Samsung Galaxy W Coming to T-Mobile as Exhibit II 4G


The Samsung Galaxy W has been outed for T-Mobile. Along with a press shot showing carrier branding for the first time, an inventory sheet has been spied and reveals the final name for the device. The phone will hit T-Mobile’s shelves as the Samsung Exhibit II 4G.

The Exhibit II 4G features a single-core 1.4GHz processor, 3.7-inch WVGA display, and 5MP camera, setting it squarely in the upper mid-range of TMo’s lineup. The release date of the phone is unknown at this point, but the increasing internal buzz seems to indicate we will see the Exhibit 4G this holiday season.

[via PocketNow, TMoNews]

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  1. Ah, but will it ever get any kind of updates….?

    1. Never wait for Carriers to get around to releasing things. You’re far better off installing them yourself.

  2. Ooh, hope they’ll release this for T-Mo Prepaid (or Monthly4G as they call it)! ;)

    1. And what’s the difference phone for prepaid plan vs full retail price?

      You can get any device that you want.

      1. Well, I thought that the pre-packaged prepaid kits might have a small discount over full retail.

        …Then again, there’s always Craigslist.

    2. They Wont! This Phone will be a feature phone, get on contract and stop looking for a cheap way to get a 400$ phone

  3. I dont get it. the exhibit is not even a year old. Why release a 2nd gen?

    1. This phone has already sold in great success in Europe and other countries prior to now. Samsung in now focused on the Us market with the Galaxy S2 being the lead product on all current carriers(except verizon). This phone is very similar in design to the Exhibit, but with much improved specs, plus if you are familiar with the present phones in the 400$ range, this phone will be something new now with better specs. Calling it the Exhibit 2 is a given marketing scheme already in place and it makes sense, but with a 3.7 in display amoled screen and 1.4 ghz processor…this phone already stands alone…compared to whats available in the expected price range of 400$. T mo is doing the right thing…they are giving us more to choose from with better specs…we should be happy!

  4. I was debating between the exhibit and the galaxy s 4g. I went with the galaxy s 4g as the og exhibit is ugly. Now the exhibit 2 is a different story. I would have got it over the galaxy s 4g. Arg!

  5. What discounts—please clearfy.

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