Hands-on with the HTC Sensation XL


When HTC decided to name their latest handset the Sensation XL, they weren’t kidding. This thing is an extra large monster in every sense. 4.7-inch screen, Beats audio, the works. It’s a powerhouse of the not-so-pocketable variety. Actually, HTC managed to avoid adding too much bulk around the mammoth display, creating a device that isn’t quite as big as you might initially imagine. But let’s not fool ourselves, check it out in comparison to our very own Chris Chavez’s HTC EVO 3D in the above hands-on footage from CTIA and the difference is apparent.

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By Zero’s Studio Pen Shows Off With Chris Chavez Caricature

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  1. The only real question is how the speaker works. I imagine it couldn’t get too powerful otherwise it’ll cause issues with the phone itself

  2. I love that panorama setting…very cool.

    I also like that HTC Sense where you can scroll through the screens in a continuous loop.

    No US version – moving on. But thanks for the demo.

    1. Yeah, I was running Sense 3.0 on my Evo a little while back and it was nice to see that in the integrated camera app instead of requiring a third party download for pano.

  3. you lost me at single core

    1. Yeah no clue why they would pass on the 1.5ghz dual core snapdragon.

      1. It’s also the crappy Adreno 205 GPU I guess?

    2. Yeah, but if HTC never said anything, you couldn’t even tell the difference..

      It ran faster and smoother than my “dual-core” Evo 3D. Sense 3.5 is a lot more optimized than 3.0. I didn’t even believe the guy when he said it was a single..

      1. People care about the # of cores for the same reason they care about camera megapixels: The have no idea what they’re talking about.

        1. Well said. +100

      2. hi

  4. then WTF is it doing in the US. hopefully ATT’s Raider variant will carry beats

  5. the screen is extremly huge :) i like HUGE

  6. So whats supposed to sell this phone, the Beats name, or the fact its white?
    Bcuz we kno its not the specs

    1. Big screen. Fast performance. Beats. Beautiful device. =)

  7. Please tell me you were drunk in this video. You just can’t be that annoying when sober.

    1. A little tipsy but yeah — pretty much this annoying when sober too. =p

      1. hahaha ya I was going to ask how many drinks you had minus the annoying part.
        I have to admit as he was talking about the beats and you were zooming in and out that emphasized the beats.

  8. I like the bigger screen, though I’d prefer it in 720p like the Vigor. It is a gorgeous phone though. I love the white and the Beats.

    1. Yeah, I was fully expecting the screen to look slightly pixelated and was surprised how crisp everything still looked even on a huge 4.7-inch screen.

      So excited for the Vigor! xD

  9. WOW it proves anyone can market a shitty set of headsets that look and probably sound like shit and people will buy.
    I guess the ghetto gang member set will like the red and white but everyone else will look douche sporting those.

    1. “Ghetto gang member set”? Where I live it’s scruffy kids wearing band t-shirts at the video game store in the mall who go for stuff like that.

  10. I do not like the orangey-red Hindu dot on the bottom of an otherwise classy white-silver color scheme. Then the orangey-red reappears in the headphone lines. Ew.

    1. You mean the “beats” logo?

      1. Haha.. Too funny.

    2. Can you get any more immature with your ridicilous comment. Wow so many arrogant morons out there. Many consider the dot as a sacred symbol with tons of Spiritual meaning behind it. Iam a fan of the Ancient Indian culture. Seriously grow up, whats your age? Bring up another idiotic comment I will shred you there too.

  11. nice phone… only 16 gb internal no sd???? Single core? (double?) less than a gig or ram? Or did I hear wrong in the demo?

  12. Chris, I love your Evo 3d’s wallpaper! I know almost all those bands but mostly….. Skrillex! .>

  13. That would be nice if there have QWERTY keyboard! I want that..

    1. Yeah let’s put qwertys on 4.7’s. Worst idea ever.

  14. Why show it in the states if it will never be sold in the states. What a waste of time. Hopefully htc will get their heads together and bring some groundbreaking phones to market next year I guess.

    1. Wha? they put out high end phones every year. Just because every carrier isn’t getting a mind-blowing update every month and a half doesn’t change the fact that HTC, Samsung, etc. each put out at least one or two high end models with carrier variants every year.

  15. my sensation sucks and so do my beats headphones
    both broke in a month why would i want a bigger piece of shit

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