HTC Rezound Pre-Production Model Gets The Hands-On Treatment [Video]


The HTC Rezound showed up in a YouTube video today, unboxed by a user calling himself “Johnboy.” The Rezound in question is a pre-production model meaning the device doesn’t come in the official Verizon packaging. Provided Johnboy doesn’t get shut down by his “Verizon people,” you can take a look at in depth walkaround of the device in the video below.

No real new information here that we didn’t already know but now that you’ve been given a walkaround of the device what did you guys think? Do we have a Galaxy Nexus killer on our hands?

[Via DroidForums]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. This one has no wireless charging? Because its preporduction or because he didnt know and need to buy a dock? Hope the wireless charging is real,,,

    Seems to have all the features that the nexus and razr were missing (minus NFC and
    ICS). ICS will come in time and NFC still need stores to support it and hopefully VISA to get on board.

    1. Wireless charging is very real. This was most likely a pre-production model before that one =)

    2. I don’t see a “wireless charge” anything, but as Chris Chavez said, it’s a pre-prod model, so it could change or be some sort of add-on later.

    Video was succinct- in depth,& to the point. Had the “goods”. Thanks for the quick preview. Nice looking HTC phone- what we’ve come to expect from them. But being an HTC Evo 4g owner of 3 Evos)… I’m leery of ever buying another HTC phone.
    I truly felt betrayed by the embedded identity theft software placed inside my Evo 0003 and 0004 hardwares. I don’t appreciate spyware period. And finding what seems an unending stream of software purposely placed in side my devices- I’m evermore skeptical of the HTC company- even while I admire their handiwork in new phones- which I just am not going to buy.
    HTC, listen carefully to an erstwhile customer…. I didn’t appreciate you leaving me and my family’s asses hanging out in the wind to identity theft and worse (our bank accounts ripped off etc) for over a year.
    I know you are a multinational big time Taiwanese corporation and I’m just some schmuck African American family guy. But I bought 3 Evo 4gs for my family and what I think about HTC- in light of the htc logger and now the 4g wide open situations …is: You Bastards. How you make such awesome devices and leave your valued customers hanging in the wind datawise…. mindboggling and dirtbaggish!
    I’ll be damned before I buy another batch of your devices- you hear me? Even as I marvel at their technological awesomeness. I cant afford to own anymore of your devices- its just a matter of time before the bad guys get my family. This data “carelessness”- is a deal breaker. You feel me HTC?
    Every phone me and my family and friends..((since I’m the techie one my people trust)) will be purchasing Google Nexus Devices- and if HTC gets the Nexus contract from google (ever)- we’ll pass. You dont get to screw my family over at this level more than once. I can’t do business with a company I dont trust no matter how badass your devices are. Get your shit together HTC.
    Richard B and family on Sprint in Philadelphia PA

    1. careful now the badguys know where you live

    2. The HTCLogger process wasn’t intended to be an “identity theft software”. It was a debugger that allows devs to get debug data to troubleshoot software and hardware issues. The problem was that they truly did screw up by missing the possible security exploits that were possible by how access to the debug code was managed. Thankfully, just like other security holes, people found it and patches were pushed. It was definitely a mistake but not as malicious as you are making it out to be. Also, you list your full name, city, and carrier in this post. Might want to be careful with that kind of personal data!

      1. Sokay. I’m running custom firmware with some software toys from friends who make a living protecting computer hardware. I’m not worried. i left real name and location- because I’m serious.

  3. Unfortunately I can’t see YouTube at work but it does look like a mix between an Incredible and an Evo. Like they mated and this came out. Lol

  4. The hard keys are white. I thought there were supposed to be red?

    1. This wasn’t the final product.

      1. I wondered if that was the reason.

  5. “with one gig internal memory…” No duh! Memory != storage. That’s like saying 1GB “internal RAM”. Calling storage space “memory” and alternately specifying “internal” memory when discussing RAM is annoying as hell.

    Also, this phone seems really underwhelming. HTC used to put out some of the most interesting phone designs but everything for the past 2 years looks pretty much like the usual HD2/Evo/Incredible/Sensation hardware with little to stand out among the Galaxys and (dare I say) iPhones of the world. They are decent models and my Evo had kept me happy for a year and a half now but in the ADHD world of tech releases, you would think a company with the clout and experience of HTC would at least push the envelope every year or two when it comes to build.

    1. I agree. But not with the iPhone portion of your comment. No self respecting-thinking person would ever buy an iPhone. Specwise? & No 4g (for years now)- iPhones r 2 years behind top level Android software and hardware Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0?- dont mention in same breath with any Apple product..I mean seriously… And I really feel for the new iPhone 4s owners- bought a phone that only lets them use it for 3 hours. kinda cruel if you ask me. Read the .apple forums on the iOS5 battery life and on the iPhone 4S. White headphone minions got a beat down buying that hunk of expensive junk- even they cant ignore with the iphone4s joke battery life. I wish Apple would get their stuff together… only because I’m on Sprint and so many are jumping off the iPhone ship coming str8 here sucking up my unlimited bandwidth. Guess they figured out two years into the game that having a smartphone and no bandwidth is kinda ridiculously stupid.
      Come on Apple get it together so the iphonyites stay where they are at. Dont want em clogging Sprint.

    2. I was just reading the screen, I had no script nor agenda. I know that it is 1GB RAM. This phone to me seems like a collaboration of the Incredible 2 and the Thunderbolt. It’s probably the phone that those two phones would have if they mated, lol

  6. Nice phone, but galaxy nexus killer? I think not

    1. killer? depends on GPU tough competition… obviously

      1. Personally, I think the GPU isn’t going to matter at all. Unless your user experience is based on how high your benchmarks are.

        1. Its not about how fast the phone is off the shelf. All phones are fast off the shelf. Its about 1-2 years from now are you upgrading because you cant stand how laggy you phone runs android 6.0 or is it because you have some money and just want a new device. GPU is more important then clockspeed… there is just no attention grabbing number.

  7. are you supposed to showing us this video? you’re talking awfully quiet!!! :)

    1. Sorry, I was at work and wanted to do a quick video as the boys over at DroidForums.net were getting antsy. More (and better) videos are forthcoming.

      1. looks like a slick device, and thanks for the vid. anyone confirmed if it’s coming with beats earbuds? i didn’t see any in the box.

        1. Yeah, not sure on the buds, though it would be awesome. The Beats Audio appears when I plug my Skullcandy headphones in and it really sounds amazing!

          Usually the Pre-Prods only have the battery, charger and phone. No book, no extras.

  8. This will be my next phone… I see this as the Nexus Killer… Once this bad boy gets ICS it will be better than the Nexus. It has a better screen, better processor, expandable storage… The devs are going to have a blast with this phone.

    1. Exactly how will it be better?

  9. oops 2:03, and 2:28 you see his face…we’re on to you (signed Verizon)….LOL

    1. I didn’t sign a NDA, so I have nothing to worry about!

      1. They also have your fingerprints from the pic of the screen.

        1. …and my DNA, etc etc. What’s your point? I was never told that I could not share the phone, info, photos or videos. The only thing I cannot do is sell the phone as it belongs to Verizon.

  10. What is the internal memory on this phone? I hated the little 1GB the Evo had. I don’t know why they thought that would be enough with all the apps available in the world that didn’t have ap2sd.

    1. I read that it’s 16GB internal AND a SD slot.

    2. 1GB of RAM, ~11GB for the OS and about 2.1GB internal storage. The pre-prod phone came with a 16GB SD card.

  11. As an original Dinc owner, this thing looks like my phone on roids. However, I am still leaning towards the Galaxy Nexus. Ice Cream Sandwich is the difference maker for me. After waiting in vain for Gingerbread for my Dinc, I have little confidence that HTC will push ICS to the Rezound anytime soon…

    1. I agree. I enjoyed my Inc but I don’t want another one. I wan’t a new experience. The nexus will offer that.

  12. If by Nexus killer you mean a Sensation XE rehashed to run on an LTE network then I suppose you’re right. The last 3 or so “big” phones that HTC has released have really bored me beyond believe. Sense 3.0+ is fun for about 15 seconds, and I’m in no mood to wait 8 months for HTC to MAYBE port it to ICS and release it.

  13. Why does anyone think it is useful to waste time video taping the act of slowly taking a phone and all it’s parts out of a box? If you want to show the phone; Show the Phone! Nobody is impressed with anyone’s ability to slowly remove things from a box.

    1. I was asked to do an “Unbox,” so I obliged. I plan on doing a side-by-side with my Thunderbolt.

  14. Yes, this simply put, is a galaxy junkis killer. Better hardware simplifies it all… better quality as well. I’ll simply never, ever buy a Samsung phone. They have put out too much junk.

    1. Your missing out then, Samsung is now making the best phones on the planet. Who cares I’d they put put junk in the past? Other companies are putting out junk NOW. I’ve been a loyal HTC user for 4 years and I love my Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, even if it does have a stupid name.

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