Phone-Size.com Accurately Scales Popular Smartphones for Quick Size Comparisons


I came across this great tool/website tonight that I’m sure many of our readers will be taking full advantage of. It’s called Phone-Size.com and simply put — it gives you images of some of the hottest phones out today and let’s you compare their overall size. That means when comparing phones, Phone-Size will accurately display the device exactly as if you had the two devices sitting side-by-side to each other in real life.

The site also allows for visitors to adjust the overall size of the image in case you’re viewing the site from a laptop or mobile device. I know this will come as a great tool for the many Android users out there who are constantly upgrading their devices and are forced to ask themselves, “exactly how much bigger (or smaller) is my new phone going to be?”

Thanks, Kevin!

Chris Chavez
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  1. This just made me want the galaxy nexus more after comparing it to my sensation. Jee thanks for giving me such an envious eye for a device that’s not even out yet!!!

  2. Thank goodness.  It got slightly tiresome to constantly remind people that 4.65″ screen really wasn’t all that large.  Especially when you could just look at the evo 3d and see how similar it is.

    Not to mention the fact that there is still some considerable border on the Galaxy Nexus, so you could still bump the screen size further and have the same form factor.

    1. I think it has to much bezel

  3. Great site…..

  4. Nice tool. Now they need to make a Pocket-Size tool to see if these phones actually get into pockets.

  5. What’s that little tiny white thing right there off to the left hand side? 

    1. It’s an iPhone.  You can have it in any color you want as long as you like black or white.

      Those other phones to the right come in all variety of size, shape, style, color, price ranges, and feature sets.  With or without keyboards.

  6. I was really surprised how the Galaxy Nexus is compared to my Galaxy S2, all this time I thought my S2 was a big phone, but it’s notably smaller than the Nexus. *edit: on second glance, the European S2 is much smaller, the Epic Touch S2 is about the same size. Surprised they are so different when they are supposed to be relatively the same phone.

    Razr is a beast too, how do people find carry cases for these things, the S2 was a pain to find a belt holder that would fit properly.

  7. Thank you for this… was wondering how my OG would compare to my next, new phone… whatever it might be…..

  8. Great but side views are a must too!!!

    1. Maybe they’ll add those eventually =)

  9. Not accurate unless you’re on a desktop PC or have a ruler. I tried this on the Galaxy Tab and I had to use offset with my Droid for comparison. It would make more sense if they had a drop-down for screen resolution rather than aspect ratio.

  10. PhoneArena.com also has size comparisons, and it also shows the side view of phones so you can compare thickness.  And I think the best part is you can drag a see-through version of a phone over another phone to see how they compare on top of one another.  It doesn’t show the phone as “actual-size”, though.

  11. My EVO 3D is the perfect size! Love it!

  12. Nifty resource for getting and idea of what to expect…but the best way to see the size is, of course, to go look at the device (or a plastic mock-up) in person.

    …and if I had to nit-pick more, I’d say I’m a tad disappointed there’s no auto-detect feature for screen size.  Interfacelift has the function so I don’t see why Phone-Size can’t as well.

    That said, it’s a great tool and I’ll be using it in the future, not because I upgrade frequently, but to get an idea of the sizes of the new handsets gracing the market.

  13. Had to offset -5% to get my Incredible to be spot on… nice link! Can’t wait to go from DInc to G-Nex !

  14. A website (maybe the same one?) like this was posted on phandroid awhile ago. I’m thinking this is up here on phandroid simply because it was recently posted on reddit.

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