Samsung Galaxy Nexus Hitting Verizon Nov. 17?


If those with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on their wish lists want to frustrate themselves further, they need only continue reading this article. A supposedly work-in-progress memo to be sent out to Verizon employees next week is stating that the Galaxy Nexus will grace Verizon’s shelves November 17th, which is actually less frustrating then previous rumors that suggested we’d be waiting until after Black Friday. We get the feeling this sort of back-and-forth speculation will continue daily until the phone launches, whenever that may be.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I hope that’s right!

  2. My sanity has asked me to stop reading articles about SGN release dates

    1. I’m with the sprinkler

    2. Sanity is overrated.  :)

    3. ^^ LOL!!! Too true.

    4. I believe the release date when the phone is in my hand. 

  3. Please be true!!!!

  4. effin hope so!

  5. my birthday is the 16th … that would be spectacular

    1. My birthday is the 17th… I already have set my tent and the money aside. I’m going to camp out and be the first to get it… can’t wait…

      1. My upgrade is on the 17 and my old phone is slowly dieing.

      2. This isn’t an iPhone, you wont need to camp out.  Android users have some civility and know there will be plenty to go around.

    2. Nice! The 21st is the day my contract ends, so I’m pumped either way.  I’m really hoping it comes out before I can upgrade, because I want other people to have and to review it so I know there aren’t any major flaws before I lock in for the next two years.

  6. I hope this thing never comes out.  I have to buy it at full price and when it is released, I won’t have a choice but to hand over my hard-earned money.

  7. razr is the 10th, should be nexus 24th… 2 weeks apart makes more sense to me from a sales perspective

    1. 24th was never an option for VZW. It’s a Thursday (their preferred day for releasing phone – look at RAZR on Thursday 10th) — however, Thursday 24th is Thanksgiving Day — no way they are releasing on a day when most every retailer is closed.

      That leaves you with Thur. 17th and Thur. Dec 01 — take your pick.

    2. Rezound is coming 14 which is 3 days after razr. Makes sense to have most phones out to get most potential customers.

  8. I think even my OG Droid is going insane from the suspense.  It’s gone from doing quite well to acting annoying and quirky.  I think it senses its days are numbered and is giving me flak for eyeballing another phone longingly.

    1. HAAHAA!  As hilarious as your post is, I COMPLETELY relate!  I’m on a OG Droid as well, and its almost as if its acting spiteful!  Random FC’s that I’ve never gotten, dials random contacts, etc..  My days are spent refreshing for news of the HTC Rezound AND the SGN and I’m sure my OG notices.

      1.  Boy am i jealous of you guys. you think your OG droid is getting impatient? my eris is all sorts of upset right now.

        1. Mine too. Lately it’s been even more of a pile of junk than usual.

          1.  i flashed back to xtrROM and its been less of a bitch than with cm7

      2. I can’t believe you guys all keep your phones that long. I’m on my third phone this year and looking for a fourth.

    2.  So is mine.  I am not ready to reload the ROM at the moment.  My daughter is waiting for me to upgrade so she can use it a a DroidPod.

    3. Yes mine too, it has started getting slower and turning on at weird times draining it’s battery, it knows it’s days are numbered, I even told it I would get it a new case, new battery and the latest Cyanogen mod available for it once I have my new ICS device, but it doesn’t seem to make it happy…it’s notification light even blinks a little sadder and slower..maybe if I put it to stud among some other phones it will cheer up???

    4. I’ve never felt so connected to a group before.  I thought I was the only one with an aging OG Droid.  I’m getting tired of waiting 30 seconds after I push an buttons for something to happen.    

    5. Wow, and here I thought I was just going crazy. My OG is possessed! When I swipe to unlock, my browser automatically launches and so does my calendar. Then it starts typing things out, all jibberish and tries to send emails or texts, all while I’m just sitting there looking at it. I don’t want to use my insurance because I’m do for an upgrade, but the phones aren’t out yet. All these pushbacks and rumors are driving me crazy.

  9. We will all get it when it comes out.  Be it the 17th, 24th, Dec 24th, or whatever.  Those that want this phone will wait for it regardless.  

  10. Tired of waiting, Gingerbread on the Rezound is looking mighty tasty. 

    1. Nothing like a stale, year-old, GB cookie for the holidays.  LOL ;)

      1. I think I have a year-old unopened fruitcake in my pantry…

  11. I would have previously lamented the thought of the 17th, but after being threatened with Black Friday *gasp!* or even later… the 17th will do just fine for me! :-) I’m taking some well deserved vacation from the 19th to the 28th and that will afford me plenty of time to get acquainted with my new Nexus. :-)

    1. Agreed! I’m on vacation from the 17th through 29th and was thinking the same thing!

  12. I think the title should say “Galaxy Nexus Bitch Slapping Verizon Nov. 17th!”

    1. just so you know, i was eating a piece of pizza when i was reading your comment and almost spit pepperoni on my keyboard! lol =]

    2. I hope Google was gentle with Verizon…. seeing as how it’s the first time anybody has stuck something up Verizon’s backside.

  13. This makes WAY more sense. They release for 17th, sell a bunch, discount RAZR & iPhone for Black Friday (and those that may have not jumped on the Nexus), then suck all those on the fence after the 28th in with an on-slaught of Nexus marketing post-holiday.

  14. So pre-orders begin next week? possibly?

  15. Sweet Jesus just give it to me on Tmobile already and stop being such a prick tease!

    1. I know, right?! I don’t care about Verizon, I care about The Android Network.

    2. Hey don’t call Jesus a prick tease ;-)

  16. LOL who fucking announces a phone and fails to announce a release date? The failure continues.

    1. No one announced ANYTHING. This is a leak … they could announce ANYtime they please … could do it the week before … ie. next week. So no … not a failure except for showing some common sense.

      1. Umm… I’m pretty sure Google and Samsung held an event to announce the phone and ICS. 

        Nice try.

        1. And I’m pretty sure that Verizon is neither Google nor Samsung.

          1. Verizon announced the nexus awhile back. Google it:)

          2. And I’m even more sure Google, Samsung, and Verizon had a deal in place before they announced the phone.

  17. So many people born between oct 25th and Nov 25th. That means 2 things. A. You can get a sweet new phone for your b-day. B. Your parents went downtown to funky town on Valentine’s day to make you. Congratz.

  18. Hope so that’s my birthday and it would make a great present

  19. the days are long, but the years fly by..

  20. i need sprint wth!

  21. Got tired of all the crap of the Gnex.  Decided on an iphone :(

  22. Now the conversation will be switching from when will it come out, to who will sell it with the best price/bundle.

  23. My eyeballs are going to be watching Best Buy and Costco really closely!

  24. All the speculation aside, I’m still really not sure whether I want this, the Rezound, or the Razr. None are really ideal — each have significant pros and cons. Waiting sucks, but not knowing what to get is almost worse ;-)

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