Verizon Support Document Details Motorola XOOM Update Accompanying 4G LTE Upgrade


When Motorola XOOM owners on Verizon ship off their tablet to receive a complimentary 4G LTE upgrade, their device returns with more than just a new bit of hardware. The tablet is also flashed with a new software update, the details of which have been slim until VZW posted the changelog to their support site today. The majority of the HLK75D update deals with two main elements of the XOOM’s software, the Android Market and connectivity. The latest version of the Market found in a recent update to the WiFi-only version of the XOOM is included, and the tablet will now update to the latest available version of the Market automatically. The update also addresses the transition between 4G, 3G.

[Verizon via DroidLife]

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  1. My roommate got his back today. We saw the new market but it’s nice to see what else was changed. Thanks.

  2. I’m confused now. Those of us that stay with 3g don’t receive the updated market ? Nice, now we are going to be treated like the stepchild and forgotten about. I don’t need or want 4g, but still deserve the latest enhancements to the software. Motorola, you’ve gotten my last dollar.

    1. I feel your pain on this… That’s the only reason I sent mine off to moto, and it was the worst experience ever, they signed for Xoom on the 6th, and just put it in their system this morning and completed my upgrade and sent it back today, it’s in transit and will be here tomorrow by 10am. I say the worst experience , because every time I called to as where my Xoom was, they kept giving me the run around, even though I gave them the tracking number, no one ever replied to any of my request to return it to me.

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