Sony Currently In Discussions To Bring Playstation Suite To Non-Sony Devices


Remember back when Sony said their Playstation Suite would arrive on other non-Sony Android devices sometime in the future? Well, speaking during AsiaD today in Hong Kong, Sony Computer Entertainment chairman Kaz Hirai (damn, that’s a cool name) gave us a little bit of an update on the progress with that.

Apparently, the framework is still very much open to other OEM’s and Sony is currrently “in discussions” with these manufacturers to bring the Playstation suite “onboard.” Unfortunately, there still wasn’t any word on an exact time-frame with Kaz saying it will be announced, “when it’s time to go public with it.” Looks like you’re going to have to wait a little longer to get native Final Fantasy 7 running on your HTC/Motorola/Samsung whatever.

[AllThingsD via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I’m so disappointed with Sony so far. The PS3 is great. They are just so slow with anything.

    1. I would love to see them take over Sony Ericsson and release a powerhouse of an Android device. I love Sony’s designs. I think they could come up with something really cool =)

  2. Hope they’d go the Sony Ericsson Android phones go full gaming rigs, that would certainly boost their perforamance

  3. What is that thing he’s holding??

    1. Sony S2. It’s a Dual Screen tablet.

  4. Now, if I could message my friends on PSN via my Bionic, that’d be great. Get it done, Sony!

  5. G2x please!

  6. I like PlayStation and Sony..however
    sorry but Sony Ericsson just sucks altogether..

    1. whats wrong with SE? Sure they usually are 5-6 months behind on the latest processor, but their updates are prompt and their cameras are always ahead of the competition, their design is unmatched. It was sony that started the aluminum body (black not silver) and apple that followed.

  7. This will probably be the smartest move kaz has ever made. sony had no choice but to change his role after the debacle we called the launch of the ps3. $600 at launch is beyond ridiculous.

    1. and yet they lost 150$ on every system sold…

  8. Sony is slow because of the earthquake and the psn hack.

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