UK’s Motorola RAZR Delayed by a Week, Says Clove


For those in the UK who were looking to get one of Motorola’s best smartphones ever – the Motorola RAZR (DROID RAZR here in the United States) – we have some bad (but not horrible) news for you. Clove has confirmed to us that the Motorola RAZR has been delayed a week. They say the device was originally set to ship sometime today or tomorrow but you know how these things are always last minute. No word on what the delay is for, but a week isn’t too bad. We’ll keep you posted regarding word of its arrival.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. A friend who is a manager at a Verizon Wireless store told me that this phone isn’t worth getting and it’ll get ICS very late next year. It is an awesome phone nonetheless.

    1. So awesome that it’s not worth getting.

    2. and a manager at verizon knows when a phone will be updated? Come on man we all know that is not the case.

      1. never trust a guy named Han.

        1. it’s the Huns you shouldn’t trust mate

  2. My best friends a manager at the local Verizon and said this is the best phone to get. And ICS will be coming for it late December. And the Gnex is being delayed due to Verizon bloat being added. Cool phone though.

  3. So awesome, that it’s not worth getting it at all.

  4. My wife is a manager and told me she knows nothing about Android but this is the phone to get because it’s awesome! And who cares for updates when the phone is so cool.

    On a serious note, the latest Gingerbread has everything I need and much more. Why would I care about some new interface when the functionality satisfies my needs and the hardware is superb and stylish?

    1. what does the fact that your wife is a manager somewhere like mcdonalds have anything to do with getting the Razr?

      1. Do you really need [sarcasm] tag to understand there is one? Dumba55. (Gosh, I hate teenagers).

  5. My mom’s cousin’s sister’s uncle who is a janitor at this place where this guy told him that the GNEX will ultimately be a better phone due to lack of VZW bloat and more timely updates.

    I hope that fella is right.

  6. honestly the nexus and the razr are not that great. Q4 always sucks for phones because they always push year old tech one final time before showing all the new stuff at the tech show in jan. then release it Q1/2.only thing launching q4 this year that actually has something new and future proof is the prime tablet.

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