Ice Cream Sandwich’s Android Market 3.2.0 Leaks


Next in a line of Ice Cream Sandwich goodies to leak ahead of the new Android OS update’s launch is version 3.2.0 of the Android Market. Nothing major appears to change with the latest update, at least not on the surface, but there are sure to be some tweaks and enhancements buried within. You can check it out for yourself by heading over to the source link below and downloading the APK.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. FYI you need to be rooted

    1. no you do not installed perfectly on my evo 4g with out root

  2. So is the launch of ICS tomorrow just not the next Nexus since Google is not going to be in France with Samsung. They came public to anounce that it is not the right time to release the next device they did not specify the operating system?? All of these leaks make me wonder!

  3. Can anyone, at any site, tell me what’s different about this?

    1. probably, they added Action Bar in it.

  4. Yet another market update to kill my phone. I cannot wait for the Nexus to save me from my HTC Magic hell!

  5. Not installing it, so far market updates only marginally improve usefulness but exponentially increase loading time.

    p.s. What can I expect tomorrow? Is the entire event cancelled? Is Nexus Prime+ICS cancelled? Or is just Nexus Prime cancelled?

    1. They didn’t flat out cancel the device. Just the Oct 11th announcement. They will re-schedule and announce it at a later date. They have yet to reveal when that will be though.

      1. Sorry, I should have rephrased that. What I meant to say was:
        Did they cancel the whole event? OR did they cancel only the Nexus Prime announcement, or did they cancel both the nexus Prime + ICS announcements?

        So I was talking about announcements not canceling the entire devicce.

        1. I see. Well in that case…my statement remains the same for the most part. Thought I will note that there will most likely be no mention of ICS until the Prime is unveiled, given that it is supposed to be the first device to usher in the new version of the OS.

          Other than that I’m fairly certain CITA itself is to progress as planned.

  6. At this point, I think the only thing to make us happy now is for the Google/Samsung announcement to take place, and the release of the phone.

  7. Wouldn’t install on my EVO 3D

  8. Am I the only one who REALLY doesn’t like the current Market UI? That includes this one and the current official update. Really none of the Market UIs have been good but I at least could swallow the Gingerbread one.

    1. Keep your swallowing to yourself pal!

    2. Its great dude, I love it.

  9. Wouldn’t install on my evo 4g :(

  10. Pretty sure there’s not going to be anything tomorrow.

  11. I’ve noticed that a recent Market update (not this one, some time in the last month or so) allows Market to be viewed in portrait mode even on a tablet – previously it would force the tablet into landscape mode no matter how I was holding it. A nice improvement.

  12. No problems on my Sensation 4G, as for differences… I see none.. maybe loading time has been improved, but I’m at work and my 3G coverage is a Joke here..

  13. this one is much faster

  14. what’s the diffrent from android market 3.0 and this one?

  15. WARNING: This market APK wasn’t signed with the same verified Google key as all of Google’s other apps. Could be fake, unless google’s using a new key.

    $ for p in ~/android/sideload/vending/*apk; do echo -en “$(basename “$p”) t”; unzip -p “$p” META-INF/CERT.RSA | keytool -printcert | md5sum ; done a60dd58a94de7be86ab871ee0706eb5c – a60dd58a94de7be86ab871ee0706eb5c – a60dd58a94de7be86ab871ee0706eb5c – 214adc32086211d586d1333c2da7b7df –
    Vending_2.3.6.apk a60dd58a94de7be86ab871ee0706eb5c –

  16. Yeah the Android Markets really do suck. They are slow, glitchy and not user friendly. I’m not exactly sure who Google is using to get this crap developed. Thats the only system app that I truly but have to see frequently. Ugh!

  17. everytime I have to go to the market to update apps, I cry because I feel like I’m using a Windows Phone 7………

    please, change this theme more in line with the ICS holographic UI (thin lines with the same color codes, more wedgy triangles, and LESS TILES, and LESS HORRIBLE TILE REFLECTIONS that are not SUBTLE enough and not FEATHERED enough to be considered reflections….

    1. Looks nothing like WP7.

  18. Still no music tab? I was hoping the announcement would come along with ICS

  19. I’m still on the old market……it hasn’t been rolled as fast as I thought. I think I might just download this.

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