HTC Rezound Gets First Press Shots, Video Samples


With a little bit of patience we could make it to tonight’s HTC event to see the HTC Rezound unveiled with some surprises still intact. Instead, we present to you leaked press shots, video samples obtained by the same guy who just posted a hands-on look at Beats Audio on the device (the same gentleman who has graced us with hands-on footage throughout the week), and signs of Verizon’s site preparing for the arrival of the Rezound (just check the source code).

[via AndroidForums, PocketDroid, PocketNow]

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  1. moto and samsung are going the thin route, htc is going backwards the thick route. Come on htc nobody wants a brick in their pocket.

    1. have they given the dimensions and weight? i could understand some bulk if it showcases BEATS really well on a small device.

      1. Just looking at it you can see it is probably close to as thick as the thunderbolt which isn’t thin.

        1. We have had our Rezound cases manufactured for a month now and I can tell you this phone is very thick. The same box that holds 600 galaxy s ii cases only holds 500 Rezound cases.

      2. Beats Audio is a gimmick. 

    2. I’ll take a brick if it has a battery that’s worth a damn.

      1. So you want an hd screen with a 1620 battery(HTC) rather than a phone with hd screen and 1750+ battery(nexus)? Good luck with that HTC lost me after the thunderbolt.

  2. While it seems too thick, the colors and overall look is pretty cool!

  3. Not endorsing this phone, but there are many who will appreciate the battery life the thickness hopefully gives them.

    1. HTC and long battery life (w/out root)??  I’ll believe it when I see it.

      1. The Incredible 2 supposedly has great battery life.  Some reviews put it at 2 days with light/moderate usage.  It’s about the only exception from HTC so far though, heh.

        1. Loved my ogINC, but there was def an underpowered battery in it….root/rom & over/under clocking made it 1000 times better……picked up the INC2 & was shocked (in a good way) as to how good battery life was stock/straight out of box, still rooted & rommed it up, but your def correct (at least from my 1st-hand use)…..if i wasnt gonna grab the gNEX, i would have no problem staying with the INC2 for a while, def a very solid device that is flying under the radar

      2. Evo 4G and Evo 3D both had plenty of battery life, and I’m a heavy user.  

        1. You did not just say that. Heavy drug user maybe.

          1. Negative.  If you’re not a complete tard you can get plenty of battery life out of either of those two.  

    2. They put a small battery in when moto and sammy make their phones thinner and with larger batteries.

  4. Anyone else feel like if they bought this they would have, essentially, a larger version of their Droid Inc?  I love my Inc, but I want that “new” feeling.  Bring forth the Nexus!

    1. Northeastern? That’s where I go

      1. Northern Illinois University…although I do live in Lincoln Square – Chicago, which is fairly close to NEIU. In fact, my buddy lives across the street from Northeastern.

        1. Oh wow lol my bad. We have the same mascot too, but I am speaking of Northeastern University in Boston.

          1. NEUiB? ;)

    2. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? I love my Inc and the developer support it’s received. The potential battery issues and such are non-issues to me once they get their hands on the Rezound and more optimized kernels/root tweaks are released.

      Personally, I’d love to have a more souped up version of the phone I’ve enjoyed the past nearly two years and the Rezound with dual-core, LTE, and twice the Ram should do just that. Beats and a good pair of headphones will just be icing on the cake for a music lover such as myself. It’ll also surely get ICS soon which can only make it better when you toss in the fact the Nexus doesn’t have expandable memory; which matters to those of us that travel for business and like to store lots of media.

      Bottom line though: this month is a good time to be an Android owner with 3 amazing phones on one carrier with the fastest network in the US. Bring on the choices!

      1. Good points, for sure. I’m not worried about the lack of expandable memory since I plan on using cloud services (I use google music on 3g and it works great).  I love all the advantages of the Nexus and I really want something new and different.  I get bored fast. :)

        1. Oh yeah, I totally agree too with the novelty factor. I admit I’m interested in the nexus for the oo shiny factor as well and it’s definitely going to be a tough decision, lol.

  5. Hmmm…pretty thick but it does look nice. Maybe HTC will surprise and put a nice size battery in there. 

    1. 1620 mah.

  6. htc is boring me nowadays, great device nonetheless but I’m going go look at different OEMs 

    1. Goodie gumdrops.

  7. Is the rezhound and the raider the same phone?

    1. No the Rezound and the vigor are the same phone.

  8. What will make me buy this will be the Beats.  I fear that the battery will be weak tho.  Good thing it’s removable and I can buy extras like I did with my Evo.

    1. I refuse to buy anything with the Beats name. Its terrible, overpriced sound quality

      1. Spoken like someone who’s never owned a pair. Terrible? Really? Over priced? maybe, but consumers are still buying them.

      2. I think it’s more gimmicky than anything else. Never heard Beats stuff but I’m more than happy with Shure, Klipsch, Denon, Martin Logan and B&W. For a cell phone, I think it’s completely irrelevant. If the Beats thing is the only issue you’ve got with the phone, you might wanna rethink your decision.

  9. Holy jeez, that is an ugly phone.

    1. Ugly how?

      Since when should aesthetics over rule function?

  10. It looks bulky, especially from the front. I would buy it if it had different colors to it, and if I knew how much battery life it has.

  11. Too bad “beats audio” doesnt work with Google Music Player and only the HTC player.  HTC < Google Music < PowerAMP player.  I would like to know more about the tech that makes it sound better.  PowerAMP equalizer has a lot of preset EQ settings that make the music sound awesome, compared to muffled default android player or google music. 
    Lastly, those of you that arent aware of the "Voodoo Control" app for phones with the special audio chip(I believe mainly Galaxy Phones), it allows you to really tweak EQ settings and my fav feature is the abililty to increase the db output on the amplifier.  It allows you to really crank up the volume on the volume output without sacrificing sound quality-it stays crystal clear and gets almost too loud on the headphones.  Which is amazing to me cuz I love my music loud and clear on my bose headphones.  Without this its not loud enough. 

    1. PowerAmp is a must have and with the new update I swear it sounds even better.  best $5 investment to date.

      1. I don’t like the EQ on the new version personally.  It sounded great before, not I don’t get as much volume.  

    2. I <3 PowerAmp as well.  I'll have to try out Voodoo Control, as I don't get much output with Google Music.  

      1. Nevermind it’s not supported on Htc phones and needs root.  

  12. Yawn

  13. I don’t like this johnboy person.

  14. I like the design but i’m selling my inspire 4g and i don’t like it thickness, this looks just as thick or thicker! :/

    1. It’s much thicker than the Inspire, the Inspire as actually somewhat thin.

  15. In that video sample…I wish he would’ve played that song alongside any other phone out there – even the old OG Incredible. 

    Most department stores raise their prices (or list an inflated orig. price) so that the sale looks more attractive.  It’s why Kohl’s is so successful.  They sell $40 pants for $20 – even though it’s an off brand not worth more than $20.

    Similarly, does HTC reduce the ability of their stock equalizer so the Beats addition sounds even better – why else would there be an option to toggle between them?

  16. since you all appear to have tiny, womanly hands, your complaints about it being too “thick” are invalid.  a phone as thin as the fascinate feels like it’s going to break apart in my hands, as will the razr and that nexus.  this phone, much like the incredible and tbolt, actually feel sturdy.  as an upgrade from my inc, it’s exactly what i, and many other inc owners, are looking for: a dual core, bigger screened, faster version of our incredible.  sorry, but the inc was one of the best phones, hands down, and this is a perfect update to it.

    1. The thunderbolt feels like junk in hand, battery door creaks, power button sunk in. Sorry HTC dropped a little with the thunderbolt and screwing many people over. But hey choice is good you can get the rezound others will get something else.

    2. Inc was decent but it was never one of the best phones around

  17. TOO thick where? What is wrong with you people? If you stop wearing those effin skinny jeans it might fit in your damn pocket

    1. looks much thicker than both the galaxy nexus and the razr

    2. if it meant bigger battery am all for it but the galaxy has a bigger battery in a 8.5mm thin phone and if you get the extended battery for the gs2 you get 2000mah battery in a 9.9mm thin phone so htc should have been able to atleast put 2000mah battery in a 13.5mm thin phone right?thicker phone should equal bigger battery.

      1. Couldn’t of said it better myself

  18. I still love my day 1 Incredible with a passion that borders on obsession lol. Galaxy Nexus and Rezound are the first phones that I would truly call successors to the DInc. If the G-Nex tanks, I’ll definitely be looking at the Rezound to replace “my precious.”

  19. videos have been removed

  20. The videos have been removed, bro. 

  21. I think from the side, with the screen down, it looks like the saucer section of the Enterprise

  22. God I hate HTC Phones, they all look the same, they’re all super heavy & ugly, they all have that disgusting bloated Sense-UI, ewwww..

    1. If you think they all look the same, then you need glasses. The G1, Wildfire, and Sensation couldn’t be further apart. Although I will admit that the Rezound is really just the Sensation skinned for Verizon.

      1. Are you really comparing this to the Sensation? They look nothing alike. Sensation was actually thin and sexy.

  23. Darn vids been pulled already :(

  24. I have a Dinc2 and it really does not look much thicker than my phone. Can’t wait for the release so I can get my grubby man hands on it and see how it feels.

    What would be really sweet is if my Dinc2 extended battery would fit right in but I’m not counting on it…

  25. this is the exact version of  T-MO AMAZE 4G/ Sensation 4G.

  26. Don’t get me wrong, I love the razr appearance wise, probably more than the rezound(wouldn’t be caught dead with galaxy nexus) but thickness isn’t that much of a priority for me I guess, I want the rezound :)

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