Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus Now Available And Shipping In The US


The Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus wasn’t supposed to be available until November 13th but it looks like the 7-inch tab has received the green light and is now shipping in the US. There are two models available — a 16GB version for $400 and a 32GB for $500. Both versions feature a 7-inch, 1024×600 resolution Super LCD display, dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 3MP rear/2MP front facing cameras, Android 3.x Honeycomb, micro SD slot and IR blaster for television connectivity.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus will be going head-to-head with the Kindle Fire this holiday season. I think the Tab Plus would have a fighting chance if only Samsung would lower the price of each model by $100. What do you guys think? Instant buy, pass or wait until the price drops?

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Chris Chavez
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  1. Lower that price! I can’t even begin to consider it at that price.

  2. nah, lower down by $50 is justified. the hardware in this GTab+ is way ahead of kindle fire :D , would be happy to see lower price though. on top of that, it has the ability to make calls!

    1. 7.7″ version at $250 or transformer prime

  3. I want a galaxy tab and this is the perfect size, but I’ll wait for the price to drop.

  4. I’d rather wait for the transformer prime…

  5. Lower that price by $100 and it will sell tons. A Samsung tablet for $300? Damn!

  6. 500 bucks for a 7″ tablet. What drugs are they on?

  7. pass and wait until the price drops by at least a 100 bucks

  8. I have the original Galaxy Tab 10.1-32G and am happy with it. I won’t go to the new one. As well, those seem to take time before being available in Canada. I bought mine in USA while being on travel, but it took almost two months before it bcame available in Canada, and so far, I only saw the 16G one.

  9. Wow did they miss the price sweet spot or what?

  10. My at home tablet is the Transformer, but I’m looking at replacing my original 7″ Tab, but not with this, with the Tab 7.7 model.  I think anyone who buys this will be disappointed when they see the 7.7, the Super Amoled Plus screen is a better choice than the LCD one.

    1. Right there with Aeires…I’m waiting on the 7.7″ version.  With the 7.7 having a 1.4 dual core processor, sim card to be able to make and receive phone calls(I am currently using the original Tab rooted with complete phone use, its awesome). Downside: it might not fix in my back pocket like my 7″er does.Not a day goes by with someone liking all the same features of any Tablet, Android or Apple, it can do it all and make phone calls.

  11. I need this tablet, but I’ll be damned if I buy it at this price. Sammy’s think they are already a new Apple, but they are NOT just yet.

  12. How does it go head to head with the fire at twice the price???

  13. At $300, I would buy it, and so would a whole lot of other people. At $400 and $500, though, no way.

  14. I have no interest in tablets until the price comes way down.  And I hear about something useful you can do with them.  I already pay way too much for entertainment machines.  Don’t need another one.

  15. Does this have GPS like the first one?

  16. These tablets need to come with GPS for the all around Google experience! Not only that. I want to install one in my car!

  17. Nevermind! They will stop to make updates asap fo this device (like the old one). Who else believes in sammy?

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