Rubin: Google is ‘Close’ to Launching Digital Download Store


Though Google could have very well surprised us with the announcement of an MP3 store alongside their flashy new OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, we did not see the long-rumored digital media hub’s debut. Catching up with Andy Rubin at the AsiaD conference, the Google exec flat-out confirmed new rumors that the launch of such a store is not far off. He said we could see Google’s digital download store “very soon” and it will bring with it a “little twist.” Previous attempts to get the store up and running alongside Google Music faltered after record labels refused to play ball with Google’s suggested retail model. Rubin seems more confident than ever in their ability to ink deals at this point, with only the finishing touch left to go. Admittedly such a venture might never compete head-to-head with Apple and iTunes, but it will offer a nice alternative — especially for Android users.

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  1. Would be nice to know how “close” the launch is for T-mobile, Mr. Rubin :)

  2. Things like this are whats keeping Android from truely over taking Apple (if that is there true goal). People like simplicity and standardization!

    Once you have a product line where everyone makes there products “Android connectivity” or “Android capable”…then you know you’re doing it right.

    Step 1: Standardize
    Step 2: Let manufacturers run away like they did with the Fruit companies products to design there own accessories/products (speaker docks, etc)
    Step 3: ?????
    Step 4: Profits

    Google has really failed to amaze me. They just arent opening there ears. We are telling them and they arent listening!

    1. …Uh, what???

    2. The main thing that scares me to get android is the huge gaps between bringing updates for one phone then another *cough*atrix*cough*, i know if I get a 4S I’m gonna be updated with everyone else for the next two years atleast

      1. That’s why you get a Nexus phone

    3. Eh. Standardization is good in some respects but not all. We can all agree a car should have wheels and an engine, but size of engine, car color/shape, hard/soft top- those are things that people want to make them stand out from the crowd.

      For Google ICS gives them enough standardization to have their platform truly work across all manufacturers while still enabling those manufacturers to be different in implementation. Be that implementation through software and/or hardware. I can get a cheap android phone with a cheap phone plan or an expensive phone with an expensive plan- if that’s what suits me. I get to decide. For Google, this is the market they want. People who want things streamlined/integrated but not standardized (ie simplicity coupled with choice). All they care about is getting android to as many people as possible because it’s android that sells google’s services. So google’s services are offered to the person who can only spend $100 on a cell phone as well as the person who can spend $300.

      For me, the music service will work perfectly since most of my life is through google in some way shape or form. All I use is chrome and android. Removing iTunes from the equation will be totally fine. However, I still have the option of using it if I want to. It’s my choice.

  3. If we get subscriptions like the Zune pass im all for an Mp3 store.

  4. If Google incorporates the music store into the Android market with apps, books and movies, they will have the Android equivalent of iTunes. I wonder if they could make the online market work like a web app to sell content to iOS users.

    1. Problem with iOS is that you can’t download a music file or video from the web and use it in their apps. It has to have been put there by iTunes or downloaded through their store.

      1. So it’s even more closed than I thought :p

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