Duke Nukem 3D Storms the Android Market for $.99


Quite a bit of you were uber excited for the launch of classic FPS game Duke Nukem 3D on Android. Well, we’re glad to say we didn’t have to wait long for its arrival as it now sits in the Android market. And for $.99 no less, surely an attractive price tag to some of you who appreciate nostalgic gaming. The only thing left to do is to make sure you’re stocked up on lots and lots of bubble gum. Head on to the link ahead. [Market]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Damn, I forgot bubblegum :/

  2. Some of the reviews on the market state that it’s Episode 1 only, there are ads even though it’s a paid app, some reviews state that there is no music either. I’ll pass.

  3. Don’t waste time with it. No keyboard support and you only get the first episode unless u pay for the other 2(btw where was episode 4 ?)so ur basically buying the shareware version. Also is this licensed? I thought gearbox owned everything duke nukem now and I don’t see a mention of them but a copyright 2011 3drealms. Sucks I was really stoked for this :(

    1. Gearbox simply finished the development of the most recent release of Duke Nukem. I truly doubt they have any real ownership in the franchise.

      Regardless, Nukem is a sinking ship. Forever didn’t do bad, but it ain’t do good either. It doesn’t surprise me they will try n cash in on mobile gaming with greed oozing from their mouths.

  4. Why put adds in a paid App? Not cool Duke

    Glad I was able to get a refund…

  5. cant wait to play this on my google tv with a keyboard… or the android phone as a controller :)

  6. I’d rather see the old platformer Duke Nukem games, personally.

  7. Awesome. I have been waiting for this game since it was announced.

  8. lol the whole point is to NOT have bubblegum… so you can kick ass :P

  9. a paid game with ads? i’ll pass. too bad, was looking forward to this. :-/

  10. Ads in a paid app? No.

  11. Too bad it`s not the complete game and too bad for the ads, either make us pay more for the game and give us the full thing app free, or hand it out for free and leave the ads.

  12. All of you guys complaining about the Ads, it’s called Ad Free and it’s available on the Market (for free of course and to rooted users) If you haven’t rooted your phone by now, than I guess I can understand the whining. You may as well go get yourself an iphone. Just sayin.

    1. Is it really that unreasonable to expect not to have ads in an app you actually paid for?

      I think its fair to say most users are use to ads in free apps but no ones they buy.

      1. Yes I completely agree. But there is a simple fix to not having to deal with ANY ads on your phone.

        1. I agree…I run adfree myself..

          I guess its the principle of the matter..At least thats why I skipped on buying the game.


    yea everything was transferred to gearbox. was this licensed or is this another case of someone porting an open source game and charging and distributing full game files?

  14. well i got cable, and i pay for it, so i shouldnt have to deal with commercials…should work the same way, right ?  guess what ? it dont…… get over it…

    1. I have cable too, but I guess I’m paying more since I can skip my ads. So…?

      Same concept here, right? You’re just no paying enough money to get rid of the ads for this game. Hmm…

  15. I thought this is new but it came out on iOS two years ago?

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