Sprint Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich Update for their HTC Handsets


Piggybacking off an announcement by the manufacturer, Sprint has confirmed the list of HTC devices that will receive Ice Cream Sandwich. Giving no date other than early 2012 (which could range from January to early Spring), a over-the-air update will be headed to the “HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO Design 4G, and other key products in our line-up.” Things could still change, and dates are never firm when it comes to updates, but Sprint users with the latest crop of HTC handsets can expect a treat in the coming months.

[via Sprint | Thanks, JacKal]

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  1. It would be nice to see some love for the grand-daddy Evo 4g. But I seriously doubt it.

    1. Not going to happen

    2. I doubt it too, but it’ll get it via cyanogenmod.

      1. I’ll definitely be going with CM9 at least until Sprint brings their LTE network to my area. The other nice thing about CM7 is that we’re running Android v2.3.7 instead of v2.3.3 which the Sprint/HTC rom is running.

        1. I thought it was 2.3.4? or is that just the customized ROM version?

  2. Who cares, just release ICS source and I’ll be happy.

  3. EVO Shift, gets short changed on this update?

    1. I bet not. The official announcement said they were doing this in stages, and going from newest to oldest-supportable is pretty common. I expect to the see the Shift added to the announcements after New Year, but that’s just my guess.

    2. The evo shift is trash

  4. I wonder how HTC will overlay sense onto ICS. I would imagine they would have to overhaul their UI too to account for the changes in ICS

    1. yup that’s why no date, they’re scared about getting it to work.
      I’m coming around with sense though, I think it has things I like.
      Just hope it doesn’t take them too long so we can have ICS as well.
      3VO   bought for the Dual 1.2 and became a 3D lover.  ;)

      1. IMHO, every HTC device that gets ICS will get Sense 3.5 (aka sense zero, i have no idea how it got that nickname). 

        Sense Zero matches the feel of ICS much better than “old sense”, and i think will look good with software keys

  5. Sprint,
    Just get the Nexus please.

    1. They will.

  6. They need to confirm if they will be getting and selling the Galaxy Nexus……I Don’t care for HTC and HTC Sense no more. After all the security issues with HTC, why bother buying a device from them. 

  7. What I fucking want is when will I get ICSon my PHOTON4G…This phone is better and newer than the HTC devices and still the fricking MOTOROLA has no word on that….it seems like the PHOTON4G is the bastard son of MOTOROLA…no mention of it ,only droids and rzr gettin ICS, WTF?

    1. Not too mention my Atrix 4g.

  8. They already confirmed that the Samsung Moment will be brought back from the dead and be given ICS

    1. Good. I still have one sitting on my nightstand! 

  9. hm….early Spring…where have i heard that before, HTC? let me Google that on my Thunderbolt (which was just officially updated to GB a couple of weeks ago after being told it would be updated by summer..err, fall…er, late 4th quarter).
    i’m done with HTC. and that caused me to root back in  June & grab 2.3 :)

  10. <3 Sense and HTC.  Can't wait for ICS on my Evo 3D

  11. Yes hurry and put out ICS on my 3vo so I can sell it for more and get an Galaxy Note :)

  12. What about samsung devices????????????????

  13. Yaaay HTC!! go go EVO 3D!!!!

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