Galaxy Nexus Arriving In India Before The End Of The Year


It looks like another country overseas will be graced by the presence of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus this year. While speaking during a Q&A session at a Samsung Galaxy Note launch event yesterday in India, Samsung’s Ranjit Yadav may have divulged a little more info than he should have. When asked when India would see the launch of the Galaxy Nexus, Yadav said the device’s “tentative launch will be this year and not next.”

While this is nowhere near “official,” we remain hopeful. Maybe our Android brothers in India wont have to wait much longer for the SGN after all. Keep your fingers crossed. Galaxy Nexus world domination is almost upon us!

[Via SammyHub]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Wouldn’t it be cool if we got a date for the us

    1. Pretty weird. The official launchparty was planned for US. They held it in Asia. they will release it in europe first, than India and god knows what other shithole before it even hits American soil. This must realy hurt…i cant share the pain as i live in Holland…yes US citizens …thats in Europe (just trolling) :)

      1. Haha thank you for the geography lesson. It’s interesting to me that it looks like it’ll hit Europe before it hits it’s native country.

        1. by native my guess you dont mean Korea…
          to bad the nexus isn’t a motorola. than US would be the first to get the release for shure.

  2. Honestly, I could give a shit less when India is getting this phone. I feel comfortable saying I think I’m speaking for the majority.

    1. You aren’t. Go to alexa and look up phandroid. Demographic data shows a significant percentage of traffic comes from India. While the US accounts for 40% of the traffic, India comprises 11% and many other countries make up the rest. So, no we shouldn’t ignore news for phones outside the US because nearly 60% of this site’s audience is from outside of it.


      1. and there are many Indians in UK/US, like me sitting in UK and smiling that this Nexus will be released here first :)

  3. If Google and Samsung is gearing up for a worldwide release, they are pretty much one-upping Apple in a very good way. It would give credence to all the delays that this phone has gone through… well, “delays” as defined by rumors. lol

  4. someone needs to drill Samsung on the question when “the US GSM version will come” :(

    1. Exactly! This whole idea of the Verizon “exclusive” in the US is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth as far as the Nexus name is concerned.

      1. Considering they pulled the “Exclusively from Verizon” text from the Galaxy Nexus banners on their site, it’s not looking so exclusive these days.

        1. You got info on a US release on anyone else other than Verizon?

  5. the rest of the world lives off of the goodwill of the American people.

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