O2 Launches Galaxy Nexus Landing Page


Though it seemed like the end, the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was only the beginning of the wait for the next Google flagship device. While a handful of carrier have committed to stocking the handset, none have come clean with any specifics on release date. Still, November is the loose time frame we are playing with. This was once again confirmed by a new landing page over at the O2 site, which also reveals the UK carrier will launch the HSPA+ version of the GNex. We still have no clue on pricing, but look for various contract actions to take a chunk out of the initial cost.

[via Engadget]

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  1. i want verizon release date:)

    1. All signs point to November 10th. All signs could be wrong though.

      1. i really hope ur right ill pre-order the first second i can buh bye droid incredible hello nexus

  2. Well we seem to be inching closer to getting answers,hopefully vz wont be much longer.

  3. please god don’t be more than $299 (for the 16GB)

    1. I wouldn’t count on it being any more than $300 for the 32gb. They know they’re pushing it with the $300 already.

    2. With the iPhone 4gs being 199/299/399 (16/32/64gb), I could see Verizon making the Galaxy Nexus being 299/399 (16/32gb) because it has 4G.

      1. yep, i could easily see that too (due to the ridiculous iphone pricing)

        1. Hahha, the iPhone’s pricing and 4G Phones’ pricing, in general, is high. *shrug* may give the 16gb GN and the cloud a good shot.

  4. When is the AT&T release date!

  5. hope t mobile gets it.. and the processor stays the same lol

  6. It’s basically going to end up the same price as the iPhone 4S (already listed just over that on Clove – £515 outright).

    Annoyingly while that page confirms the radio tech it does not confirm the storage: I heard we’d only get the 16 GB model in the UK and with no expandable storage this will artificially limit it’s appeal further.

    It’s a start though.

  7. I don’t know how it would be possible since there is no GSM or LTE, but PLEASE COME TO SPRINT!!! I need this phone!

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