ASUS Transformer Gets Update, Netflix Comes Pre-Installed


The ASUS Transformer Prime is about to make a big splash, but let’s not forget the tablet that paved the way for the upcoming quad-core beast. ASUS sure isn’t. A new update is now ready for the original ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, designated as firmware update The update brings app backup, bug fixes, and Netflix pre-installed (for US users).

ASUS has been exceptional in their support for the Transformer, and the hardware isn’t half bad either. Looking a year back I don’t think I would have ever thought I’d say this, but ASUS is setting the benchmark for Android tablet manufacturers everywhere.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I heart asus.

  2. this indeed is an awesome tablet.  I had it since day one and it works great and the support as mentioned is the best….can’t wait until they role ICS into this, which the ASUS executive claimed already (so its not a rumor)….my next tablet will still be an asus…

    1. On Transformer landing page, there’s a message that says: “Upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich”. :) So yeah, ICS will be on original Transformer and T Prime.

    2. I agree. I bought the Asus Transformer and they are just so rapid with their updates and support it is amazing. Go Asus. If only Dell and Motorola were as flexible as Asus with its updates. Amazing job from Asus, love my Eee Pad.

  3. So getting the asus transformer prime… Killer hardware with great support = win

  4. App backup?  Awesome!

    1. Battery fix! More AWEsome! I suspect as much when I close the station and find that the battery got drained quick.

  5. Never thought I would say this but GO ASUS, buying the prime 1st day.

    1. Asus has never let me down on any of my components and they’ve always had great driver support, so I’m not sure where you’re coming from?

    2. I’m camping out to be the first in line for the Transformer Prime. I hear Nvidia has trouble producing the Kal-El quad core chip at sufficient volume so I think the Transformer Prime supply will be limited this year until Nvidia can get the yields up.

  6. I actually just cummed

  7. Nice Asus is doing something right and doing it right the 1st time around. 

  8. Love my Transformer, the support has been incredible.  My next computer will no doubt be an Asus as well.

    Now when are they going to make some high end phones?

  9. I’ve been saying for months that Asus has been HANDS DOWN the best company with their updates to the Transformer. At this point I’d be highly likely to buy an Asus phone if they released a badass device in the future (no, not a PADPHONE!!)

  10. friggin sweet. this should placate me until they release ICS.

    other manufacturers should take note regarding the way to do work.

  11. Asus should make phones. At least there would be one manufacturer with fat updates. Now the carriers need to stop being greedy and get their sh*t together with the updates. -__-

    1. They do……

      Just no good android phones ;)

  12. fast*

  13. Like everyone else I’m looking forward to this tablet. However Netflix is in the category of junk apps. Wish they would keep it off.

    1. I agree about Netflix and any apps that requires a subscription.

  14. The app backup seems broken, just displays a message that it failed :(

  15. Singing with vibatro>>>>>Awwwweeesooommeee!

  16. I own the transformer and I have to say that Asus has been THE BEST as far as updating their software. I’m quite happy with my purchase and would not hesitate to buy another one of their tablets. My only gripe is the low volume of the speakers. Wish it could be fixed with an OTA update.

  17. Can’t wait for ICS update!

  18. Not seeing the update here. I thought the last update installed netflix? Like a couple weeks ago?

  19. I love my Transformer and I will more then likely purchase the Transformer Prime.
    Asus absolutely supports the Transformer and they promised to update it to ICS shortly after it is released.

  20. I thought I’d settle for the original Transformer once the prices dropped but I may just hold out for this baby. Regarding the Netflix app, if a tablet didn’t have Netflix it would be a deal-breaker for me so I for one am glad they’re explicitly supporting it.

  21. Netflix is the kind of ‘bloatware’ that people actually want on their phones.

  22. Several months ago I returned my Iconia tab for the transformer. Now I know why. Couldn’t be happier with my asus and the regular updates just seal the deal. Asus makes great products. I also have a netbook from asus and its great. Would love to see them produce a high end phone too. I for one would buy it out right in a NY minute!

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