As Smartphone Sales Grow, Samsung Surpasses Apple as Top Dog Manufacturer


As Samsung reported their third quarter earnings, one thing was apparent: smartphone sales are on the rise. So much so, that analysts are now handing Samsung the rank of top dog in the global smartphone market. While Samsung didn’t give the entire picture, analyst Jae Lee of Daiwa Securities estimated the company to have sold 28 million smartphones. This equates to over 10 million handsets more than Apple at 17 million.

But a few caveats need be applied before popping the champagne cork. Apple had been narrowly winning as of the second quarter with sales of 20 million iPhones. The number dropped off as consumers opted to wait for the announcement of a new model rather than buy the current generation. Apple also generated all of their sales with one device, which is impressive considering Samsung’s total accounts for dozens of smartphone models. But Samsung’s spike in sales is also a testament to the company’s innovative and desirable products, particularly the Galaxy S II which has been coming to more and more markets.

With the announcement of the iPhone 4S we get the feeling Q4 will see the tides turn in Apple’s favor once again, but for now Samsung sits atop the mountain. We imagine the legal department over at Apple headquarters will be working overtime in an effort to slow sales of Samsung devices.

[via The Guardian]

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  1. i know variety is great for competition, but damn these guys need to better stagger releases so they can get the most out of each quarter.

    maybe release a batch at regular 6 month intervals or something.

    1. Galaxy s 2, Galaxy s 2.5, Galaxy s 3.. etc..

  2. I’m curious as to why Apple is constantly referred to as a “manufacturer” when they don’t build phones? The iPhone is contracted out if I’m not mistaken….

    1. Regardless of who makes them, they would be the ones “responsible” for manufacturing the product. Like if you produced products for big clients and outsourced it or whatever, you would still be known as their manufacturer right? correct me if im wrong.

      1. No, you’re right.

      2. Consider yourself corrected. To “manufacturer” means to make. Apple doesn’t make any phones.

    2. If I contracted some carpenters to build my house does that me that I didn’t “Build my own house”?

      1. ermm..yes it does.

      2. Absolutely.

      3. “I had my house built from a design I made or picked out”

      4. Did you design the house?

    3. Well… it’s Apple designed at the very least. Maybe they didn’t manufacture all the individual parts themselves, but it’s still a phone that they “made”. Show me an automotive MANUFACTURER that doesn’t use suppliers… Not many. Same story here in the mobile world.

      1. Automotive manufacturers source parts from others and then put the cars together from those parts. Apple doesn’t manufacture anything so your attempt at making a point was in fact pointless!

  3. “With the announcement of the iPhone 4S we get the feeling Q4 will see the tides turn in Apple’s favor once again…”

    Hey, have a little more faith in the Galaxy Nexus. ;)

    1. too bad the SGN didn’t release at the same time as the 4GS. Apple will have approx 1 month lead on Samsung for their current latest gen phones.

      1. I really don’t think that the iPhone 4S and the new Nexus really have much to do with each other as far as sales go. The only thing the 4S is stealing from Android are those people on the fence of which OS to go with. Those people will be easily swayed with something like Siri and the new specs. Those people will quickly buy into the 4S and not wait for the Nexus because they don’t know how cool the Nexus is. But… how many people could that possibly be? I really don’t think the Nexus and the 4S really effect each other too much.

        1. Actually, history shows that first to market has A LOT to do with sales. Look at the PS3 vs the 360, iPhone vs Android, etc. All the people frustrated with their current hardware, be it a poorly made/supported Android, a Blackberry or even an iPhone will more likely opt for whats new NOW than wait and hope something better comes tomorrow. The majority of the world doesn’t follow smartphone development like we do, so the masses didn’t even know a Galaxy Nexus existed until last week, in the mean time, they already have 4S’s in their pockets.

          The biggest problem Android has with sales is that the OEMs announce devices that done come out for weeks or even months. Remember the Garmine Phone or the GeeksPhone One? What was it, like a year after we heard about them they finally dropped (and were inferior to most others at release time)?

          What I like about Apple, and this about the ONLY thing I like about Apple, is that when they officially announce something, its in hands within two weeks. I want a Galaxy Nexus now but by the time it actually comes out it might not even be the hot shit anymore.

    2. As most iFans run to the stores to buy their precious on release day, I would not be surprised to see Apple take back 1st place for the 4th quarter. However, once the initial spur will have passed, I’m pretty sure they’ll get back to the second, or third, place. (Depending how well Nokia’s new phones fare.)

  4. “Apple also generated all of their sales with one device.” Was two, and now it’s three devices.

    1. technically its like 7, iphone 3gs, 4 in black/wht 16/32/64 now 8gn, 4s black white 16/32/64.

    2. Giving Apple a lot more profit. They have 1 model t ford and it’s black. I’m sorry I mean 3 versions of a model t fords and their all white.

      1. reviewers and several millions of users would disagree with you

        1. Enjoy your model T

          1. are you like 12 years old?

  5. People only want the iPhone 4S because of SIRI. Without that overhyped gimmick its just another iPhone. Hook line and sinker.

    1. My wifey and I (Android owners) were at a friends house (Apple phone owners) a few days ago and they were watching a baseball game on TV when an Apple commercial came on for the 4s. I’m guessing they hadn’t seen Siri before because they were both practically drooling over it like kids over some new toy. My wife and I just looked at each other like o…. k….

      1. You should have shown them this Google Actions video and said “my phone can do that RIGHT NOW.” Pretty cool huh?

      2. Do you always belittle your friends behind their backs?

  6. So….Total Iphone sales vs total Android sales numbers is whatwe need

    1. Yeah, gotta love comparing the Apple to oranges!

  7. If you can’t beat ’em, sue ’em.

  8. My first 3 Android were HTC but after owning both Epic models, I’m sold on Samsung. Now all they have to do is release the Tab 7.7 please.

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  10. Lol 4th quarter? Where favors turns in favor of apple? Ok buddy, gs2 just launched in the us, and nexus prime will sell like wow, good luck to that. Apple just wet its pants.

  11. How many of Samsung’s 28 million smartphones were Android phones, though? Doesn’t Samsung make Windows Phones and Bada phones too?

  12. I am going by to Samsung phone. I mainly like the screen, lightness, and slim.

  13. “Apple also generated all of their sales with one device” One device? Apple sells three different devices, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Yes, the all have the iPhone name in them, but they are all different devices, Just like every Galaxy phone Samsung makes is a different device.

  14. Samsung’s numbers would be even better had they released the sgs2 in the states sooner. I know the carriers had allot to do with it but it shouldn’t have taken as long as it did and in my opinion people in charge of that dept should have lost jobs for causing the company so much in lost sales. They released it after people had basically had an idea of what the iPhone was going and not going to be and I think they lost sales due to that error also.
    I’m far from an apple fan, I actually despise anything with ios but think apple will take back the #1 spot. I think Samsung is going to make the same mistake with the galaxy nexus and the galaxy note by not releasing them soon enough in the states.
    Just my thoughts.

  15. Now we know why apple is dead on killing samsung, ahihihi

  16. they cant have the most sales, that’s a violation of one of apples patents.

  17. Samsung doesn’t have too many models, they just rebrand them for different countries. I guess maximum of ten models for Samsung. Apple has 3 by the way

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