Evidence Mounts for Nov 10 Galaxy Nexus, HTC Rezound Launch, Oct 27 for Droid RAZR


Verizon has officially confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for their network, but the announcement failed to include an official release date. Recent rumors were leaning towards November 10th, and the date looks to hold true for now. A newly leaked MAP listing once again points towards the 10th day of November as the release date for the Google flagship device on Big Red’s LTE network. Also listed for the 10th is the Beats-blasting HTC Rezound.

To further spice up the RAZR v. Nexus debate, Motorola’s big holiday offering gets a two-week head start. The same price sheet lists the Motorola Droid RAZR for an October 27th release. Does that change anyone’s mind about which phone they will buy? We didn’t think so.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. first?

    1. /off topic/ Dude, your XBOX live photo looks almost EXACTLY like mine heh.

  2. Isn’t the 10/27 date for the RAZR the pre-order date?

  3. 299.99 for a new phone on contract? Give me a fucking break VERIZON!!!! Amazon will have that phone for 1 penny in 6 months, just as it currently has the Nexus S 4G for 1 penny currently. The Samsung Nexus is not worth 299.98 more than the Nexus S 4G which will get ICS soon. FACT

    199.99 for a new phone is steep enough and being stuck with it for 24 months while a new phone making yours “obsolete” (as the carriers market them) comes out every 3 months is hard enough.

    1. Settle down…for the latest and greatest technology, it is worth $299. Hopefully you have never bought a new car, new house, ipad, tablet, computer brand new…because in 6 months they will all be less expensive as well…

      1. I buy many new items, including car, house, galaxy tab 10.1, and computers, however none of them drop in value by 99.99 % within 6 months is my point. At this rate phones will be 400 in a year, then 500, then 1000 bucks. This shit costs nothing to make in china, Verizon just knows people really want ICS and will be able to rape the ppl who feel they cant wait. No other carrier has phones for 300 bucks. The droid charge was 300 on launch, what a joke that was and still is. the charge for 300 was and is no better than the Nexus S 4g which launched for 200, or the HTC evo when it launched for 200.

        1. I guess it’s all in your perception. I would buy a brand new phone knowing its going to be cheaper (not in value, but in cost) 6 mo down the road, but I would never buy a brand spankin new car knowing i can get it for thousands less the second someone takes it off the lot…to each his own i guess.

        2. I got to agree with ya, that stat is beyond ridiculous

        3. All LTE phones are being released for $299 on Verizon at the moment. When you factor in the 2 year service contract, an extra $100 only becomes an extra $4/mo. I don’t understand how people seem to overlook that the real “rape” is happening with the service contract, not the phone price. I’d gladly pay $600 for a phone if I can save $1000 over 2 years. But that’s just me, I tend to look at the big picture.

          1. Agreed. Verizon selling their androids for 300-100 dollars more than competitors equally awesome phones, while also charging the highest per month for their plans. Would make more sense for Sprint to charge more for phones as their plans are cheaper, yet they do not.

          2. that’s because sprint service sucks and people would leave if they did that.

          3. Exactly! Someone who gets it. People think I’m crazy that I buy my phones outright but get a bigger discount on my plan because of it, because in the long run I spend less overall.

          4. Verizon doesn’t give a discount for not having a contract, do they?

        4. actually price will drop as the parts mainly lte radios become more mass produced so the price will stay steady or decrease just like when 3g phones first came out they were very expensive and look at how they dropped now.

    2. also consider if you’re contract is ending….verizon is giving me 100 discount toward any new phone.

      also consider, if your budget dictates you need to wait 6 months for the phone to be lower, please don’t come back complaining that a better phone is out there for 299. the better phones in the future allow us to get the cheaper price of the phones of today.

      1. How? I’ve been up for a couple months and I’m only seeing a $40 discount :(

        1. oh that sux. i’ve been with verizon for 5+ years and this would be my 3rd time to renew, if i choose to do so.

        2. yeah, after my 2 year ended last time i only got 40 dollars taken off… by golly i wish it was $100!

    3. Then don’t buy it? It is a nexus so it will get the updates first. Wait 6 months and you can get it for a penny=)

    4. Really not even 6 months. Amazon had the Bionic on sale for a penny not too long ago. It’s been out what? A month?

      1. Probably because it was outdated before it was even released. They needed to dump those Bionic’s so it made sense to partner with Amazon to get rid of them.

        I doubt this phone will be part of the Amazon $.01 club in anything less than 1 year.

        1. Actually, no. Amazon phones cost less because they use the kickback from the carrier to subsidize part of the cost.

    5. Considering you are going to be paying 2200 or more to Verizon over your 2-year contract, 100 bucks is NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. The service is always what costs the most over your 2 year term.

      1. On the other hand since we’ll be paying $2200 to Verizon in the next two years, that’s bad enough, why tack on another $100?

        1. probably because the phone actually costs Verizon $500-600. I’m not justifying it, but these things aren’t being sold at cost. My guess is they eat 50% – 60% on new phones. Still sucks since we pay a LOT of money for wireless service. As long as people are willing to pay, they will charge, free markets and all that.

    6. Tssss… doesn’t get more American than this.
      Consider yourself lucky.

  4. The only thing I can see is… Internet explorer…..

    1. also, who uses mcafee?!?!

      1. zactly

    2. You mean Internet Exploder?

    3. fyi, verizon agents (like this guy who posted this pic) have to use IE..as sad as it is, the verizon system doesn’t work for anything else BUT ie….lol sigh

  5. Wasn’t this same exact picture linked with an article on this very site 3 days ago?

    1. HAHAHA definitely the identical screen shot

      1. Yeah and it was posted on droid-life 10 days ago. This dude is a little behind…

    2. Slow day for them hahha

  6. About a week late this has been all over the internet for awhile now.

  7. The 27th is for pre-orders. Motorola confirmed that when the RAZR was announced.

    1. Exactly, which is why I think Nov. 10 could be the pre-order date for the Nexus. Verizon wants people past the 14-day return policy on the RAZR before they release the Nexus.

      1. I don’t know why Verizon would care if someone returned the RAZR for the Nexus. They will just charge them the $50 restock fee and make more money off of them.

        1. Because they can’t resell the returned product as new. Essentially costing them the what they paid for the equipment. The $50 is to recoup some of the loss and deter people who constantly exchange phones.

          1. they make most money off contracts anyway so they could care less what phone you have.

          2. This too. I was about to add that argument into my comment. It doesn’t take long to earn it back either when they’re charging $300 for phones on contract. It’s friggin madness.

          3. But then they just turn around and sell it for $50 less as a “certified pre-owned” device. Still profiting from the $50 restock fee.

          4. 35 restocking fee not 50

    2. Indeed. It even says right on the RAZRs landing page; “Breaking cover in November”.

  8. Craig is right about the cost being high at $299. The real question is why the phone is $100 more than the ” normal ” $199 intro price?

    The only real hardware advance over the current $199 phones is the screen resolution. And is that worth $100?

    But I do agree ad others have suggested… Buy the phone after the price drops. It will definitely be ridiculously lower within a month or two of release.

    1. They probably have to make up the money being lost on the iPhone. If you look at the retail prices, the iPhone is more expensive but is selling for $200 on contract. Gotta make up that extra $100 somewhere, might as well get it from the non-iSheep.

      1. Not 100 cheaper when 32 gb iPhone is 299.

    2. And how many phones have zero shutter lag, NFC, Ice cream Sandwich, Samoled HD, 4.65 inches of screen? how many phones at 4.0 – 4.65 are under 9mm? how many phones have an ergonomic design? i.e. curved screen? how many of those phones run pure android and are supported by google? yeah id say its worth each and every penny over everything. Have fun waiting till next may in the least to get an update to ice cream sandwich. Oh and then when you do get it and its incredibly buggy because the phone you bought had an overlay.

  9. I just want my HTC Vigor… ICS will come, and I can wait…

    1. Battery life never will though its an HTC:)

  10. Too bad the screenshot has this thing listed at $299 until May something…

    Wasn’t Amazon’s penny sale only for NEW activations, not renewing your contract on an existing line?

  11. Complaining about the price of the most anticipated phone to release this year and saying Verizon charges more for phones blah blah blah…Tmobile charging $249.99 AFTER rebate at release is a little more outrageous than $300 for a 4Geeezy nexus device. Moron.

  12. Damn you T-mobile Galaxy Nexus, surface sometime soon!

  13. I’ve never seen so many people whine about the price of a phone in my life! Here’s a tip, if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it! Wait a month for the price to drop (which they always do) then buy it. It’s only a hundred dollars we’re talking about. If you want the latest and greatest the day it’s released, you’re going to pay a premium. I’m sure you’ll survive with your current phone until you can save up 100 dollars! Just sayin!

  14. Verizon’s scrolling banner on their website says breaking in November for the razr

    1. Rzor preorders start the 27th

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