Amazon Confirms Kindle Fire to Have Access to “thousands” of Apps


Not to be outdone by the recently announced Nook Tablet from Barnes & Noble and its access to apps such as Netflix and Pandora, Amazon has issued a press release reiterating that their own Kindle Fire will have “thousands” of apps to choose from at launch. Yes, that includes big names like Netflix, Pandora, and The Weather Channel as well as games from EA, Zynga, and PopCap.

The Kindle Fire’s app library will be culled from Amazon’s Android App Store, though it is unclear the extent of the store’s offerings that will be available for the e-reader/tablet, nor is it clear if the Kindle Fire will compatible with all Android apps across the board. What is clear is that offers such as Amazon’s Free App of the Day will carry over to the Kindle Fire, and any apps purchased for the device via an Amazon account will be available for all Android devices a user owns.

The Kindle Fire, which is available November 15th, is based off of Android Gingerbread and will most likely utilize scaling to display apps designed for smartphones on the tablet’s larger 7-inch screen. As has been the case with other slates of a similar size, scaling isn’t always the most elegant solution. Likely we will start to see apps custom designed for the Kindle Fire at a later date.

[via CNET]

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  1. I’m more concerned with Google core apps.  Maps, YouTube, Gmail, +  etc.

    1. I plan to try sideloading the android market….

      1. Won’t work without root

  2. Does this mean the Fire won’t be able to download apps from the Android Market?

    1. No android market, not sure if you can access and use the web market though. 

      1. safe to assume that no market = no web market either. It will have amazon appstore only on it (until devs root it)

  3. I find the discussion of Apps funny

    1. I find that you you responded with no real added value to the discussion funny.

      I’m interested to see how many companies actually make a “fire enhanced” app that scales to its form factor.

      1. You are right, I should have not responded! I find the entire discussion of apps and the OS of trivial interest and not something that will move the market for a consumer device.

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