Another Verizon Leak Reveals Possible Samsung Galaxy Nexus Launch Date


Earlier today we received the official Samsung Galaxy Nexus announcement from Verizon the device’s availability this holiday season. While that sent some Verizon customers’ rejoicing, others were quick to point out the fact that Verizon didn’t give us a launch or pre-order date for the device (negative Nancy’s).

It’s been strongly rumored for some time that the device could see a November 10th launch date but that was quite a while ago and as it so often goes in the wireless industry — dates are very subject to change. Tonight, a newer leak presents itself displaying not only the device’s official name (as opposed to “Prime”) but once again, showing the fabled November 10th date.

Given the fact that this screenshot was taken of a Verizon MAP (minimum advertised price), this is the earliest date we could see the device advertised for. You may have noticed the Motorola Droid RAZR showing up on the MAP as well but displaying the device’s pre-order date as opposed to a launch date. What does that tell us? Well, pretty much that everything is up in the air at this point.

So when should Verizon customers expect the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon? Well, I have it on very good authority that the device is and always was scheduled for an early November launch. Let’s see if this leaked MAP holds up.

[Via AndroidCentral]

Chris Chavez
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  1. meh. when Tmobile makes it available i will care.

    1. Yeah, when is this coming to T Mobile? All we’ve been hearing about is when Verizon is going to offer it and how they will have a temporary exclusive. Has this ever been confirmed? When is Google going to start selling it. I don’t like that all other nexus phones came through Google and now this time around it feels like Samsung and Verizon are controlling this product.

      1. was the Nexus S sold through Google? I remember it being a TMobile exclusive, and landing at AT&T and Sprint at a later date

        1. It was never available in a T-Mobile store. You could only buy the Nexus S at Best Buy, or Carphone Warehouse it was an exclusive. So technically Google was selling it, but they didn’t sell it online like they did with the N1.

      2. Only the Nexus one was sold via Google. The S was sold via the carriers. I am waiting for it on AT&T or supporting the AT&T bands so I can buy it unsubsidized

    2. T-Mobile is tiny compared to the others, & their network sucks. Probably never.

      1. I used 1000 of T-Mobile minutes in Mexico over the summer through wi-fi calling.. I get 3-5mbps on my Vibrant… and I always had data on my way to Mexico in car. I tethered to my Laptop and used the internet regularly including YouTube videos. I don’t think their network sucks. :D

  2. If it launches on any date in November I’ll be happy.

    1. ditto, but i’m looking for AT&T or T-Mo.

  3. i so need to start selling shit so i can get this phone when pre-order is available

    1. I just stated selling Cocaine so I can get this thing 0_o

      1. with a phone like this, i don’t blame you

    2. I just put a couple of items up on craigslist today. I doubt either of them will sell by launch, but I can remain hopeful.

    3. I just sold an Epic 4G, my Captivate and now I might sell my Vibrant.. hmm i got a mytouch 3g slide, two g1’s.. and an ipod 4th gen… im selling it all lol

      1. guess you’re buying it off contract?

        1. Lol yeah. sucks its doesn’t have sd card option. I’m almost forced to get the 32GB version. w/ 1080p recording – which i use everyday (almost), the movies i love to watch on my phone, and gameloft’s newest games.. 9mm or whatever it’s called is about 2GB! Lol I’d run out of room in weeks

          1. aw ya good point. i would get the 32gb too, but i won’t have that much$ to throw at that version. still makes me cringe knowing i’m about to throw $300+ at a phone as it is now

          2. The 299 listed will only last a couple of weeks. Every smartphone ever released (aside from the iphone, which doesn’t count in my book) has dropped in price within weeks to a couple months from being released. Then within a couple of months they pop up on Amazon’s site for a penny. I don’t need a new phone that bad and will have no problem waiting a month or two to get a better price.

      1. Ha ha that’s awesome Chris. Perfect. :-)

    1. Mine.

  4. Great news!

  5. Chris, is your “very good authority” Kevin Krause, by any chance? XD

  6. This MAP was leaked about two weeks ago wasn’t it?

    1. I think it’s a different one. I think the one you’re referring to also had 11/10/2011 for the Razr date as well. So that’s changed to the pre-order date as he mentioned in the blurb.

    2. Yes it was a few weeks ago. I wonder if they are pushing the razr launch up since if they are taking preorders the 27th usually verizon does it a few days before launch not weeks which would be the case for this. Maybe they want to try and sell as many razr as they can for a week or two then have the nexus.

  7. i wonder if verizon will let me upgrade early.

  8. I can’t find information on their site so could somebody on Verizon please tell me, is there a difference in pricing for 4G vs 3G???

  9. Gah this is so frustrating i wish they would announce us carriers already fudge uk already did im getting a knot in the back of my neck from all this anticipation I just want the galaxy Nexus i don’t even give a damn if it only runs at&t i will unlock it for use on t-mo i just want the effing device this is driving me insane.

  10. Is verizon only selling one version of these (32g v 16g) ?? I was hoping to save a little cash by getting the 16g version…

    1. I would think verizon would have both versions because some will want the larger capacity and some will want to save some money since they wont use 32 gb. I do not need 32 gb so I hope they offer a 16 and 32 gb version.

      1. I doubt Verizon will carry anything other than a 32GB version. Otherwise, that would mean the 16GB Galaxy Nexus would be $299, since $299 is the minimum advertised price.

        1. I could care less if it’s the 16Gb version, I’m still getting it. But it would be nice if they could fast-track an SD card slot into it!!

  11. I love how there were so many people in the comments saying that there was no way Verizon was going to get this phone. Where are all these Verizon haters now so I can laugh in their faces. :)

  12. $300 and only one entry. I was really hoping they would sell the 16gb for $200 and the 32 for $300. $300 for an on-contract phone is ridiculous.

    I’m curious to see what full retail is on this. Verizon’s pricing (retail vs subsidized) is all over the map and really makes no sense.

    iPhone 4s $199 retail $649
    Bionic $299 retail $589

    The 4s has a $450 price difference, the Bionic a $290 difference. I’m guessing the gNex will be similar to the Bionic pricewise. What, is this some ploy to get people to switch to Apple because it’s a better price? (Apple a better price than the competition? Where the hell are we, the Twilight Zone?)

    1. verizon has nothing to do with off contract prices that is the manufacturers who set those prices. Apple was always higher priced but the nexus have always been $529 off contract so will be interesting to see what they charge now for the nexus. I think with google being so large and having so much revenue they may be able to off set some of the price through that. Or I hope that is what they will do anyway. Not to mention apple is 3g phone and lte chips are more expensive than 3g chips so that is some of the price increase.

      1. I don’t think you got what I was getting at. Yes, the manufacturers set the off-contract price, obviously. But it’s the carriers (and Apple) that set the on-contract price.

        What I’m getting at is that it’s messed up that the $650 4s is $200 on contract but the $5×9 Android phones are $300 on contract. It doesn’t make sense.

        And let’s face it, most people don’t care about the full retail price. They care about the price they get with a contract. So in their eyes, they are much better off buying a 4s than any of these new badassed Android phones.

        I think pigs must be flying somewhere or Hell is freezing over, because when it boils down to it, Apple is cheaper than the competition.

        1. And like I said lte chips cost more so clearly that has something to do with higher on contract prices. 3g chips are way cheaper and since the iphone is 3g they keep their prices that way and tell the carriers what they can sell the phones at. The carriers have no say in pricing of apple products.

          1. The chips have nothing to do with the on-contract price. The cost of the chips affects the full retail price. it’s not like Verizon is popping in a 4G chip after they get the unit from the manufacturer.

            If I want to buy a phone without a contract, I’m going to pay more for a 4s than a Bionic or (most likely) a gNex. But if I want to get a phone with a contract, I’m going to pay less for a 4s than a Bionic or gNex. Am I the only one that thinks the pricing is messed up and backasswards?

            Apple has to be kicking back some money to the carriers for the phones they sell on contract. Otherwise the carriers would get hosed – you could buy a 4s on contract for $200, turn around and cancel the contract and pay your $350 ETF, and still have the phone for cheaper than paying full retail. But if you do that with a Bionic or gNex, you’ll end up paying more than the full retail cost of the phone.

          2. you aren’t understanding. Look at 3g phones(minus the iphone because they r overpriced anyway) and you will see they are close to 100 less full retail than the 4g phones. Like I said and you fail to acknowledge the lte chips cost more so therefore higher price.
            Well you don’t care about other 3g phones that is why you fail to comprehend what I am talking about. Android doesn’t have the strict price point that apple does. Sorry that is so hard for you to understand.

          3. I don’t care about other 3g phones. The fact of the matter is Android is cheaper than the iPhone at full retail. it has nothing to do with 3g vs 4g. if the phone is cheaper at retail, it should be cheaper on contract, not the other way around.

          4. chris125, you’re not seeing his point, the retail price of the iPhone is 649, but sells for 199 from the carriers for the 16GB version. Where as the retail value of the galaxy nexus is thought to be 600 dollars for the 16GB version but sells for 300 when you get a contract. The disparity is huge in comparison, you pay 100 dollars more for something that costs less to buy. So basically in one scenario the iPhone, the carriers subsidize 450 dollars and for the galaxy nexus they subsidize only 300. It has nothing to do with the chips inside, the retail price is the retail price no matter how you look at it, the retail price already factors in the cost of every chip in the phone. If the 16GB version sell for 200 on contract then it gets closer and way better but still.

          5. @chris125. If it was the chips that cost more, full retail price would go up from 3G phones to 4G phones. It hasn’t. It’s just VZW trying to subsidize less of the phone.

          6. @atinsley the full retail is more on 4g phones compared to 3g phones.Look at the droid 3 and bionic they are very similar and full retail is not the same the droid 3 is cheaper.

          7. @chris125 The argument isn’t between separate android phones, its between the retail cost of an iphone and android phone and the actual cost when signing a 2 year contract with VZW of each respectively. You even say that iPhones are overpriced yet they sell on contract for less than the galaxy nexus or bionic or razr. Jason’s argument had to do with this, not the comparison of android phones but android phones to the iPhone, which regardless of not having 4g, is more expensive retail and again costs less when bought on a 2 year plan than a competing high end android phone that costs less at retail but more when you buy with a 2 year plan.

        2. Seriously… What does 3G/4G chip cost have to do with anything? The overall retail cost is dramatically different between the 4S and these Android beasts. The final retail, off-contract price is the bottom line.

    2. No one in this thread of posts is making any sense. The Galaxy Nexus has a MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE of $299. There will be no $200 version. Hence the term, minimum advertised price.

      PS – $300 for an on-contract phone is far from ridiculous for a phone with these specs.

  13. Hoping that the 16GB is $200.

  14. Doesn’t this seem a bit expensive? http://www.galaxynexus.org/buy-galaxy-nexus/ if you look on that list their a lot of stores are selling the phone for cheap. Does anyone have the official prices? is $300 / 2 year contract a lot?

  15. Here’s hoping Verizon gets the 32gb GNex. With an SD card slot, I’d throw my money at them. But since it doesn’t have one, I’d still probably buy the 32 gig for 300 dollars, but 16 gig for 300, with no expandable memory? I’d have to seriously weigh whether vanilla ICS now is worth it versus getting an update to ICS on an HTC Rezound.

  16. Greedy bastards!!! Verizon just posted that their earnings have doubled!!!

    Now we’re having to pay $100 more for a 4g phone on top of $10 more a month for 4g.

    Sticking with my Inc till it dies.

  17. Stupid question, but do upgrades expire? I’ve had one available for a while now but haven’t been taking advantage of it for a few reasons:

    *Not enough monies

    *Waiting for a proper successor to my phone (i.e. the Nexus Prime)

  18. Okay. So. Is this essentially the Nexus Prime or is that still a later release? And, will the Nexus Prime be better than this Galaxy Nexus?

    What do you speculate this will cost off of contract? $600?

    1. Nexus Prime = Galaxy Nexus

      unless of course next year they decide to launch something called nexus prime.

  19. Guys if this phone comes in 16, and 32 gig phones, then there will be two part numbers. Notice that there are not two part numbers…

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