HTC Rezound Compared on Video to Thunderbolt as Rumored Launch Draws Near


Another day, another video of the HTC Rezound. It never ceases to amaze me how some handsets are leaked without end prior to their official announcement, while others manage to slip under the radar almost unnoticed. Musings aside, this latest look gives us a head-to-head comparison with the HTC Thunderbolt, the handset the Rezound will likely replace. For its size, the Rezound manages to avoid looking huge next to the Thunderbolt.

The Rezound should offer a nice alternative to HTC fans looking for something other than the Galaxy Nexus or Motorola Droid RAZR. All three devices compare quite well when pitted against one another.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. With ICS bringing virtual buttons and button-less front, any phone with capacitive buttons will be outdated at launch. I’m definitely skipping on this one.

    1. Who says that makes it outdated? There are plenty of people who prefer actual buttons to software buttons.

      1. um.. Android 4.0 says so.

      2. I have a galaxy 10.1 tab, much prefer actual buttons, i know thru honeycomb that virtual buttons are flexible but I’d rather the real deal. I know u gain a little extra screen real estate when the button aren’t needed with virtual but that’s OK, a 4.5 ” display such as the Epic Touch is cool for me … in fact i wish Verizon would just release such a phone now or would’ve already! Forget waiting to be a Guinea pig for the galaxy nexus and ics …

    2. i dont remember where, so i cant source it, but i thought i remembered reading on here or engadget or verge that ICS will know when a phone has actual soft/hard buttons and eliminate the soft buttons from the screen.

      1. Ics will work fine with phones with buttons, majority phones on ics in few months will be older phones such as the Bionic, Evolution 3D, etc…

        1. Evolution 3D? Do you mean Optimus 3D?

  2. This phone still looks like a brick and although the screen is quite nice it does not seem to have anything going for it with the current crop of high end phones. I would be very concerned about battery life, especially given how we have already seen the extended battery back. And from the demo Sense really does seem to lag the phone. There was quite a bit of stuttering for a 1.5ghz dual core processor.

    I’ve been following the Gnex for quite a while but always keeping this phone in the back of my mind (Motos bootloader has made me forget the Razr), but this phone just doesn’t do it for me and there is nothing so far that indicates that this won’t be a battery hog like the Tbolt. I guess we’ll see once the final reviews are out but this wasn’t exactly eye popping like the Gnex demos I’ve been seeing.

  3. again, people complaining about EVERYTHING. just because it’s the “newest” thing, you all fall for it. software buttons? why? why would you want that? what the hell is the damn point? hardware buttons are perfectly fine.

    stuttering? really? are you blind, or watching it on a 10 year old pc? there’s no stuttering, it can handle sense 3.5 perfectly fine. people complaining all the time :

    1. “That’s exactly right, one of my biggest philosophies has always been to remove those buttons because when you’re interacting with the computer it’s all about the content, and the entire UI should always be adaptive and be optimized so its what you need for that particular context. As long as we have common fixed hardware buttons there’s always going to be something that doesn’t quite work or doesn’t quite meet some situation or is a little awkward – a classic example of that was with the tablets, when you have a physical button on a tablet, it’s going to be in the wrong place sometimes because sometimes we want it in portrait, sometimes we want it in landscape and you’re just reaching for the wrong place. So starting with tablets and now continuing on to phones we’re trying to take all of those core system controls and make them digital, continue to evolve them, make them more and more interactive, more and more gestural, more and more compelling. And that’s great flexibility for our partners as well. Because now that it’s completely digital, they can also help us innovate these areas.”

      “If I may geek out a little bit on the usability side of things: it’s actually much more ergonomic to have all of your UI have the same type of affordance – because there’s this weird mental disconnect that happens when half of your actions are half-new but for one type of stroke, one type of pressure. And even though you’re not conscious about it, it causes this reset and skip in your brain when you have to change to a different type of button with a different feedback. Even the silkscreen capacitive buttons, right, just having the different contrast level where your eye has to adjust focus first on the screen and then to printing. All those things are little usability speed bumps so we’re smoothing all that out, making it all the same interface.”

      Matias Duarte

    2. you mad bro?

  4. The guy narrating this video sounds likes hes going to start crying and slit his wrists

    1. Almost made me want to slit mine

    2. Thanks, if I wasn’t self-conscience about my voice before, I am now.

      1. Tnx for making the vid man :)

  5. The video did nothing to convince me the Rezound was a huge improvement over the TBolt. A shame really… I was hoping this phone would be a serious challenger to the Nexus or RAZR. At this point based on what I’ve seen in the demos and read online, if I am going to spend money on an upgrade it’ll be on the Galaxy Nexus. At least you know it will get the full support of Google over the next 12-18 months; which is more than you can say for any other phone out there.

  6. Would someone tell this idiot, the name isn’t Re”Zoned”! It is a crappy name yes, but it’s ReZOUND like “sound”. Why does every guy who puts out a leaked video have to be a F-ing idiot!

    1. To continue, the name is “Resound” with a “Z” to make it cool. Per dictionary.com:

      re·sound   [ri-zound] Show IPA
      verb (used without object)
      1.to echo or ring with sound, as a place.
      2.to make an echoing sound, or sound loudly, as a metallic object: A gong resounded.
      3.to ring or be echoed, as sounds.
      4.to be celebrated or notably important: His name resounds in the pages of history.

      verb (used with object)
      5.to reecho (a sound).
      6.to give forth or utter loudly.
      7.to proclaim loudly (praise, disapproval, etc.).

  7. Did he even mention the higher rez screen? I couldn’t listen to it all. His voice put me to sleep.

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