Amazon Now Working on 8.9-inch Slate?


The sometimes-dubious DigiTimes is reporting that Amazon may have taken a detour from their tablet roadmap. Initially rumored to be considering a 7-inch and 10-inch model, plans may have changed. The 7-inch model surfaced as the Amazon Kindle Fire, and the 10-inch slate rumored to house a quad-core processor was said to be put on ice pending the success of its smaller counterpart. The larger tablet could still make a debut sometime next year, but Amazon’s display suppliers have received orders from the retailer for 8.9-inch panels. The new size could launch before or even in place of the 10-inch model.

[DigiTimes via BGR]

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  1. Sounds good to me.  Was planning on getting the Kindle Fire for my husband for Christmas.  Either model works  for me.  I guess we will see if size is in fact does  matter.

  2. I think that’s a sweet spot for tablets. Might be the best move they make in the tablet market.

  3. I want the biggest screen possible! Give me a paper-thin 52″ tablet I can fold up into my pocket and I’ll be the happiest man on Earth!

  4. I think I would bite if it had a micro-SD card slot.  With only 8 GB of storage, it’s hard to keep much media on the fire, which will prevent it from being useful for video on the go.  With a micro-SD card slot, that changes dramatically.  Since the Nook has one, there is no reason that the fire can’t as well…

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