Samsung Galaxy Nexus Pops Up On Amazon – £540 SIM Free and Unlocked


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has appeared on Amazon today with an “in stock” date of November 7th. The device is being offered for £540 which translates to roughly $864.97 US dollars (although my cart said $930) SIM free and unlocked, which means if you’ve been saving up your pennies, you can expect AT&T and T-Mobile compatibility.

There’s been a lot of talk on Verizon having the exclusive and while I think that could be true for US carriers offering the device, the international version is a little bit up in the air at this point. I understand a launch date from the online retailer KingofGadgets is by no means definitive but it’s always fun to guess.

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Thanks, Ben!

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  1. will it be compatible on tmo networks?

    1. Phone calls would work for sure if it works on ATT

      ..but I think non US has different 3G technology.

      1. Matias did say the other version would be Pentaband so I would assume that it would work on AT&T and T-mo.

  2. $930?!?! What the heck! I could get a very nice computer with that money! I love and desperately want the phone, but come on!!! That could buy me a tablet, HD TV, desktop, or laptop! I was already on the fence about paying ~$600 for the device unlocked, but nearly a thousand dollars is just too much!

    1. International price has taxes and what added in. The nexus probably be around 600. Maybe Google will help subsidize it like amazon is doing with the kindle.

      1. i think 600 is being a little too hopeful. prob at least 700 + tax/etc

        1. You are crazy. It does not have any super specs that would put it at that price. I am sure google would not want to go that high with price and say current phones with very similar specs are going for $500 so to add 200 I don’t see that happening.

    2. on verizon it will be cheaper

      1. Full retail will be cheaper also.

      2. It is always like this with these Europe prices when it comes to the U.S. it should be $529 for GSM and more for the CDMA/LTE version.

      3. Probably be 500 to 600 off contract on verizon / sprint

    3. If you really were a foreigner you know they dont translate prices

  3. lol, 1000 dollar cell phone, what has the world come to

    1. I think it was the Nokia N96 that was priced at $1,200 about 2 years ago then quickly dropped to only $700.

    2. Nothing as companies don’t normally translate euro prices to american dollar they just switch the dollar signs and go with it

    3. That what apple charges for their high end model

  4. I would be unsurprised if this is just some fly by night ‘company’ trying to screw over-eager people who must buy the phone NOW. It seems unlikely that an unheard of company knows the price and release date of this phone.

    1. The sgs2 was close to this price when it launched overseas. International prices do not equal us prices most of the time.

  5. You’d think by now people commenting on these posts would know those prices are not telling of what we’ll actually see…

    1. Agree.

  6. The Galaxy Nexus has Penta band 3G so it will work on both Att and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ but only up to 14.4mbps.

    1. Ooooh.. updating post. Thank ya, sir =)

    2. Why not 21Mbps?

    3. I thought the specs said 21mbps?

      1. it did

    4. Im pretty sure the specs said 21mbps

  7. Question for anyone that has used ICS (port, etc) will the contacts list still be available? i dread the idea of having to flip through 100s of pictures just to get to a contact with the people app

    1. Do you have trouble installing a contacts app from the market should you not like what they do with vanilla android?

    2. Yes, the contacts list is still available, at least in the ICS port for Nexus S.

    3. Of course it will be, even if it wasn’t you could just use a 3rd party dialer that had a contact list

  8. Thought it was 750ish bucks…. 540 euros???

    1. It’s actually British Pounds. $930 is still wrong though. It’s about $865.

  9. that’s actually:
    864.9720 USD- please correct!

    1. Weird. I added it to my cart and checked out and it came out to $930. I wonder why..? Maybe taxes?

      1. 1 British Pound = $1.66 so… Sasha you are wrong. Amazons translated price without tax is $898.04 with tax its $982.47 weird how we each get different results for same price….

    2. Also people are forgetting UK VAT at 20% which puts the actual price at £450 before tax which equatres to about $747

  10. I really hope this isn’t the price. It’s ridiculous!

    1. This is a third party not actually amazon so it most likely will be much cheaper this person is just trying to raise the price.

    2. 539 british pounds is ridiculous? why don’t you check their average cell phone prices and compare instead of the expressed translated amount if you bought it from there? 540 british pounds is reasonable. Companies don’t normally change price numbers even if they are different current so if something will cost 299 british pound then they are going to charge 299 american dollars

  11. This is from a 3rd party retailer not amazon so it means nothing and this person is just trying to jack up the price.

    1. Actually no the price is reasonable in the british pound people forget that corporations price the same not actual translated prices. Say for instance the ps3 it was sold for 299 british pounds and guess how much it was sold for in america? $299 around half the cost if translated to british pounds. {People need to quit getting riled up for nothing. Google even did this with the last nexus and the nexus one chill the eff out people 539 in british pounds means google is going to sell it at less or equal to $540 american

      1. The reason for that is that in the UK and Europe in general, sales tax (eg. VAT) is included in the list prices. This is currently 20% in the UK.

  12. I would gladly pay $1000 if it had better hardware..

    1. How much better can the hardware get???? You have a 4.65inch screen that is Samsungs current best technology with Samoled HD. You have a 5mp camera with ZERO shutter lag and it shoot panoramic photos… No other device aside from googles have NFC. A dual core processor at 1.2ghz, it has the pins to make docking easier, its slim, ergonomic, and light, has much less bezel… How much better can it really get?

      1. Exynos processor, You seem a little hyped for this product.

  13. i will use my 2 yrs upgrade from verizon.

  14. Will it be available on Sprint?

  15. the price has gone up to £549.99

  16. It is now saying November 2nd. I’m perplexed by the fact that Samsung/Google is holding out on details this long. Pissing me off.

  17. It says £730.15 now for direct purchase from Amazon, £549.99 was from a 3rd party seller (King of Gadgets). Might need to remortgage my house.

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