Is this Long List of Words Really a Bunch of HTC Code Names?


Before a marketing department can slap a name and final spin on an upcoming product, it journeys through a long design and development period. As model numbers consisting of string of seemingly random characters can be hard to follow, the teams working behind the scenes often assign easy to remember code names. This accounts for the origin of Android’s dessert designations. It has also given us names such as Bliss, Holiday, Runnymede, and Vigor. All of these went on to become HTC smartphones under different names. They also appear among the following list, which is said to be a full list of code words for upcoming devices by the Taiwanese manufacturer.


The list was reportedly provided to PocketNow some months ago, and with the recent rumor of an upcoming HTC Edge the site has gone live with the entire alphabetized rundown. Of the names listed, 24 of 35 have yet to see an official release. But are we really looking at the names of 24 in-development handsets? There is a chance, given HTC’s prolific nature, but some of the names may simply be waiting in reserve until the right project comes along. Even if all 24 names are true and refer to handset already in some phase of production, we can’t gauge how many will go to Android and how many to Windows Phone. In reality, the whole list tells us very little, but it might just give us a glimpse of just how much HTC is currently working on. Don’t commit the names to memory, but don’t be surprised if more than one pops up again in the future.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. Prime!!!!!

    1. Too bas ASUS already used it for their new Transformer tablet.

      1. Since it’s just a codename I’m pretty sure they can reuse it.

  2. Any phone code named Cyberton has to be bad ass. I just hope is is coming to Verizon with android 4.0, MSM8960 dual core processor, 2gb ram, 32gb internal storage, beats, NFC, HD display, micro sd slot, HDMI (MHL) output, LTE-adv and nuclear battery. Released in Q1 of 2012 would be nice too.

    1. Include an IR blaster or whatever it is that I need to control tv’s and A/V receivers. Why android phones don’t come with this I don’t know.

      1. I forgot about IR blasters, that was one of my favorite features on my old Samsung i730 windows mobile phone. I was screwing with tv’s every where I went: bars, school, offices, and friends tv’s.

      2. If you have networked a/v equipment you can do that over wifi with your phone. Don’t need an IR blaster these days.

    2. who cares what the names are, htc phones are not so great anymore.  most of their phones look like some kind of a kids toy.

      1. The same could be said for Samsung. Really depends on personal opinion.

        1. Yeah i agree, it was my personal opinion to be sure.  I had the G1… awesome phone built like a brick.  But it’s just that I like things to be simple and minimalized.  If you like all the extraneous flourishes and embellishments, go for it! ^_^

      2. When I had my HTC Evo I thought HTC was king. fast forward a year and now Samsung is king. Until HTC stops making their phones out of 13mm lead blocks I’m not going back.

    3. Agreed. When are we gunna break away from only 1gb of ram? Especially on tablets

      1. I cant even imagine the apps they will be making a year or two from now but I am sure they will need lots of ram. 

        1. Really? When I play tf2 on my mac i dont even fill my ram and i have 4gb

  3. Supersonic!  they should have used it!

    1. Supersonic ended up being the EVO 4G

      1. no shit.  they should have used it!

  4. Cybertron and Omega. Gimmie now.

    1. http://pocketnow.com/windows-phone/htc-omega-first-press-photo-image
      take it.. smell it

      any of these names can be possible windows phones..

  5. I’m gonna take a stab and say that Quattro probably has something to do with quadcore. On another note, some of the codenames they use during development tend to sound a lot better than what usually ends up being the devices final name. And I agree with Greg, Cybertron does sound pretty B.A. Can you imagine being out when someone spots you using this phone and asks: 

    Them: “Hey, bro, what phone is that?”

    You: “Oh, this? This is the hTc Cybertron.”

    Them: “Whoa, bro. What can it do?”

    You: “Stand right there. Check this out; I’m gonna teleport us to Cybertronia.” 

    Once there, you’re both greeted by cyber beings who demand that you become kings of Cybertronia, oh yeah, and cyber pleasure bots greet you also. And everything is good. Everything is good.

  6. It’s a shame.  Makes the HTC brand seem like it’s for cartoon characters.  Samsung and apple have the right idea: iphone 1, 2, 3.  Galaxy s, s2, nexus, nexus s, galaxy nexus.

    1. these are not phone names…these are CODE names for when the phones are in development….READ!

    2. You couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch is a masterpiece of a name, lol.

  7. I would love to see HTC have proprietary naming rights to phones named after transformers. Samsung would have Galaxy, Htc would have Transformers, LG could have Gi Joe (Lg Bazooka sounds nice), and Huawei could have Care Bears.

    1. I loved the care bears as a boy. I didnt turn out gay either but it was a close call!

  8. If I remember correctly, Samsung once had a handset named Eternity.  I think I noticed it when I was shopping for a handset at AT&T prior to the 1st generation of Android.

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