Preinstalled Motorola DROID RAZR Apps Can be Hidden and Uninstalled


As I wrap my review of the Motorola DROID RAZR, I figure it’d be a good time to mention a quick blurb regarding preinstalled applications on the device. Long story short, they can be removed and hidden.

It’s a great option from Verizon and Motorola for users who don’t want a cluttered app tray. Upon holding on an application while inside the app tray, a context menu will pop up allowing to do a few different things.

Alongside grouping the item or adding it to your homescreen, you can hide its icon. It won’t scrub the app from your device entirely but it’s not getting in the way of your other apps.

To access it, simply press the menu button and find the “Hidden Apps” button at the top right of the menu. Some apps can even be uninstalled, with Let’s Golf 2, Madden 12 and a few more putting up no fight. You access the uninstall feature on supported apps by long-pressing, just as with the Hide feature. Let’s hope this becomes a theme with all of Verizon’s phones, Motorola or otherwise.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Yay for uninstallable bloatware!  Now if we could only somehow uninstall the unnecessary UI overlay bull$#1+ they insist on installing (without having to root)………………

  2. I wonder if it can be really uninstalled or it’s just hiding somewhere in system folder.

  3. Wait, you can hide a hidden app? My brain..

    Edit: Wrote this because the name of the article used to be “Hidden Preinstalled Motorola DROID RAZR Apps Can be Hidden and Uninstalled”

  4. If you can uninstall motoblur, I will buy it.

    1. its not got motoblur

      1. It does. They just quit calling it MotoBLUR. You could call the US President Thomas Jefferson, but it doesn’t make him any less Barack Obama.

    2. At least try it before you judge it if you havent tried it yet. You might be surprised.

  5. Nice. But MOTOBLUR isn’t that bad and with these newer phones it doesn’t make much of a difference, just adifference different look

    1. I agree. The thing on my RAZR looks quite nice, so far bugless and smooth. Just another interface, as many others. Of course the Blur from original Droid is no match for it.
      And I actually like the launcher – quite a fresh look, even after SE’s Arc Launcher.

      1. Orig Droid had stock Android.

        Now….if that was a slip because Blur and stock Android on the orig Droid look so similar, thats fine. Blur is the closest custom UI to stock Android than all the other custom UI’s.

  6. Good move by Moto.

  7. Madden and other select “bloat” could always be removed (such as games).  Can anyone confirm whether or not other “bloat” can also be removed?  I’ll be heading to the local verizon store to check this out, but I don’t have hope the VZW and MOTO stock apps will be able to be removed.

  8. Hiding CityID in the app tray won’t make it any less annoying. Still FAIL.

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