Slim LG U1 Could Be Manufacturer’s First to Ship with Ice Cream Sandwich


While LG hasn’t quite decided which of its current handsets will receive Android 4.0, a newly leaked image reveals the device that could be the first to ship with the new OS. Dubbed the LG U1, the phone appears to pick up where the Optimus Black left off with a super slim profile, big screen, and rumors of Ice Cream Sandwich on board. Little is known of the device’s hardware other than the 8MP camera and flash centered on the U1’s rear. It’s far too early to begin speculating where and when the handset could launch, but the U1 name could tie closely to LG’s U+ mobile service in Korea.

[via GSMArena]

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  1. That looks nice to me… I haven’t had LG since a flip phone about 8 years ago though.

  2. Great my LG Evolution wasn’t real thin and the battery was so bad that I had to get the extended battery that makes the thing huge and weigh a ton.  Can’t wait to see how long the battery lasts on this thing!

  3. Looks nice? LG you should just stick to washing machines and other home appliances. This phone is hideous!! What is with the really highly contrasting silver bevel around the edges?? It clashes with the black, and looks terrible in my opinion. Also, its flat glossy plastic back and screen make it seem like a scratch magnet.

    Those are buttons down there, aren’t they? Which means they are most likely skinning the OS…. TISK MOTHERFUCKING TISK LG!!

    We need more manufacturers using tasteful attractive designs if we are ever going to be taken seriously by all the brainwashed iassholes out there… 

    1. People who watch the Bravo channel will probably get an iPhone anyway just because it’s from Apple.

      1. That is fine if they choose to spend their money on an iPhone…. I just want phone manufacturers to just at least pretend they put some thought or effort into designing their handsets.

        I own an HTC Sensation…. before that I owned a Nexus One…. With these phones I would often get questions from my iphone owning friends and family…. “Oh what is that phone?” making the comment because they aren’t embarrassingly ugly like this LG brick is.

        I guess the lesson here is….. Just buy a Nexus device…. or look for one made by the same manufacturer that  has several of the same design elements.

  4. Scott….go get a G2X

    1. I loved my G2X, until I found out that it wasn’t a pentaband GSM 4G phone. That whole T-Mobile merger thing puts a cloud over phones that don’t work on both ATT and T-Mobile. If T-Mobile supports the pentaband GSM 4G then you could take the phone from carrier to carrier.

  5. If something like this came to verizon I would seriously consider it. Nice looking phone and easily rooted and unlocked bootloader.

  6. If this phone implements their new screen technology and fast cpu/gpu then I’ll be jumping ship from Samsung phones to this.  Not impressed with Samsung’s shameless copying of Apple.  LG seems to take more creative risks which I want to support as long as I don’t lose my nice Super Amoled display. 

  7. I have always liked LG since the feature phones days(Envy1&2,Voyager,etc..). This looks pretty sweet buttons and all. So as long as their is no lawsuit this should be a great addition to my collection.

  8. LG Optimus Speed (called in Germany) will get Android Ice Cream Sandwich after Update on Gingerbread 2.3.4, which is available now!
    found it here:

    http://goo.gl/k2MSK     and here:     http://goo.gl/bqBEc

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