No Ice Cream Sandwich for LG Optimus 2X?


Will the LG Optimus 2X receive Ice Cream Sandwich? That’s the question on the mind of every owner of that phone and T-Mobile’s G2X variant. One user posted the question to LG’s Facebook page and got a not so positive response. However, since the story started gaining traction around the blogosphere it appears LG has reneged on the statement (or at lease deleted the initial comment).

While it’s really too early to be reporting on official and unofficial update roadmaps for ICS (the source code hasn’t even been released to most manufacturers yet), we are trying to clear up information on this story. We have lines out to our people at LG and will hopefully have clarification on the matter shortly.

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  1. Android, and the people who buy those devices, continue to lose.

    1. Why do you even post here? All you do is talk crap on Android, and insult people. You either must be pathetic, or have some serious mental issues.

      1. Why do you care what I post? Am I not allowed to post my opinion on here? Is this site only for you nerds who want to have sex with the green Android robot? You either must be pathetic, or have some serious sexual issues.

        1. /feed troll

          1. You idiots keep failing to read my posts.
            I have posted MANY times that I have a Nexus S and I want Android to succeed.

            The way Google and the OEMs handle it however, show me that it’s going down the wrong path and the longer Google waits on fixing the fundamental problems Android faces every day, the quality will continue to suffer and the harder it will be to bring it back.

          2. The reason google fails to fix these problems, and I’m not defending them, is that these are the things that brought android into the spotlight, why it’s successful in the first place.

          3. I agree with you. Before anyone bashes, I also own the Nexus S for a month now (had 3 android devices earlier). Tasted the disapointment myself with the HTC Tattoo, which was my first. I usually sell phones quickly, as I don’t get them via carrier and buy them couple months used.

            I’d say this to Google:

            Big G, it’s been fun first 2 years. You’ve been an underdog and everyone was laughing at you first. You grown up quite nicely.

            But now is the time that you get your shit together. There will be a war of platforms and what others are doing right is – customer first.

            No one wants new services every week, just to abandon updating old ones. Same goes with phones. If anyone else got the money to stick with bad sales, it’s MS. And WP7, late or not, just started rolling and will fucking definately keep rolling, disregarding the sales. They just need that peak point of sales, that magic %, that’ll turn more dev’s over. Then people will follow.

            So please G, get your shit straight, buy ppl to think for you or something, just don’t let Android to Buzz out.

      2. Please don’t feed the obvious trolls.

        1. But he’s hungry, I can’t let him starve.

          1. Actually I eat very well, but thanks for the concern.

          2. Sausage???

      3. Ditto

    2. And Wakkoman continues to be a troll and a loser.

    3. Successfull troll is successful…

  2. LG made a bad decision, new smartphone sales will definitely go down with this news.

  3. LG is in the doghouse as far as I’m concerned. The 2.3 update they provided to Sprint for the Optimus S was/is a nightmare. Sprint is not at all pleased with them either, from what I can gather.

    Having said that, I still don’t excuse Sprint for their horrible handling of the issue. LG and Sprint swim in the same fail-pool.

  4. And Still no Gingerbread in the UK, I am so so glad I sold the Worlds first Dual core smartphone, that was also the slowest ever smartphone with Froyo, I will not be buying a LG phone ever again.

  5. You don’t post your opinion, you always post bullshit you insists are the facts and act like your some hotshot. You don’t know the people who frequent this site so don’t make assumptions about them. Go back to Engadget and worshiping Jobs.

    In reply to Wakkoman

  6. Is it just me or is Phandroid’s comment system a little messed up, today.

  7. All this crying about updates…ANDROID IS OPEN SOURCE. Read a little, root, and run whatever you want. Good developers aplenty on XDA

    1. Doesn’t work for all phones. It probably will for this one though.

    2. Maybe you should read a little before you start giving out advice.

  8. You’re not Dayman.

  9. They said the same thing about the Optimus 1 series of phones when Gingerbread was announced then retracted that statement it seems their PR reps don’t know jack shit about what their phones can handle.

  10. @wakkoman
    Why are u on an Android website if u don’t like Android?

    1. @frank- because he’s a troll. That’s what trolls do. He gets off on whining and complaining.

  11. Oh yeah and nov 3rd for galaxy note!

  12. The updating policies make or break a smartphone brand. If LG does not update the 2X, they will be finished. Samsung and Moto have already used up user patience and Android’s image cannot handle any more no-update devices.

    If Motorola doesn’t officially update my Photon, I will move to Windows Phone. I don’t care about the Nexus, I’m just going to dump Android altogether. As a dev, Microsoft’s platform is easier to dev for and is more lucrative since one app will eventually work on many devices with virtually unchanged code.

    I love Android but this crap has to stop. I’m not going to dish out some cash for a device that won’t be updated for my entire phone contract.

    OEMs who don’t update Android devices will DESTROY Android.

    1. Samsung updates its phones pretty well, your carriers don’t.

    2. Perfect reason for me ditching my G2x, of course Cyanogen and other Devs will port it but its probably not being updated because Nvidia and LG arent working together well enough.

      1. Nvidia will never release their drivers for the kernel. So, you may get ICS, but it will never be fully functional. I’ve already said goodbye to my G2x and bought a GS2.

    3. You don’t care about the Nexus? You don’t care about the only brand that has EVER promised to update Android consistently? What are you talking about? The Nexus Series answers your complaint.

      And you’re going to go to the failure called WP7? Apparently you forgot about Microsoft’s treatment of Windows Mobile 6.5. Those phones were still selling this year and won’t get a single upgrade. EVER.

      So you’re going to go from the hottest, largest mobile platform on the planet with the best hardware and software in the business (ICS), to a platform that can’t even compete with Blackberry or even BADA??? “As a developer” it sounds like you don’t have much business sense, or have crappy apps that can’t compete in the Android Market. Even Microsoft makes more money on Android than WP7. I guess it’s a lot easier to push crappy apps on a market only 1/10 the size. WP7 owners don’t have much choice.

      I can understand dumping Motorola. Or for that matter any non-Nexus phone. I could totally understand if you went to Apple -“as a developer” but WP7 is a joke. LITERALLY.

      Of course WP7 fanbois will disagree- but that’s why they are called “fanbois.”

    4. Seriously, you think giant companies like Moto, Samsung or LG will be “finished” because of a poor update record? Have you really been looking at the technology world. How many working products are discarded every day because manufacturers refuse to create new drivers or software updates?

      Now, consider the millions of people who own phones and don’t even know what version OS they have. It is only us teck-geeks and compu-nerds and other such people who care. For most users, if the phone works, and does what they ask of it, they couldn’t care any less. I suggest you sit down with any large group of AVERAGE smart phone owners. 1 in 10 knows what an OS is. However they do know if their phone random reboots, crashes, or drops calls. Telling them an update of the OS (or rubber band on the body) will solve the problem probable resonates with 4 in 10. The rest just go get a different phone.

  13. LG promised one upgrade in the software version of all their android devices. The options 2x/g2x launched with the outdated froyo firmware and were upgraded to gingerbread. That’s the one update they promised. I didn’t mind that, but it was the customer support that made me jump ship. I had issues with me g2x, and all LG did was tell me they’ll document it. They refused to help in any way. I’m sucking with samsung, the galaxy s2 is an amazing phone and im sure they’ll get a timely update for the device.

    1. “Sucking with Samsung.”

      1. rag on samsung all you want… just try to do one thing, name a phone on the market that is better than the galaxy s2. it is the best on the market, and will probably remain on top for the next few months. i don’t even think the galaxy nexus will be as good.

        1. Uh, I’m not ragging on Samsung, I’m just pointing out a humorous typo.

          Someone’s defensive.

          1. Oh, I just looked at it. Can’t believe I didn’t see that. Was testing a different swype style keyboard. Didn’t like it for reasons like that now I’m shaking my head in disgrace lol

    2. does the samsung start up a cigarette app when you’re done?

    3. I agree. I took back my G2X after 2 weeks. It’s too bad really. LG could have been the unofficial Nexus line had they just kept their software out of the Android kernel and focused on beating everyone else at the upgrade cycle. That could have been their “differentiation,” since no one else is focused on that.

      1. I agree. I am surprised none of these “underdog” manufacturers haven’t tried that approach … becoming the stock android OS phone supplier.

        1. Only one has… Geeksphone[1]. The Geeksphone ONE and the Geeksphone ZERO are stock Android phones that officially (warranty supported) support upgrading to CM if the user wants to go that route.

          [1]: http://www.geeksphone.com/en/

          1. I’ve looked at these phones before, but of course they’re unavailable in the US.

          2. They are ridiculously underpowered. No thanks.  I love the concept, but they need to seriously upgrade their hardware.  Going forward, I only plan on either getting Nexus phones or phones that are supported by Team Douche. It does not solve the problem for people like my brother who refuses to flash custom roms. I applied the firmware upgrade on his Epic before it went OTA at Sprint and he was freaking out. I would think with the UI changes and enhancements that ICS brings that manufacturers would stop crapping on our phones with their terrible UI’s.

  14. Haha

  15. Unless the change their update policy and actually get ICS on the 2x, I’m completely done with LG. I’ve had it with their lack of upgrading their devices. And since I’m the main “goto” Android support person for my entire extended family and friends I’ll be making sure no one buys another LG mobile product. I will go out of my way to show them why buying a Samsung or HTC device is 100x better.

  16. Should point out that is only mentions the p990, not the p999.

    1. Same thing i said earlier. The G2x doesn’t have a custom UI like the Optimus 2x so they shouldn’t receive the same treatment when it comes to updates. Since the G2x is vanilla android and they already removed their custom camera, all they should have to do is add T-mobiles pre-installed apps to the update.

    1. Oh gawd another one of these? I remember when I signed the petition for samsung behold to get 2.1 never happened and never was able to work even the main rom dev for it couldn’t get us 2.1 forever the behold was stuck on a buggy 1.6 android.

      1. Ahhh the Behold II. Touchwiz sucked so bad, even samsung couldn’t fix it. Dev’s like Eugene 373 made the phone work better, but it was such as waste of potential and my money. Samsung still forces touchwiz on their phones and I still don’t buy them. I am still on my Nexus One and loving it.

  17. I was considering LG, but Motorola is my best option. Samsung sucks in the States and HTC uses crummy hardware.

    1. And is that why the Galaxy S2 is the top selling android phone in the states? no doubt htc uses crap hardware

  18. That article on fragmentation yesterday, whilst twisted slightly for iPhone bias, had a point. This is a top end, non-budget, spec-heavy phone that is still reasonably new and now no support. Love Android but if it is still an upgrade lottery then I may need to reconsider come upgrade time.

    And I do not take the ‘just flash a ROM’ option. Yes that is ssmething that some have options for, but it invalidates warrenty and you have to have a phone with a good mod community.

  19. Congratulations, LG. I will never buy from a company that abandons their users this quickly. I was just starting to gain some respect for you guys too, your last few phones were pretty nice looking.

  20. This is exactly what is wrong with android… some manufacturers do not update their phones, even their best phones. I agree that getting a nexus would solve some of the update issues, but it should not be like this.

    I still can’t believe that a manufacturer hasn’t just made stock android phones without rewriting the code to have their own UI. If HTC and Samsung were smart, they would make their UI’s to be apps that can be disabled, uninstalled, etc. and everyone would get timely updates and they could just update their app (API’s etc.) to change with android.

    They could also sell their apps on the market for contacts, launcher, lockscreen, widgets, messaging, etc. for all the other phones as well and make more money. If you buy their phone, you can download their apps for free. If you buy another manufacturer’s hardware, you have to pay if you want them. Stock android, still can have the UI (or only parts of the UI) that you want. Quick and easy updates straight from google.

  21. i’m so glad i got rid of the g2x…great phone but really bad support

  22. Don’t Worry CYANOGEN MOD Supports the g2x and Im sure once the source code gets out it will only take 1 to 2 months to get ported over….

  23. that is insane, they need to update it

  24. Your all insane.. It’s obvious that the word “not”, was a mistake.. Why would any company write something like.. “Life is good, your not going to get anything from us.. stay tuned for more information about us not giving you anything”.. Think about it..

  25. Really thinking of going back to ios bcuz of this crap. Last phone I had (Vibrant) took months to update (tmo choice), now with this phone 6 months, one single update ans thats it for this phone… At least crApple supports their devices 3 after it’s release… I should have to take a chance a potentially brick my phone to have it run a ported version of the newest update to the os. Come on. support the ppl who supported you by supporting the phones they bought from YOU.

  26. You mean it will have android 2.2 forever lg epic fail!

  27. This was one of the crappiest built phones released this year which was really a shame because it had great internals. It’s too bad lg ruined what could have been a great device.

  28. I do believe this is a typo, why would someone tell u that it won’t be upgrade. But then tell u to keep on watching for furthur post. It should have read . “We will be introducing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates on LG Optimus 2X P990. Keep watching this space for further updates.” Now that makes a whole lot more sence, or it could be just me praying to the Android Ice Cream Sandwich gods. ^^

  29. This is ridiculous! I bought this phone early June right when it came out and since then have had issues with the buggy OS. The gingerbread update did improve the speed however this phone still constantly fails to wake up and randomly restarts itself.

    I paid $260 ($50 Mail in Rebate) for this phone and they dropped the price to $99 and sometimes even give it away for free. WTF is up with this market?

    LG really sucks ass. No accessories. Shitty website and support. Auugh and now no update!??! for a phone that is 4 months old.

    I really liked the fact that you guys had an almost pure android experience phone but this was a disaster and it just got even worse.

    Shame on LG

  30. Support the ROM Devs. Plz read XDA and Droidforums.net There are really good instructions for flashing ROMs and these devs worked really hard on their ROMs.

  31. Even though the Optimus 2x and the G2x are the same hardware, does saying that the Optimus 2x won’t get an update automatically include the G2x? Since the G2x is pure android unlike the Optimus 2x which has a custom skin, shouldn’t it be easier to update? Or am i just wishful thinking? Whatever happens, I would hope T-Mobile would do it’s best to get the G2x to ICS since it’s the only pure android phone in their line up.

  32. I sold my LG 2x and I bought a Nexus S. I dont care about the single or dual core, its a phone and I’m not playing video game on it.

    The first thing that I noticed when I booted my phone was that a new update was available, 2.3.6….very nice.

    So…my Android phone will ever be an Google phone, end of story.

  33. Most people doint give a shit about updates I know about 20 people with a android phone and only 2 of them have the most recent update on there phone the rest of them doint care as long the can play the populair games and the basic stuf a phone does

    And who buys a lg anyway everybody knows lg service is one of the worst ever

  34. I have a Motorola Atrix and i recieved Gingerbread since this pass summer. I always make sure n research what certain phones will have updates. Im just glad Motorola did their part on my phone updates.

  35. My G2x is model # p999 not p990. In the worst case scenario, if we make enough noise, share our frustration, and threaten to boycott these consumer abusive companies, they just might reconsider the next time they chose to neglect there customers. They need the consumer’s money. WE do not need their product.

  36. Well, this was the first and last LG device I buy.

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