Asus Transformer 2 Bringing Quad-Core to the Masses November 7?


For tablet fans eager to see how NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor performs, the wait might not be much longer. Next week, ASUS chairman Jonney Shih will take the stage at the AsiaD conference, joined by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. The joint appearance lends credence to rumors that have surfaced pinning the launch of the ASUS Transformer 2 to November 7th. Along with the potential release date, Tabletowo also provided a set of leaked spec, which confirmed the Transformer 2’s Tegra 3 quad-core CPU and listed the tablet as shipping with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. NVIDIA asked to have the information removed from the site, but the coverup does little but help to confirm the report.

[via DroidLife]

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Source: Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime) Will Have 1.5GHz Dual-Core TI OMAP 4460

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  1. Gimme Gimme!!! Take my money Asus! Please take it!

  2. If the price is anywhere near the original Transformer, I’m getting one for sure.

    1. It would need more than price to lure me. I already have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 but if the Transformer was redesigned and made as sleek and sexy as the 10.1 then it might be worth look. Im looking forward to seeing the Galaxy tab 7.7

      1. I don’t have a tablet yet, and was already really tempted but the original Transformer. The only thing preventing me from buying is the underpowered Terga 2 inside. Not interested in having a 10″ tablet with half the GPU power of my 4.3″ phone.

    2. The price is allegedly $800 in the UK (512 pounds). However, that is for the 32gb and there is no word about the 16gb. Things are more expensive there and it adds up with VAT. My guess is it will be at least $600 for the 32gb version. And it will fail at that price.

      1. The $800 includes the VAT – which boosts the price 20%. US customers will not pay anywhere near that price.

  3. From what I hear the lowest price would be 499. But if the lowest storage will start at 32GB, it’s still a awesome deal.
    But expect it to be 100 more than the original.

  4. So what will this thing do that my Dual-Core Tegra 2 Transformer can’t do now? Other than suck an even larger amount of money out of my wallet.

    1. play hi profile 1080p and 720p mkv

      1. lol..1080p on a 10.1″ device! wud look reallly good! :P

    2. What problems are you having? No, seriously though, don’t complain about cost if it’s just your dislike with some minute discrepancy between something you like on hrmm..lets say…an iPad. Let us know so we can make fun of you.

    3. You could use one as a laptop replacement (just hope that apps optimized for these power are coming soon)

    4. holographic user interface.
      longer battery life.
      25-40% faster.
      slimmer design than first transformer.

  5. This story isn’t from Droidlife, its from the same BS original source just like every other posting if it. Just cuz one Polish eretailer, who no one has ever heard of, says 11/7/11 as expected date of stock, doesn’t mean its coming then or even this year. I could see if it was up on Amazon for preorder but omg this source sucks. In fact I just looked and they pulled the story at due to Nvidia requesting the to!

    1. Didnt you know that once a story posted professing some possible date has been requested by the OEM to be pulled it automatically makes it true. The then interwebz is serious business.

  6. If its lighter than the original and uses the same or better (if possible) screen it will be worthy of an upgrade.

    1. how about a holographic user interface

  7. I’m curious if this will be running Ice Cream Sandwich?

    1. If the Galaxy Nexus (or whatever it’s named) does get released on november 3rd like it’s rumored to, then there might be a slight possibility. That’s of course assuming that Asus had access to ICS development branch. My guess is that it’ll be sporting Honeycomb and we will see an ICS update later on.

  8. Are there any apps that actually make use of the dual cores of the current Tegra2?

    1. most of honeycomb is optimized for dual core.


  10. That’s quite a bit of a delay..from August to November. Nvidia should stop tormenting us with their schedules a year ahead if they aren’t sure that’s how it will go down.

    1. they now have 2 outside companies putting the tablets together. Last year they couldn’t keep up with demand.

  11. anything made by nvidia = fail

    no thanks

  12. I’m actually considering getting this one for myself and handing my current Transformer off to the wife. For all of you neysayers out there… if the rumor of Asus keeping the keyboard dock compatibility is true, this new device should go viral.

    Keep in mind that it will significantly 1-up the iPad in terms of specs… and if the new “penta-core” reduces the overall stand-by power consumption… you may truely have a device that can be powered (always on, and instantly ready) for potentially DAYS!

    Your games will rock with the extra power…. and as for ICS (IceCream Sandwich) … it too will be available in November. I think the timing is ultimately ripe for the picking.. the less-than-stellar iPhone announcement and complete lack of an iPad 3 announcement… this thing could SHINE for the holidays!

    Good Luck ASUS…

    (Yes… Sent from my Asus Transformer!)

    1. Not a bad idea. This would make it easier to justify the unneeded upgrade. I should try it. Now how do I get another $500

      1. Save for $400 first, get the tablet, then save for the keyboard dock.

        (edit) oops sorry just realized that it would be more expensive than the original

    2. I agree with everything but they do need to make themselves more aware to the general public.

      I was in Best Buy and I was playing around with the orginal. A couple asked me about it, I demoed it for them, and then suddenly I had a bit of a crowd around me, sort of ooohhing and aweeing. the laptop dock was the biggest hit but showing them some of HCombs feature etc.

      Almost everyone had no idea this existed and they were more impressed with the Transformer than the iPad.

      They are truely on to something but they need to get the word out beyond forums and youtube commericials.

  13. I am surprised they havent beefed up the RAM.

    1. I agree… most portable are still on the 1GB RAM. Regardless of what things are currently being utilized, you’d still think someone would have upped it by now.

  14. I’m guessing that this would cost $150-200 more than the original transformer?
    There is no other quad core in the market to compete, there is no reason for Asus to kill the original transformer by pricing the new unit too close.
    I’d be happy if it costs $500 for 16 GB. I would absolutely pick one up if it’s $450.
    Ok, I lied, I’ll snatch it at 500 as well.

  15. 4g compatible or not.

  16. I can’t even imagine a reason for my Transformer to be faster, lol. Only thing I’d be interested in is if it is actually improving battery life, but the battery life on this thing especially with the dock is unbelievable. I love my Transformer!

  17. Wonder when we’re actually going to see this showing up for pre-order on the major online retailers. I’m hoping it’s not going to be too much longer

    1. exactly I’m looking like crazy everyday. Try using

  18. oh and ice cream sandwich. did I forget anything?

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