Official Promo Video Reveals Verizon Wireless Destination


The first official promotion video for the Nexus Prime has been posted. It’s a good watch in and of itself, but even sweeter was confirmation that Verizon will be carrying. You can see “Verizon Wireless” in the notification bar at 0:21 of the video. Yes, we all knew Verizon was likely its first destination but it’s always nice to get semi-official confirmation. Watch the video above.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Video: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Announcement and Official Promo

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  1. Awesome, this will most likely be my next phone.

  2. The only Razr i will be using is the one I shave with. Galaxy Nexus with face unlock and Beam me up scotty is my new phone

    1. I agree, but I was playing around with the Razr today and it is pretty impressive.

  3. I will be waiting until it hits Sprint. VZW can bite me.

    1. Ditto. Can’t find any info on when/if it’s coming to Sprint.

      What’s with all this exclusives BS anyway?

      1. Agreed! Although it may take time I have faith that our wonderful Unlimated Provider will aquire this device which will not require us to use the new settings function on moding our data usage. Great feature for Verizon and At&t. :D Can not wait for this ice cream sandwich mouth full of amazement…

      2. They won’t have exclusive rights to the Prime for long, so don’t worry! Just be patient, we’ll definitely be seeing some Prime love on Sprint :)

  4. iPhone fan boys will think the notification bar was original from Apple.

    1. Next weeks news
      Apple suing Google over Notification bar. Says CEO saw their plans to steal it from G… I mean saw their plans to implement it in a later OS version and stole it from them!

    2. First thing I thought looking at it was, “oh wow, they are starting to implement CyanogenMod features now. Cool.”

  5. The Google engineer couldnt even get the face unlock to work at the product launch. Not sure why everyone is so excited about it after that?

    1. your an idoit!!

      1. “your an idoit!!” Wow. You should learn grammar and how to spell before casting aspersions about people lacking intelligence. Let me help. “You’re an idiot.”

        1. Ummm good one idiot!!! Oh and by the way spelling and grammar have nothing to do with intelligence idiot!!! Bahahahahahahaah!!!!!

    2. The reason it didn’t work was due to the low amount of light in the room.

  6. How sweet to find this is going to a carrier that even Sauron and Voldemort consider evil.

  7. It’s usually a pretty good indication. If you aren’t stupid, then take it as a hint so people take you more seriously.

  8. Score 1 for big sexy (that’s me)! This is totally my next phone

  9. verizon, tmobile and at&t customers…skip to 1:30…..

    sprint customers…..ehh..useless addition to ics..

  10. Great changes. I loved the shortcut to folders.

  11. To be honest ICS impressed me alot more than the hardware. I’ll be buying one on day 1 (full price) but the hardware was rather unimpressive.
    Android Beam… Useless until every phone has it.
    I wonder how much thicker the Verizon version is going to be. Surely it can’t be much thicker.

  12. The video is GONE!!

  13. It’s been removed

  14. This s#*t is freakin awesome. I can’t wait to go and weasel my way into a slightly early upgrade. Which, worry not, I will accomplish.

  15. RAZR has better form function and a removable SD card. With Google buying Moto, ICS can’t be far behind on the RAZR, not to mention just rooting and rom’ing a ICS build. Tough choice for me. Can’t wait to get some hands on with these two.

  16. Um, video…where’d it go?! Dang it, a day late and a dollar short on my end. Lil help? Does it give what day its coming to VZW in the vid?

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