Oct 10th, 2011

Finally! The number one complaint I’ve had with the web version of the Android market was that they tried to create a “like/dislike” system for user reviews. This was great, except for one major flaw – users would often see reviews not relevant to the current version of the app they’re looking at.

An app that was updated two days ago will have comments about problems from 6 months or even years ago that might have already been addressed simply because enough people “liked” it. Google enabled the feature on and off on both phones and on the web, seemingly not sure which direction they wanted to go.

We imagine someone came up with this brilliant idea – “why not let people choose what they want?” And that they did. You can now search Android market reviews by “Newest,” “Helpfulness,” or by “Rating.” That’s all there needs to be said. Simple, yet so many will be appreciative of it. Try it out at market.android.com.

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