AT&T Bringing LTE to New York City “Very Soon”


On Sunday AT&T will light up their 4G LTE service in four new cities — Boston, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Athens, GA — but a major market still remains absent from the list. New York City seems like an obvious choice for the initial rollout of a next-gen network, but as we’ve seen in the past with Sprint’s WiMAX and Verizon’s own LTE service, the size and nature of the city with its heaven-reaching skyscrapers typically keeps the Big Apple out of the equation. But for New Yorkers planning to pick up the HTC Vivid or Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket when they launch this weekend, there is hope.

Speaking at Mashable’s Media Summit, Larry Solomon of AT&T said LTE will come to NYC “very soon.” The carrier [;ans to have LTE up and running in 15 major markets by the end of the year servicing 70 million people. Unlike their competitors, AT&T for the moment will offer their 4G data service at no additional cost to what current subscribers pay.

[via Mashable]

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  1. Screw the west coast huh at&t

  2. Why does Athens, GA always seem to be on these early rollout lists?

    1. Because that’s where att’s other corporate offices are besides the main HQ in dallas.

  3. Knowing att’s penchant for saying something but doing something, history of falsehoods and delays, one should not get too excited nor hold their breath!

    Also, att’s LTE spectrum in the city is half that of Verizon so eventual users can expect a similar 3g experience of frustration and aggravation once that market matures.  Of course, there’s always att’s highly touted “4g/hspa+” which relies on sharing from their 3g spectrum on a frequency that will lead to users to lament and regret why they stuck around with a shitty network.

    1. All I can say is ATT’s 3G has been far faster than Verizon’s anywhere I have been. I do travel more than the average person, so we aren’t talking one or two large cities either. Not picking sides, just stating facts.

  4. “unlike their competitors”… um… Verizon’s 4G LTE is same cost as their 3G also. So…???

  5. Funny thing how everyone and they momas switching to LTE…ihave read somany people talking ish about how T–Mobile and such have the same power as Verizions LTE…Or better. Lol…now look how all seem to be going the LTE way…yeah, Verizion is top dog for a ialways said. If T–Mobile stay T–Mobile…they will switch to LTE as well…ha.

  6. Las Vegas please! Your suck this 8==><==8

  7. Does ATT even have LTE phones yet?

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