexus that much anymore google is selling out..

  14. I was just glad to see the two hosts not talk about these devices like they have no clue about them.  

    1. Yeah. They talk like they haven’t even seen an iPhone let alone any other smartphone. Idiots.




      1. True story!

  16. Verizon waited so long I changed my mind on the nexus and now I’m waiting for a quad core phone…..way better than dual core and it’ll b worth the $300 ima spend 2 get it …..

    1. And best of all, it will be available…at some unknown point in the future.

      There will always be whispers of something better coming in the future. If you’re determined to wait for the very latest, you’re going to be waiting for a very long time.

      There’s no better time to buy than right after the release of a Nexus. At least you know that the software will stay current for longer than any other phone released in the next six months.

  17. If you aint got face reconition,
    Then you aint got a galaxy nexus.

  18. I expect this device to be at beigephone by the 15th!

  19. Samsung, Verizon, and Google: just pathetic.

    If it’s finished, then just pick a date to release it and tell us already. If it’s not finished, what are you doing demoing it and pretending like it is?

    This is not the way to delight customers.

    1. and wakko and selonmoi are bitches

  20. Apple: way to go. You’ve ruined my iphone

    Samsung: get your own post, no anti-competitors allowed

    Apple: I’ll be on my Mary way once you give back what belongs to me

    Samsung: you’re like a damn child, everything you see is yours

    Apple: I don’t give a rats ass. I designed it

    Samsung: I forgot you did design that brand new shape called rectangle

    Apple: you didn’t just copy my shape dip shit

    Samsung: oh yea that’s right, apparently my app drawer is just like your discombobulated home screen

    Apple: its not confusing

    Samsung: yea. Not anymore. You got Siri to help you look for shit. Hey Siri? You seen my damn calendar app anywhere!?

    Apple: your horrible

    Samsung: oh go to hell

    1. Not funny.

      you’re not your
      it’s not its
      rat’s not rats

      what was the point of this?

      1. You have a few options here…

        A. Kiss my ass

        B. Go to hell

        C. Both A and B

        1. I was just wondering if you had something meaningful to contribute to this blog.

          1. I choose secret option D

          2. obviously you didnt

        2. jb dont worry they are asses everywhere,on blogs ,in person..it dont matter like steven said its option d  .which is all of the above and they can kiss your ass.

          1. Don’t worry bro its all good. Trust me I can handle them with a little vitriol

        3. D?

      2. rats…take the board out of your ass

  21. i hope they push all the way to late december because thats when my contract ends haha

  22. Please AT&T, get this phone.  Please Samsung/Google, give AT&T this phone!

  23. I had facial recognition on bionic……free app and worked great, except in the dark. So what’s the big deal the nexus having it? They pre loaded an app for you! Lol

  24. Verizon is trolling everyone guys, we must stop getting trolled… who knows, Galaxy Nexus might not even exist! It’s all part of their plan… they’re feeding our minds with the Galaxy Nexus, not to release it, but to brainwash us into thinking that this phone will be here by the end of the month.. Then comes December, January, February, March, still no sign of a release date for this phone.. Oh noes, I’m losing my mind, when is this phone coming out!? FUCK YOU VERIZON

    1. Wouldn’t they start losing money from all the people that don’t upgrade waiting for it? I mean I’m guessing a lot of us aren’t on contracts or are near the end of contracts now.

      1. Remember what happened with the Thunderbolt?

        1. And the Bionic? Notice Sammy has been left out of the lagging to release a phone category so far for Verizon so lets hope it stays that way.

  25. I cant keep waiting. Im ordering this over seas to use on Tmo here in the good ol US. This dude’s comments give me now hope this will be available any time soon

    1. what online retailer is selling it? i’m interested in doing this as well

        1. thank you sir

  26. I thing Samsung need lot to catch up but is never late than ever and better late is better.

  27. Female News Anchor:
    “Ok so no typing in a PIN number like on the iPhone?”

    WHAT?! Fox News is so stupid.

    The Samsung Rep just stared at the screen for a second like, “A PIN number? What do I say to that?!”. “Nope, no PIN number.” lol.

    1. My previous employer had a security policy that forced my iPad to be unlocked with a pin because the device was hooked up to a ms exchange server..

  28. She said that many execs already have the “the Nexus” because they “knew someone in Asia”. I somehow doubt this. I bet they had the Nexus S or even the Nexus One and she’s been misinformed. Maybe I’m wrong…

  29. does it not bother google that Verizon is essentially promoting the razr and htc phone a lot more than googles flagship phone. and if this is really supposed to compete with the iPhone shouldnt anyone be attempting to promote this. shouldn’t it be available on more than one US carrier. I can see very few people buying this outside of hardcore android users simply because no one is promoting it. Verizon put all of their money into promoting the razr

  30. Samsung is stupid.
    Verizon is terrible.

    And Google is now their bitch.

    Great job everyone!

  31. I can’t BELIEVE that google SHAFTED all the other carriers on this.  Fucking stupid!!!  They had a winner in their hands and instead of releasing on all carriers at once, what do they do???  Give it to one greedy ass carrier.  I’m gonna wait and see if the iphone 5 comes out with a larger screen.  That shit is fucked up Google.

    1. It’s all part of the game.  How many years did Apple keep the iPhone on AT&T only?  I’m not sure how things are where you live but in Arizona, AT&T is garbage and Verizon is king when it comes to reception, dropped calls and customer service.

      1. I’m in New York and out here, yeah, Verizon is still the best but T-Mobile is pretty great too.  The prices are better on TMO too.

  32. I dont understand the hatred for VZ?  I have lived in MD, AZ, VT and FL and no cell phone company has ever been better than VZ.  Yes they are expensive, but they are the best, isn’t that how it works?

    When Google or Samsung spend BILLIONS of $ to develop and maintain a nationwide wireless network they can control their own destiny.  Until then they need to play nice with the 800 lb gorilla (and best) wireless company out there.  Verizon is in business to make $$, not to let other companies dictate how they run their business. 

    That is exactely why VZ didnt have the iPhone first, Apple wanted too much power in the deal and VZ passed.     

    All that being said, I want the damn phone now please. 

  33. Well not to throw conspiracy theories out there but part of me thinks Verizon suckered google/samsung into an exclusivity agreement and now want to bury the thing as much as possible. Verizon knows a lot of OG droid people are off contract and looking for a successor so they are keeping the nexus unavailable and pushing the droid razr.

    Because right now if I could get nexus but it had to be on ATT or tmobile I would jump ship. 

    My poor OG is randomly sending out texts to people on my contact list. My friends are starting to think I have a drinking problem.

  34. Uhhhh I thought that the screen wasn’t Super AMOLED HD????

  35. i suspect verizon is trying to do something sheisty with the nexus and the companies are in talks to figure it out…. i bet u any money if the phone is released on verizon and there isnt any gayness on the phone itself, verizon is going to do something not-favorable-to-the-customer with their terms of service or pricing or something

    1. I here you its going to be like $350 on contract.

  36. It makes sense to not announce it before the razr launch. Verizon tends to only announce things a few days before hand.

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