Taptu Three Launches Culture-centric Apps for the Nook Color and Nook Tablet


Taptu has announced three new and exclusive apps for Barnes & Noble’e Nook Color and recently announced Nook Tablet. Taptu Fashion, Taptu Food, and Taptu Lifestyle curate content from established sites and magazines to provide a single stream of information for the culture obsessed. Taptu Fashion pulls from Vogue and a number of other popular outlets, while Taptu Food provides recipes from Epicurious and reviews and stories from sources such as Food Network. Taptu Lifestyle grabs its content from digital rags such as Jezebel to provide an all-in-one view at popular culture.

The three apps are based around streams of information that can be edited and adjusted by the user. It’s a one-stop source for news and information. The apps can be found in the Nook app store for the price of free.

Taptu Launches Three New Fashion, Food and Lifestyle Apps Exclusive to Barnes & Noble’s Award-Winning
NOOK Color™ and NOOK Tablet™

Free NOOK Apps™ deliver customized, touch-based news streams

CAMBRIDGE, England & DENVER – (November 10, 2011) — Taptu, the social media and mobile search technology company, today announced three new apps for enthusiasts of fashion, food and lifestyle, now available exclusively on Barnes & Noble’s new NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color, an award-winning device combining the best reading experience in rich, beautiful color with the most-requested tablet features.

Taptu Fashion, Taptu Food and Taptu Lifestyle apps feature a customized user interface and specialized StreamStore offering over 200,000 streams from major media publications, social media sites, websites and blogs. These new NOOK Apps give users the opportunity to mix and match content and create streams that appeal directly to their own unique interests.

Taptu allows users to DJ news and social media updates into personal, meaningful, organized playlists – as demonstrated by the over 150,000 original steams curated by current users. The new apps also provide handy tools including Instapaper and Read It Later integration for saving articles to read at another time, the ability to choose between light and dark themes, and the option of reading articles full-screen to take advantage of NOOK Color’s stunning 7-inch VividView™ display.

“We are delighted to offer these new food, lifestyle and fashion Taptu apps exclusively to our millions of NOOK Color customers, as they cater directly to avid reader’s interests and habits,” said Claudia Romanini, Director of Developer Relations for Barnes & Noble. “Taptu delivers a fantastic, highly customizable and immersive news experience that our customers crave, and the apps look terrific on NOOK Color’s beautiful display.”

Each of these new apps combines preloaded content with an abundance of topic-related news from publications, blogs, social media sites and RSS feeds. For instance, Taptu Fashion features content in the StreamStore from Fashionista, Jak & Jil, Nitrolicious and the Style Rookie, among others. Users can further build up their playlist of fashion-related news by including fashion-forward blogs and social media feeds from their favorite designers and brands.

Taptu Food follows the same model incorporating everything from recipes and restaurant reviews to celebrity chef social media feeds with tasty content provided by sites such as Epicurious, Eater, Food Network and Saveur. Taptu Lifestyle is the perfect app for people who crave news and tips on subjects such as parenting, do-it-yourself projects, travel, beauty, health and fitness, holiday entertaining and green living from popular sources like Jezebel, Parenting and Daily Candy.

“Everyone has a particular subject that speaks to them and our new apps for NOOK Color allow us to demonstrate the ability of the Tapform platform to provide a highly focused news ecosystem around any topic,” said Mitch Lazar, CEO of Taptu.

The new apps are built on Taptu’s mobile media platform, Tapform, and feature a clean, intuitive design that gives users a slick and unique visual experience. Tapform’s search expertise and proprietary algorithms promote plurality and offer different perspectives by identifying contextual, related content for each story. Additionally, automatic elimination of duplicates in the stream ensures every item is relevant and has not already been seen by the user.

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  1. Really enjoying Taptu on my Xoom — I used to be a staunch advocate for Pulse. Both apps have the same basic functionality but Taptu has a few more refinements that edge out Pulse. If you are a Pulse user, give Taptu a spin.

    (Disclaimer: not the app creator nor am I a shill for Taptu — it’s just an app that I very much enjoy — it’s a daily driver for me.)

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