Motorola DROID 4 Appears in Verizon System


While we fully believe the Motorola DROID 4 is real and that everything we’ve heard about it is real, it’s always nice be reassured through leaks well ahead of release dates. Droid Life has gotten images showing the Motorola DROID 4 in Verizon’s system, a sign that usually tells us they’re gearing up for a launch in the near future.

The photo also shows that it does have 4G just as it was rumored to have, something we know many of you have been wanting on a phone from this series. We’re also getting the traditional slideout QWERTY keyboard, a front-facing camera and what looks to be a 4 inch display. As for not so obvious specs, we’d bet big money on a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and an 8 megapixel HD camera.

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  1. feels like just yesterday the droid 3 came out 

    bigger then 4 inch screen would be nice

    1. Yah. Well I got the Drod 2 Global for free back in May.

  2. Damn, Moto is really crapping on its late summer customers.  People who got the Droid 3 and Bionic are going to be a tad annoyed with them launching the Droid 4 and RAZR within a few months of each other.

    I would have gotten the Droid 3 (OG Droid owner right now) if not for the crappy Pentile LCD display and the sub-standard 512 MBs RAM.  4G/LTE would have been nice too, but not a requirement for me since I won’t ever have it where I live.

    Where’s the source/pic of it in their system?

    1. Cnet talked about the Pentile screen on the Razr and said it wasn’t too bad. http://reviews.cnet.com/cell-phones/motorola-droid-razr-verizon/4505-6454_7-35033947.html?tag=TOCcarouselMain.0 

      But hey some people have more sensitive eyes and it bugs them more I guess. I personally didn’t notice a huge difference. Apparently though, the Pentile screen makes for excellent outdoor viewing and saves on battery draw. And the display is always the number one power sucker on my phone I’ve noticed.

  3. Seriously? Those of us with the OG Droid are just now getting to the end of our two year contracts. 4 in 2 years is a bit much don’t you think Motorola?

  4. If it’s real, I am at a bit of a loss why, as others have stated, MOTO would even think about (or even let rumors get out about) releasing a Droid4 just a few short months after launching the Droid 3. Further, with ICS just around the corner, I don’t understand why MOTO wouldn’t wait to launch the Droid4  next year fully optimized for ICS.

    If it’s fake…then shame on us for taking the bait.

    Personally, I am becoming increasingly fatigued by the release of a new phone, or iteration of an existing device, just about every other week. I would much rather have OEMs focus on designing fewer, more compelling devices with stable and timely updates. I think a tipping point is nearing with consumers that can’t keep up with the break-neck pace of Android OS updates and release of new hardware.

    1. +100, tired of thinking of buying a phone, then the day before the phone i want’s announcement the rumor comes out of the second iteration of that phone.

  5. The only thing that would persuade me to buy another Motorola phone is an unlocked bootloader

  6. It seems that MOTO is the one going phone crazy here. At least htc is waiting 1/2 a year (tbolt/rezound) and not 2 months between each

  7. OG droid here.  Been waiting for 4G+slider.   Droid2 and Droid3 had nothing to offer me, in my eyes they don’t really exist.  Figured this was coming if i waited long enough.

    As for “optimized for ICS” — I’m sure there is no magic optimization….hardware is hardware.  I’m sure it will run ICS without any real problem

  8. Is it too much to ask for this to be vanilla Android? That’s all I want. A vanilla device with a full qwerty keyboard …le sigh.

    1. Props for le sigh. Simple fact is that we as consumers have to make it clear that we want the option of Vanilla Android. There are way too many casual users, so us hardcore fans suffer with dealing with whatever gets thrown our way.

  9. If the bootloader is locked then pass. If they would unlock it and give it hardware with a build like the RAZR, but with an actual keyboard it might be worth looking at. I have really lost all interest in Motorola since the OG Droid. 

    1. Apparently Verizon wants all their phones locked down. The Galaxy Nexus will be locked too I think because Verizon calls it “a security issue”. 

      1. Not happening. Not on a Nexus device.

  10. Looks like an old pic or something showing the bionic at 2/11 so who knows if it is even still scheduled for a Nov release

  11. The keyboard looks really nice! I haven’t really felt the need for a physical keyboard since going to Android, heck I don’t even use the soft landscape mode keyboard, but if the keyboard was really nice I might just go for it. I always have loved the Droid design though, The only thing is that the Droid has seemed to take backseat to whatever Motorola’s flagship-phone-of-the-moment is. If this thing is somewhat comparable to the Bionic or Razr then I could see it being a contender.

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