Verizon’s 4G LTE Footprint Reaches Its 178th Market on November 17


Verizon is on a roll with its LTE network, adding more and more market every month. The next batch of cities brings Big Red’s total LTE footprint to over 175 markets, starting with 26 new and expanded regions on October 20th. These include Birmingham, AL; Bloomington, IN; Hagerstown, MD;  and Green Bay, WI. Following on November 17th 4G LTE reaches 13 more cities and expands in five including Little Rock, AR; Des Moines, IA; and Roanoke, VA. That’s a pretty impressive expansion for a network that launched less than a year ago. You can see the full list of 4G LTE cities by following the link to the press release below.

[via Verizon]


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  1. keep up the good work Verizon

  2. You forgot to mention Buffalo…Why no love for buffalo? We gave you chickenwings and snow!

  3. Anyone know how far out the 4G service tends to radiate?

  4. How about just filling in the gap you left between Philly, Allentown, and Harrisburg in Pa. It’s called Reading. Hey Verizon, we have phones here too.

  5. Hagerstown whoo we don’t even have Verizon service here yet so I’m guessing there getting on it!!!

  6. I read where when Huntsville was turned on, that it would extend as far south as Hartselle, but it has yet to reach Hartselle. Now it is said to extend north as far as Cullman. So either, they are waiting until now to turn on Hartselle an Cullman at the same time so they can link all of I65. Or people are just getting BS’ed on outskirt areas.

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