Nexus Site Updated With ICS and Galaxy Nexus, Register to be Notified


It’s all falling into place. Google has made public the official sign-up page for the Galaxy Nexus. You can sign up to be notified about pricing and availability information when they’re available. There’s also a quick gallery of new Ice Cream Sandwich features as well as Galaxy Nexus features to look at. Nothing too in-depth, but we’ve got all of that and more coming right up for you. Sign up here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Awesome. Can’t wait.

  2. There’s rumor that the display used is pentile? Can anyone confirm or deny this WITH a source? Thanks!!!

    1. who cares if it’s pentile? It’s got a high enough ppi to pretty much mitigate the issues and AMOLED Pentile is different and better than LCD Pentile. LCD uses a RGBW scheme while AMOLED uses RGBG, less grainy.

  3. Registered there like an hour ago. Winning!

  4. I need to know what U.S. carrier it will work on!!!!!!

    I don’t care about which carrier will have it cheaper on contract, I just want it.

    1. Agreed and since we already seen the spec sheet listing hspa for tmo bands its a set deal for me. I hate how google left us hanging with the release date but if the previous leak about verizon getting it november 10 is right then why wouldn’t everyone?

      1. In an interview with Matias he did say that it there would be an LTE and Pentaband version for the rest of the world and that right now he is using his on AT&T. Also during the event they said that they HSPA+ version would be 8.xx millimeters thin but not the LTE version.

        I would assume that the Pentaband version works for AT&T and T-mobile, I’m not an expert on those things.

        1. the HSPA+ version work all around the World no matter what carrier you’re on. let’s just hope that we get it soon, this is the first time I felt the need to upgrade from my Nexus one. :D (I’m sorry Nexus you’ll be always in my heart tho)

  5. It’s looking good for tmobile release in November.

  6. Where can i watch the entire presentation??

  7. No need to sign up, that’s what I have phandroid for : )

  8. I hate it if Verizon get it first, they get all the good Android phones all the time and now want this as an exclusive too. they are starting a monopoly in Android environment.

    1. Uh, no…

      I don’t want Big Red to get it first either, but this statement is just ignorant. Wasn’t Verizon the last US carrier to get a dual core phone?

      1. well I think it was Motorola’s fault tho :D Droid Bionic and Atrix 4G supposed to be available at the same time, but I believe they were the first one to get Xoom tho. but Still beside that Dual core, look at their Android phone Arsenal and then take a look at the other carriers Android phones. it’s depressing.

        1. They have an arsenal of comparably spec’d phones with little distinguishing factors, none of which really shine bright… they have cornered the market on keyboarded phones, but they don’t even have the SGS2…

    2. The also Don’t have ANY Nexus phones.

      1. because Nexus wasn’t tied down to any Carriers, (it may have certain antenna s that work on certain carriers but Nexus line was a global line) even sprint found Nexus S interesting and insisted on getting it, if VZW didn’t want it we can not blame them.

    3. The didn’t get the Galaxy S II so they could get first exclusive rights to this phone. I doubt it will be exclusive for long.

      1. yeah that is Right, but what I mean is that Nexus supposed to be an unlock/free device it was always available for GSM networks first because there are more GSM newtorks in the World than CDMA, anyways, if they didn’t get SGS 2 it was their choice but to steal Nexus from us is another story. but the thing is I can’t wait to get a Nexus just like the rest of you guyz. ;)

  9. For one its first name is Galaxy…two every other carrier already has a Gaxay phone of their own …so why wouldnt this phone just be on Verizon…? Why, would that be unfair in anyway?…idont see it…ijussst dont see it…

  10. what happened to blind type?

  11. -1 for lack of usability of that Google page on a Google phone… cmon guys, it’s a simple single field form, should not have to fire up my notebook to sign up.

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