Video: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Announcement and Official Promo


Just in case you missed it, we snabbed video of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus announcement, the second Nexus phone by Samsung and the first to come with Ice Cream Sandwich (a quick overview of which can be seen here). Watch it if you want – we like to think of it as an excitement tool for its eventual release. Press play above. PS: A bonus promo video for the device sits below.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. If I was there I would be hollering like a maniac. What a poor audience for such a fantastic device. They were very dull during the entire presentation.

  2. Is it odd that they did not mention the passing of Steve Jobs? Not even a short tribute?
    Maybe that would be in bad taste? No different than any other competitor pausing to respect a fallen comrade. Racers did it last week when Dan Wheldon died on the track. Football players do it when a competitor falls injured on the field. Why wouldn’t Google stop for a moment to pay tribute to Jobs?

    1. they stopped for a WEEK to pay tribute to Steve Jobs

      1. THANK YOU!!

        LOL. I mean there were multiple comment threads about this very thing. Geez.

    2. they didn’t say anything in the Razr event, and actually ripped on apple during that one.

    3. You don’t consider them rescheduling the event in light of Steve’s passing to be enough tribute to him?

    4. He’s been dead for two weeks, dammit! Let him rot in peace.

  3. The ability to set Data usage alone makes this phone worth having

  4. What a bunch of geeks. It’s a friggin PHONE. Can you make PHONE calls with it?! Check. Done. Get a life.

    And what is with all the iTrolls around here. Why don’t they go hang out wherever it is apple geeks circle jerk if they think iPhone is any better?

    1. It’s not just a phone, it’s the latest cutting edge smartphone. And yes, we are geeks, thank you very much. Do you realize this is Phandroid.com??

      1. dont feed the trolls

  5. Verizon only? There are countries besides the U.S. at launch, yes no

  6. Is the device made of plastic or metal? Probably plastic as Samsung made it, but I hope I’m proven wrong.

    1. So what is wrong with plastic? the types of “plastics” in modern handsets is far more durable than the cheap “pot metal” aluminum seen of late.

      1. Thanks for your reply, I’m not really familiar with phones made of plastic other than the Nokias I used to have. These used to break quite easily if they fell.
        Then I had the Nokia E90 which was incredibly strong and I also have the original Droid now which is very strong too. I expected this to be because of the metal frames and housings, but if these Samsung devices are just as strong I have no problem with it.

        Is this right or is there a difference in strength?

        1. Modern plastics are better than metals in phones because they are lighter, cheaper and flexible. IF it was made of metal it would cost them more, so cost us, the consumers more. Could always be worst and made of glass (really who makes a phone from such a brittle material anyway :P) just look at the GSII drop test against the iPhone 4s to see.

  7. does anyone have or know or a website that has the full nexus prime event?

    i’m in the UK and it was 3am in the morning when it was on so didn’t catch it.

    so can anyone point me in the direction of the event on video

    also will this phone come to the UK

  8. do we know what the 3 dots on the side do yet?

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