Current One-Click Method Easily Roots Droid RAZR


The Motorola Droid RAZR won’t be on shelves for another week, but the groundwork for rooting the new smartphone was laid well in advance. The one-click method developed for the current round of Moto smartphones was deployed successfully on the RAZR, meaning this one will be ready to go out-of-the-box.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. They come out with a one click root for a phone that’d not even out but a phone like the EVO 3d doesnt have one.

    1.  I wish I knew who the hypothetical “they” is everyone keeps talking about.  Rooting a phone involves a more than just a decision to do it or not.  If you are really concerned about the Evo 3d getting root I would suggest you delve into the inner workings of android and how root works instead of just waiting and complaining about “them” not releasing a root method for you

  2. Give me a unlocked bootloader please!

  3. Does this mean we can get ICS on the RAZR from the community developers? I think I would choose this phone if I knew I could root and put ICS on it without waiting for Moto/Verizon to push out an official update…

    1. if motorola takes too long devs will port ics for use on the razr. They will need to enable hardware buttons and remove the on screen buttons but they’ll do it

    2. Nope.  Getting root access is different than having an unlocked bootloader.
      So, no ICS without further developments.  

      Also, no NFC on this phone, which means no google wallet.

      Two changes and this phone would be an instant buy from me.

      1. If you’re rooted you can still have custom roms, no?

        1. I could be wrong, but I was pretty sure that if you don’t have access to the bootloader, you can’t change kernels or radios – so no complete rom.

          1. I’m no expert either because my last two phones havent had unlocked bootloaders. BUT Ive heard that one can still flash roms, just no custom kernels. Again, Idk. lol

          2. That is correct just no custom kernels

      2. How often will you really use the NFC?

    3. Seeing that Google just bought Motorola, you should get quick updates.

  4. I’m ordering mine today. That was all I was waiting for. The only other thing I want is themes, which I can wait for.

  5. does this one-click override locked bootloader? and is there an unrooter soon to come for warranty purposes?

    1.  gaining root is different than unlocking a bootloader

  6. is there a hard reset button since the battery isn’t removable?

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