Apps of the Day: Boulder Dash & Flick Golf


With so many apps and games in the Android market it can be hard to spot the good ones. We’ve picked out a couple of games for all of you try out this evening, though. The first is a classic that’ll have many people literally throwing their pennies at their phones and tablets, while the other is a highly-polished sports game in a seemingly ageless genre. Go ahead and take a look at both today and have a good night!

Boulder Dash – Boulder Dash is a classic series of games that sees you going into caves in order to find precious diamonds. You won’t have all day, though, as boulders are either in your way or about to come crashing down on you. Grab all the diamonds you can and flee toward the exit to get to the next stage. You’ll be getting the first game for $4, with 4 other Boulder Dash games available as in-app purchases for those who want to extend the experience. There will be a lot to be had here over time so you’ll be entertained for a while. [Market]

Flick Golf – You can never go wrong with a good flick game. Basketball, paper basketball and football are easy candidates for the genre, but golf makes just as much sense. A world tour mode will allow you to play on greens from the USA to Japan. Fully-realized 3D worlds come into play, as well, surpassing whatever you thought was the best looking flick games to date. And just like in real life, wind conditions affect your shot so you’ll have to play against that. For $1.07, it’s a pretty safe download. [Market]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Awesome sauce.

  2. wow, I remember boulder dash….that was like soooo long ago, lol. there are tons of 80’s classics that would be great to have on mobile devices.

  3. Here’s a short (video-)review of some Golf Games for Android, Flick Golf! is among them. Sadly it’s in German …

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