Asus Transformer Prime Launch Pushed Back To December – Will Debut With Android 4.0 [Rumor]


If you were looking forward to the rumored November 9th launch date for the upcoming Nvidia quad-core toting ASUS Transformer Prime tablet, you may have to wait just a little bit longer. Sources told Digitimes today that the convertible tablet has been push backed to a December release.

Before you get all bent out of shape, keep in mind this supposedly has something to do with the device debuting with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and not Android 3.2. Apparently, Google needs a little more time to prepare and by “prepare” we mean wait for the launch of the Galaxy Nexus which we’re sure Google is wanting to be the premier device to show-off ICS to the world. Corporate politics. Go figure.

[Via Digitimes]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Well worth the wait if it comes with ICS.  As long as it comes before Santa packs his sleigh it’s all good.

  2. It better release in the first week of December at the latest. For one, I want it bad. Two, they need time to get the kinks worked out and make a name for itself before Christmas. 

  3. So goes for getting a good deal on it on Cyber Monday

  4. the world isnt ready for prime, yet. 

    1. I’ve been ready since birth. O_o

      1. You’ve been waiting a long time then :P

  5. Roflmfao Chris. But i can’t wait then sucks to wait but it’s a awesome wit. How about the rumor quad core maybe smartphone

  6. Does it really matter if it comes with ICS out of the box? They’ve already promised an upgrade as soon as one is available…

    1. I think it matters. A lot. The reviewers will rate it that much more if it has the newer software, and will be more excited about the device, and in turn the readers will be, too. Hopefully they have enough time to optimize it for launch, though.

      1. I’d rather have it with 3.2, which is still designed for tablets and then wait for the ICS upgrade. I had already planned getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but due to the fights with Apple I’ve now shifted to the Asus Transformer Prime. I want it now! :-)

        1. The fights with Apple actually make me want to get a Galaxy Tab, even though Samsung still haven’t proven themselves in the updates department.

          But Transformer Prime… oh yeah.

        2. I read your comment in Stewies voice.

      2. LOL why do you care how well it sells? So you can brag on the internet because your real life isn’t exciting enough?

  7. Frak … After Galaxy Nexus has been delayed … and now this is also delayed?

    Good God. 

    Oh well, no problem, December is just next month.


  8. cool!!

  9. Guess Digitimes didn’t get the invite…the event is happening ;) lol

  10. I don’t know what to do T__T
    This is definitely my next tablet, but I’m not sure about which phone I should get…

  11. I think Google may also want this to be the first ICS Tablet? It couldn’t technically be named the first ICS tablet if it came with 3.2 and then got the upgrade. They want it out the door with ICS. My theory at least.

    1. That makes sense.  I just really hope that it isn’t true.  I returned my original Transformer and I’m aching to get my hands on the new one.  :)

  12. ‘rumored November 9th launch date’? Asus head Jonney Shih said so in his All Things Digital Interview

  13. Too bad I won’t ever get to try Honeycomb then. On the positive side, it will give me time to save some money =)

    1. Theres always custom ROMs…

  14. Let me be clear: I am not a fan of Apple. I’ve been waiting for ages for a decent Android tablet. Galaxy Tab 10.1 – no connectivity so same limitations as Apple. Then the 8.9 – same issue. Transformer – a little clunky but no point in getting it as the new one is out. Er, no it’s not. Chances of getting one before Xmas = nil if Asus supply problems are still the same. So, it’s off to Apple for me. And I never thought I’d say that!

    1. Wait.. you just said you didn’t get the Galaxy Tab because it had the ‘same limitations as Apple’, and then conclude its off to Apple for you?

      1. He’s gonna fit right in at Apple.

    2. I would wait forever before buying anything apple!

  15. pretty sure we all saw this coming

  16. Stories originating from unnamed “sources from upstream supply chain” very often turn out to be bogus. This one sounds particularly questionable:

    “Since Google has cold-shouldered Taiwan-based PC brand vendors over the
    assistance of upgrading from Android 3.0 to 4.0, it has prompted these
    vendors to turn their focus from Android to Microsoft’s Windows 8, the
    sources noted.”

    This tired tale? I’m having trouble putting much stock in this. And still no official word from Asus.

  17. I love how 80% of the articles Gere lead to,”Apple sucks” within the comments section.
    I love the articles on this site but you just don’t see this immaturity at the other sites.
    Ghetto fabulous

    1. Immaturity permeates at the highest levels, even fucking Steve Jobs couldnt go very long without saying Windows or Android sucks.

  18. I WANT THIS!  :)   i heard $579.00  anyone else hear a price yet?

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