A Look at the Motorola RAZR’s Canadian Retail Packaging, No microSD Included


The Motorola RAZR went on sale yesterday in Canada, and it looks like some have already picked theirs up. While the Verizon variant with its Droid branding will surely get packaging typical of that line of handsets (lots of grey, black, and brushed metal), the version available up north gets a more Moto-esque box. Reds and whites here. What you don’t get is an included microSD card, and looks like the device is shipping with 8GB of internal storage.

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  1. Nice box, I’d hit it

  2. Only 8GB? Every specs report I’ve seen says 16 GB.

  3. What does “what you don’t get is an included microSD card” mean?  If it’s included, then it’s there…if it’s not included, then it’s not there.  This statement has me confused.

    1. So if you don’t get it, then it’s not there. 

      How hard is that to comprehend?

  4. So basically they got screwed out of 8GB of internal storage and a 16GB card?  Are they paying $299 for it?

    1. But they got an unlockable bootloader. Id take that over an sd card.

  5. I could live without the SD card, most users already have one, and stuff costs sadly more in Canada (to keep the price on the same level as the US taking the SD out can be barely acceptable), but giving the phone crappier internal storage that can’t be upgraded is definitely a deal breaker. I would not the buy this phone because this strategy gives the impression that Motorola is screwing Canadians. Google should make sure this does not happen too much. Android might be strong in the US but in the international market it’s lagging, and if other nations feel like they are getting screwed in these ways, they will run to Apple eventually (their phones have the same specs worldwide (even if not the best specs))

  6. How do you check if the bootloader is unlocked?

  7. its 16gb its on rogers site, just a typo here

  8. The internal memory varies from vendor to vendor – just went through the fine print #6 on Motorola site. Bastards!

  9. Wait……..wut……..

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