Motorola’s Droid Pro Gingerbread Update is Ready, Reaching Handsets Soon


After an initial leak back in May, we were led to believe that the Gingerbread update for the Motorola Droid Pro was right around the corner. After a series of delays any buzz about the push to Android 2.3 was silenced. Over the next few months Moto managed to (slowly) bring Gingerbread to their entire lineup of Verizon devices, but the Droid Pro remained left out. That should be changing soon, as Verizon has produced the changelog for the upcoming system overhaul.

The update will bring about the expected changes that accompany Android 2.3, including a revamped look for Motorola’s custom user interface. The artists formerly known as MotoBlue gets a coat of blue and features enhanced elements. The update also looks to bring about a sampling of new bloatware. You can read the full list of goodies by following the VZW link below.

[Verizon via DroidLife]

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  1. already got mine this morning

  2. I actually saw one in the wild the other day. Quite impressed!

  3. Still waiting for that international Pro+ here… (Singapore) :(

  4. @blowfish ditto. UK.

  5. Been waiting for this forever but still not seeing the update. Hopefully it shows up soon…

  6. Wait. “Over the next few months Moto managed to (slowly) bring Gingerbread to their entire lineup of Verizon devices” – the OG Droid is still stuck at stock 2.2.2, if I (and my left-out Droid) am not mistaken.

  7. I live in Europe.I have downloaded the update but have not installed it yet. Bought a SIM lock free Droid Pro from ebay. Will the Gingerbread update lock my phone?

  8. still waiting :x

  9. Got my update yesterday, but my droid pro no longer vibrates on mms notifications. Anyone else see this problem?

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