Samsung Galaxy Nexus Is Rooted


You don’t own one yet, but you can sure as heck root the Samsung Galaxy Nexus when you do. Android wizard Paul O’Brien of MoDaCo fame has put together a “Superbot” program that installs a new boot image the GNex, rooting it upon startup. Doesn’t get much easier than that, but if it still seems difficult, remember: you still have at least two more weeks to work out exactly how you are going to root your Galaxy Nexus, be it through the use of mockups, sketches, simulations, or what have you. It won’t be necessary but it never hurts to be prepared.

[MoDaCo via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I remember back when I got my Droid in the 2.0.1 days, we had to load the SDK on our PCs and root it via the command prompt with the USB cable actually attached to the phone!  You kids and your newfangled one-touch root methods.. *spits into spittoon”

    1. Lol nice

      1. First Android I rooted was my Cliq….god that was a nightmare! Took me 2 days to get the root and custom rom correct. I kept blaming my friend who helped and convinced me. LOL. Now I root and rom everything. Ill even try to root store display phones just for fun!

    2. with ya there tard.  Kids these days just don’t understand.

    3. Same with my hero. It sucked but you learned about little about your phone in the process :)

    4. Remember back in the 1.0 days when it wasn’t that easy.

      1. i remember in the 1.0 days… i didnt know what i was doing but took the risk, took 8 hours of the night to get my g1 running, rooted! after those 8 hours youd better damn well believe i was an expert on exactly what i needed to do to root, partition and flash roms and the whatnot

    5. LoL.. same here when I first got my Droid X.. took me a few hours to root it. (while at work no less)

      1. Boss status lol . fuck work im rooting my phone dammit O_O.

  2. By the time they finally release this this it’ll be obsolete. What’s the hold up?

    1. the only reason it will float is because it will be getting the updates first and the possibilities of flashing whatever you want on it rather than htc only able to flash sense roms and samsung only able to flash touchwiz… no more non-nexus phones for me. if it doesnt come out on sprint, i will live in hope holding my evo being a sad panda.

      1. HTC phones can flash any rom, my HD2 has floated from Froyo to GB to Sense 2.0-3.5 and still going on to ICS. Other stock HTC Sense phones are able to use CM7 and MIUI as well so not sure where you are getting your info

        1. Agreed. Skyler doesn’t know what he is talking about. My Incredible comes with Sense but I’ve had it running several different roms. Most of those without sense.

      2. What are talking about?! I’ve flashed everything from Sense to Cyanogen, MiUi, etc. on my HTC Thunderbolt. Cyanogen is built from AOSP as are quite a few other ROMs. Wherever you got your information from was a bad source.

  3. I thought that nexus devices were developer phones and were automaticaly unlocked.

    1. It’s unlocked (not carrier dependant) but it’s not rooted.

    2. and carriers can still block some applications – like native wi-fi tethering.

  4. Took’em long enough lol Wow that is amazing the phone can already be rooted 2 weeks before it comes out.. FREAKING AMAZING!!! God I hope Sprint gets this phone sooner rather then later.

    1. it wont get it until they bring up their lte towers in mid 2012 unless they give us just a 3g version which sucks!

  5. Great.  Would be nice to have ROMs available on Day 1!!!!

    1.   The AOSP roms wont be available till they source is released, so what ROM would one possibly “upgrade” to. or better yet, go back down to gingerbread?

      1. If you were to go back to GB you would have no home, back, menu or search button. They’re all software buttons on GNex ICS.

  6. GSM Galaxy Nexus WRU??

  7. sorry, n00b question here: i’m an iphone user who is switching to android whenever the gnex comes out.  i used to jailbreak the iphone (for obvious reasons) and i understand why people would want to root other non-google sanctioned devices, but do people regularly root the google phones like the nexus s?  it was my understanding they those phones already run a pretty pure android experience.  

    …sorry if this seems dumb, i’m just trying to learn as much as i can before the switch.

    1. I don’t root to get a purer experience, I do it for custom roms and overclocking, maybe a few apps too.

      1. ^^^^This.
        With root you can get apps like Wifi Tethering, Super User, etc as well as easier to install custom roms

        1. easier to install a rom? i thought u had to be rooted to install a rom?

      2. I’m curious about overclocking.  The TI OMAP4460 original spec calls for a 1.5Ghz clock but the Galaxy N is clocked at 1.2.  Is it intentionally underclocked for improved battery life?  Is the CPU unable to achieve it’s original 1.5Ghz spec?  Will the CPU easily go 1.5+ and they anticipate a great number of people overclocking…thus giving them wiggle room for eventual hardware failure by irresponsible overclockers?

        There is a completely unsubstantiated rumor that TI couldn’t produce a 1.5Ghz chip in high enough yields so they bumped the clock down to 1.2 to increase volume.  Again, this is a completely unsubstantiated rumor.  But if it were true, I would not be enthusiastic about overclocking….knowing I have a potentially unstable chip.

        1. The touchpad was underclocked to 1.2ghz from 1.5ghz but I have mine running at 1.7ghz and it’s great, battery life appears unnaffected!

          My 1.0ghz Nexus S (not underclocked from the factory) can also OC to 1.4ghz without a hitch although I run it at stock clocks because it does affect the battery life. However, similar to overclocking, I do undervolt it which gives me better battery life than stock.

          I’m guessing that on tablet the CPU’s power usage is negligible compared to the display (like 10% of the power usage) where a phone has a much smaller battery and a screen which doesn’t use nearly as much power (45% power usage due to CPU).

    2. I’ve never had a nexus being on verizon and all. I root to get roms and overclock. Also so I don’t have to wait for verizon to take 8 months to release something that came out a year ago. Cough gingerbread cough

    3. Overclocking, tethering and installing custom ROMS.  You can go hog wild with a rooted Android device. But….the desire to root may not be there on this phone.  I probably won’t be rooting.  The OMAP 4460 running on a hardware accelerated UI should be bloody fast, ICS is so new, interesting and so much of an overhaul, I doubt I’ll be tempted by any ROMS for a long time to come.  Also, Verizon could punish you if you get caught tethering (like they could boot you out of your grandfathered unlimited data contract if you have one).  I will be content to leave mine alone….so long as Verizon doesn’t force any apps on it.   

    4. I rooted my Galaxy S II for the sole reason of installing Chainfire 3D and be able to run Tegra-exclusive games. Otherwise I kept my phone as close to stock as can be.

    5. I root for a few reasons.  I haven’t overclocked yet, but i maw with this phone.

      I mainly do it to be able to backup apps with their data easier, and to get rid of (most) adds.

    6. The best reason to Root is for Titanium backup, no matter what ROM you use, your apps can be re installed quickly and with your old data for game saves and other progresses

  8. Hmm, weird.  I thought all you had to do with the Nexus phones was run one adb command to give you root access, since it is a developer phone by its very nature.  Oh well, I guess I don’t really care how to do it, as long as it’s simple and doesn’t screw up the phone right away.

  9. Nothing amazing….
    fastboot oem unlock
    fastboot flash recovery Clockwork.img
    root.zip (easy to make)
    And done, was that so hard?

    1. That isn’t the method they used. And someone has to make the proper Clockwork image first. I hate people like you, you have no idea or understanding what you are doing and why…

      1. yep. agreed, altho he’s probably only early teens, we should cut him some slack :)

        1. I dont truthfully understand it all but i still like it being open and using apps that require root does that mean i shouldn’t use android?

  10. it wouldnt be a nexus without root.

  11. Talk about a 180, Samsung went from most hated Android handset maker to most coveted in one year. Hackers welcome.

    1. They were the most hated a year ago? That’s news to me.

      1. You remember Behold-IIgate right? My ex had one for a short time and that was a nightmare of a phone.

        1. also don’t forget the failure that is the original galaxy s line (and it’s lack of a functional GPS).

          1. I would hardly call it a failure…

          2. A key factor of Android and one of its biggest selling points for a lot of first time adopters starting with the Motorola Droid-Era boom was a free, functional GPS unit to use with Google Maps. People couldnt WAIT to get to Android 2.1 to be able to use Maps/Navigation.

            So yes, Samsung was a huge embarrassment to themselves when they failed to fix the faulty GPS units. I have an OG Galaxy S (Vibrant) and even with custom roms to this day I have a hooligan of a GPS unit…takes forever to lock on. Its sad. Yes, Samsung was hated, but we all have short memories!

          3. just because it sold well didn’t mean it didn’t tell people to avoid samsung phones as a result.

  12. I remember after rooting the G1 (after about 6 hours) that I could do it with my eyes closed. I used to IM people and walk them through rooting their G1 while I was working haha

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