Verizon Offering Twice the 4G Data as November Promotion


If Verizon’s holiday offerings are tempting you towards their 4G LTE network but tiered data pricing has you second guessing, a new promotion looks to make the decision quite easy. A promotional offer beginning November 8th will see users signing up for a 4G data plan receiving double the advertised bandwidth for the same price. That equates to 4GB for $30 instead of 2GB or a whopping 10GB of data for $50. Current users with tiered data should be able to upgrade and take advantage of the offer. The deal hasn’t been confirmed, and it isn’t clear if the double data lasts through the length of the contract or for a limited time, but it’s a great deal nonetheless for those missing unlimited data. If you can somehow manage to pull down 10GB of data a month you will be getting more than your money’s worth.

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  1. If they offered the same amount of data for half the price, I would switch in a heartbeat.

  2. Fuck Verizon, their prices are completely ridiculous.  The US carrier/contract system is fucked compared to Europe, I almost want to move over there.

    1. If you actually used their network – then you’d not being saying such things.  Verizon’s LTE network is worth every penny I pay for it.

      Have fun living in Europe.  Moving there because you don’t like your cell phone bill seems incredibly short sighted.

      1. I hate verizon for plenty of shady things they’ve done, but 10GB for 4G LTE sounds like a decent deal to me. I prefer tmobile but “the first 100MB are 4G” is equivalent to “this is not 4G at all”, and 4G does matter these days.

      2. You sound like a Verizon employee.

    2. The US carrier system is ridiculous. I suspect collusion. 

  3. So wats unlimited x2?

    1. Try dividing by zero twice.

  4. They should double my unlimited plan then… or cut the price in half. LOL

  5. Verizon wants 2 darn much 4 there 4G services….it should had stayed $30 unlimited…

    1. I still have unlimited : )

      1. Same here.  I just wonder how long they’ll let us keep it.  The second they try to take it from me, I’m switching to Sprint while they still offer it.  There’s no way I would pay the same amount for 2 GBs as I do for unlimited now.

        1. I agree…I am going to hold on for dear life for as long as I can but if in 2 years they decide to switch to a tiered system for all users even the grandfatherd users they had better offer us  a package similar to this.

  6. Nice try Verizon, But no thanks…

  7. Until data goes to $10 per gig, then the only price i will see as fair is 30 for unlimited, end of story

    1. Verizon last time I looked only charges $10 a gig after you go over what you paid for. Which if you paid for the 5 gig $50 plan then you are basically paying that. 

      1. Then they need a 1 gig plan for $10 then :)

  8. Honestly, I could probably make do with only 4GB of data… but, the fact that this is just a short term “promotion” Sucks!  It was, however, a good try, Verizon.

  9. Verizon is overcharging for their teired data so giving you double the amount of data is fair for the price you pay.

  10. It’s only a good deal if it lasts the length of the contract. Otherwise, they’re just getting people used to using more data so that they can charge them out the ass later.

  11. Say what you will about Verizon, but this deal is very tempting for a new subscriber…

    1. yeah until November is over

  12. @J H

    Verizon’s current plans:
    $30 = 2GB
    $50 = 5GB
    $80 = 10GB

    Verizon’s promo plans according to this article:
    $30 = 4GB
    $50 = 10GB
    $80 = 20GB

    *overage charge is $10/GB

    Um… if you do the math, I believe you will realize that VZW answered your wishes. In fact the ONLY plan that does not QUITE meet your criteria is the current non-promotional $30 plan. I’m confused as to what your frustration is… especially with the promotional plans upcoming – their actually giving you even more than what you just asked.

  13. I think its fair if it last long til u change ur plan.
    Most of users wont go up 4gb..
    Have to ask verizon rep or somebody if it will last long..

  14. Almost every article here is about Verizon..
    I’m going to another web page to get my android newa…
    Fuck Verizon……!!!!!

  15. Sweeet… even if this is temporary, I’m so going to jump on this!

  16. If it’s a permanent deal until you change your plans even after your contract is up, that’s a very good deal (for Verizon’s standards). But seeing how Verizon is way too overpriced for everything, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a limited time thing.

  17. Does anybody know when this promotion period ends?  I’m holding out hope this will still be around when the Galaxy Nexus comes out.

  18. as long as its a permanent move and last the length of one’s contract, I would love that. I’m not with Verizon; AT&T, but I can see this extending to AT&T as well and hopefully get them back to a closer Unlimited reality again. there ate far too many services and offers available that eat up data than what’s allowed. it’s like letting a kid LIVE in a candy store and saying, You can only eat 2 pieces of candy a month!

    yea, it teaches them self control, but let the kids rot their teeth, doggone it!

  19. The good news is that EXISTING customers can apply this to their plan! I just went in and bumped my phone up to 4 GB. 

    Just log in to My Verizon, click the button to Change Minutes or Data, and go from there.

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