Motorola Shows Off Smart Actions on the DROID RAZR [Video]


Motorola’s published a video regarding one of the features of their upcoming DROID RAZR. It’s called Smart Actions and it allows the users to automate certain things when your phone meets certain conditions.

Want to conserve battery by turning some radios off when it’s less than 20%? You can do that. Want to turn your sound off at night or when you arrive at a certain building? You can do that.

I gush over this feature in my review, and although you can get applications that provide similar functionality in the Android market, it’s nice to see Motorola building something like this into their product. Find the video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Weren’t these features in the Android app Locale which came out in 2008?  http://www.androidapps.com/t/locale

    1. Yep.  Though I prefer the more comprehensive and cheaper “Setting Profiles” by Probeez.  It is always the first app I install on my android phones (or new ROMs).  Always.

      It turns a Smartphone into an actual smart phone.  When I am at the physical location of my work, AND it’s during work hours, AND it’s a work day, then it turns my ringer volume way down and my notifications volume somewhat down. 

      When I am at the physical location of home, and it’s during hours I sleep, the notification volume goes silent but my ringer stays on.

      When I put in my headphones, it sets my media volume to a pre-determined level so I don’t accidentally blast my ears.

      Yeah, Motorola is selling us on a feature that several apps have been doing for years.

  2. Root, install Tasker, and save your money

    1. But the app is included with the phone…

    2. why would you unistall a free app and then install another one that costs £3.99??? lol.

  3. Just another pointless gimmick

  4. I like this smart action shit. It will come on handy.

    1. It’s just a less capable version of Tasker, which has been in the market for well over a year now.


  5. When: Phone is not Galaxy Nexus
    Action: Shut Down

  6. Pointless gimmick like facial unlock…..

  7. This is somewhat a similar feature that HTC has built into sense. Moto just making it sound like a new feature. 

  8. The PHOTON 4G has a ‘LITE’ version of this,would like to see SMART ACTIONS in a future update on the MO PHO 4G.

  9. Not too shabby…

  10. Having Smart Actions as a part of the customized OS is good. It consumes much less resources than same functionality apps (Locale, that’s what you think right when you see it), it tuned to the hardware, i.e. less code to clutter the phone.
    And to those sh!theads saying something about pointlessness of the feature I want to say – I’d look at you boy in f.ing 15-20 years when you get your own kids and not waking them up in the evening becomes a first priority in your so far pointless life.

  11. Isn’t this the kind of software they always tell you to disable? lol

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