Verizon Announces Group Buy for HTC Rhyme on Facebook – Up To 50% Discount


While personally, I’m not too excited about the HTC Rhyme (don’t you dare call it a chick phone), I am excited about the way Verizon is going about promoting it. If you jump on the Verizon Wireless Facebook page you’ll see that they are offering a social deal for the device where the discount is dependent on the amount of “likes” the deal receives from Facebook users. Currently it’s around 500 likes, which roughly translates into a 25% discount off the device. If the deal can reach 2,000 likes in the next 5 days, the Rhyme will see a whopping 50% discount.

If you plan on buying the device you can even sign up for Verizon’s “Group Buy” on their Facebook page where they will notify you via email with the appropriate discount code once the deal comes to an end. Even if you have no interest in the device, why not “like” and get the word out? If this becomes a success, maybe we’ll see Verizon offer similar Group Buys for future devices (like the Galaxy Nexus).

[Facebook via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I’m not going to buy this phone, but I’ll like it just to give those who actually do buy it a discount.

    1. Yup. And either way, it’s promoting the device which keeps Verizon happy. =)

  2. I told my mom she should get this phone. I think it was a great idea to market something to just women.

  3. I showed this to my little 10 year-old sister and now she’s begging my dad to get her one. xD

    1. I don’t dare do this here. my dad’d kill me. xD even if my sister would like it. ::

      1. Well my sister has always liked the Nexus S (due to the cat commercial Sprint made to promote the Nexus S 4G) but now she’s obsessed with this one. x)

        I wonder what would happen if I showed my mom. o.o
        She’s been wanting to replace her flip phone with an android for a while now.

        1. This device would be a shoe-in. Lol

  4. Shiiiiiiit…galaxy nexus. Funny

  5. i want to buy it. show me, where i can do it?

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