Nov 1st, 2011

While we’ve long heard of one Motorola XOOM 2 heading out of Motorola’s factories sometime soon, it’s been somewhat of a mystery. It still is. But according to an image received by Engadget, some parts of the globe should start seeing its release sometime before Christmas.

A leaked Carphone Warehouse dates it within that window and even provides a preliminary price to drool at €400 ($545) in Ireland. They advertise it as “everything a tablet should be,” though we’ve been to more than enough rodeos to know that any tagline should be taken at face value.

It’s an 8.2 inch device that looks like it’s gotten a couple of style tips from some of Motorola’s more recent smartphones (Photon 4G, ATRIX and DROID Bionic). Other than that, we’re pretty much still in the dark but we’re expecting a nice, big spotlight (that may or may not have a Batman call symbol on it) to shed more light on the details very soon.

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